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10 Difficult But Useful Things to Learn Now in Your 20s

Updated on September 13, 2017
NaomiAdeniji profile image

A writer who is a resident 20-something-year-old for a few more years with experiences to share.


Focus is important

At such an age you tend to have a lot of ideas swirling through your mind about who you are, what your future will look like, what you want to do. Whilst all of this is normal, it's difficult not to jump from idea to idea without trying to actually focus on one and a time, giving it all your attention and seeing it through before starting something else. It is a very important skill to learn as you'll end up having better results at one thing rather than having ten mediocre results.

Failure is a Guarantee

You will fail at something at one point or another regardless of how hard you try not to, the aim is not to give up and lay on your back but to persevere through it. The harder you try the better you get at your task but this is not an excuse to keep on trying at something that has no hope of revival, be truthful to yourself.

First Impressions Do Matter

Admit it, the first thing you think about someone once you see them is what sticks with you regardless of how they later present themselves, keep that in mind. You are an adult, represent yourself in such a way preferably the way you want to be viewed. Dress for the part you want, there's really not much else to be said on the topic.


You will live alone for a while, even if you have a roommate you are still technically alone in the sense that you have chores and your own bills to pay. If you don't do them they won't do themselves. It is good to view them rather than something difficult you have to do but as a daily checkpoint which enriches your life. Chores also keep you humble regardless of where you are or your current position in life, it also keeps you humble. When you go over to other peoples houses, you naturally tend to stick with your routine which garners much respect as you are seen as a composed person.

Shut their mouths up with your success.


Time, It's Important

Your time just like your life is short or should I say finite. Try to do things that are foremost important to you, things that matter such as loved ones and remove people from your life who tend to waste your time on things that are nonbeneficial to you in any way. Use the free time you have to better yourself.

No One Cares

Are you afraid because you think they'll judge you? Who are they and why do you care about what they think? Will their thoughts about you lead you to the goals you have? No? Then those people absolutely don't matter. We live a short life, most people are not remembered and have vanished without a trace, you have to do things that make you happy within the short time we all have otherwise, what is the use of living? As the saying goes "Shut their mouths up with your success."

Read Something Useful

Your Xbox or other distracting items may not need to be stored but limit the amount of time you spend on games unless that is your job but try to gain knowledge in every way possible. If you have very little time for assimilating new knowledge create a schedule or a goal for at least fifteen minutes a day and remove all distractions for the little time you have to read each time until you're done, it can take up to a month to finish a book, but the point is, it is finished and you have gained something. You will gain the ability to have a knowledgeable input in conversations and in also in your general life. Always try to apply what you have learned, or else what's the use?

bad communication
bad communication | Source

Health is Wealth

Yes, you are young and in the prime of your life, but it is no excuse to let go of yourself. Maintain a good diet and try to get off your couch every once in a while, your body will thank you in the future but it also gives makes you more productive in the long run.

Communication is Key

Learn how to get your point across effectively. Don't know how to practice? Get an acquaintance friend or family member or all of the above and pitch them an idea, get their honest input and develop on the criticism. Having such a skill will enable you to hold the attention of a room and let people know you know what exactly you are trying to say and you are confident about it.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Oh, your friend has made it but you are still struggling or you don't even know what to do with your life? Focus on yourself, you are not living to live their life, you have your own goals. Never let anyone make you feel less than you are or you will be out of the game before you've even started playing. Concentrate on what you want and you will achieve it.

© 2017 Naomi Adeniji


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