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10 Common Beauty Problems You Can Solve with Home Remedies

Updated on October 30, 2012

How much money do you spend on beauty products every year? There are so man different beauty problems that ail us and there are a multitude of products on the shelves to treat each one of these problems. Some of these problems are serious ongoing problems like acne and others are temporary now-and-then problems like having bags under your eyes. Either way, they’re normal problems that we’ve all experienced and many of us have tried a number of different products to make the problems go away.

Although there are some great beauty products on the market, ranging from topical ointments to cosmetic procedures, most people don’t actually really need them. The majority of common beauty problems that you are likely to experience can actually be treated with home remedies. Home remedies are generally safer for you than other beauty cures. They are better for the earth. And they’re often less expensive than their over-the-counter or prescription alternatives.

Here is a look at ten common beauty problems that you should be able to treat on your own using home remedies:

1.     Skin that lacks luster. One of the most common problems that people complain about when it comes to beauty is that their skin just doesn’t look that great. There isn’t a specifically complaint; it’s just that it lacks a certain glow. Luckily there are loads of home remedies available for making your skin glow again. Drinking enough water, rubbing a lemon on your face and using a homemade facial mask made from Pepto Mismol are all home remedies that you might want to try. Also, simply hanging upside down for about one minute can bring some color back into your face.

2.     Dark circles and bags under your eyes. Another very common beauty complaint that people have is that they have dark circles under their eyes. Of course this often means that you are tired and therefore the best home remedy is to get more sleep. Still, there are other home remedies to try as well. Soak a cotton ball in milk and rest with it on your eyes. Try cool cucumber slices on the eyes. Rest tea bags on the affected area. Rub a raw potato on your skin. All of these are home remedies for bags under the eyes.

3.     Dry skin. Forget all of those expensive lotions and moisturizers that you pay a pretty penny for. There are lots of home remedies for the ailment of having dry skin, starting with making sure that you’re drinking enough water. Rub olive oil onto your skin.

4.     Age spots. A very common reason that women look into getting non-invasive cosmetic surgery is because they want to remove age spots or sun spots. You don’t have to go to the doctor to cure this problem. You can do it at home. Make yourself a mixture using yogurt, honey and the juice from one lemon and one lime. Rub this deeply into the spots. Leave it on for awhile and then rinse clear. Use this every few days and watch the problems go away.

5.     Bad breath. Bad breath might be caused by an underlying health or dental condition in which case you do need to see a doctor. However, sometimes it can be cured at home. Chewing on peppermint is a great home remedy. And did you know that you can also get fresh breath by chewing on a sprig of parsley. That’s a great trick to know when you’re out on a dinner date since it often garnishes meals.

6.     Chapped lips. Give up the pricey lip balms. Treat chapped lips at home instead by drinking more water and brushing your lips lightly with your toothbrush. Applying clarified butter to your teeth at bedtime is something else that you can do to treat this problem at home.

7.     Yellow teeth. How many times have you thought about getting your teeth professionally whitened but then decided against it since it’s so expensive? Don’t worry; it’s not necessary. Home remedies for yellow teeth include brushing with a baking soda paste, rubbing the inside of an orange peel on your teeth and rubbing bay leaves on to your teeth.

8.     Dandruff. There are a lot of different homemade products for hair care. However, the biggest beauty problem when it comes to the hair is certainly dandruff. The best home remedy for dandruff is to mix either olive oil or coconut oil with a little bit of lemon juice and apply it to the scalp. Wrap the hair up underneath a warm towel and let it sit for half an hour. Do this regularly until your dandruff is gone.

9.     Acne. By fear the biggest beauty complaint that people commonly complain about is acne. Of course, we know that the teenage years are the time when this problem does its worst number on your face but acne can afflict you at any age. Yes, there are some very serious cases of acne that may require intense products. However, the average person can use home remedies to cure or reduce acne. Mint, oatmeal, aloe vera and lemon juice have all been used effectively as a topical treatment for acne.

10. Wrinkles. As we get older, we worry less about acne and more about wrinkles. Home remedies for wrinkles include drinking more water, applying egg whites as a liner underneath the eyes and making a facial mask out of rice powder, milk and rosewater.

You can probably avoid the beauty products aisle altogether if you take the time to get knowledgeable about home remedies for beauty ailments.


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