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10 Easy Ways to Wake up Feeling Refreshed

Updated on August 14, 2017
Waking Up Refreshed
Waking Up Refreshed | Source


Not only does this burn off extra energy but studies have shown that regular exercise can help keep you in a deep sleep for longer and exercising around 30 minutes before or after eating the last meal of the day can promote a better and more restful night’s sleep.


It is said that the optimal sleeping temperature is of room temperature and should be around 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping at the same time every night can be hard but it’s beneficial to keep a regular schedule so your body can adjust to it.


The act of learning to deeply relax can be beneficial not only in helping you achieve better sleep but, truly, in all aspects of life. Learning to breathe from your diaphragm as well as training your muscles to relax or even adding meditation to your routine before bed can greatly impact the quality of sleep that you receive. Just learning to quite your mind or “stop the chatter” and instead focusing on a calm word or your breathing can be greatly beneficial and aides in shortening the time it takes to fall asleep. A soothing hot shower or bath and a good scrub with clean sheets to sleep on can help promote a more refreshed and relaxed feeling.

Reduce Disruptions

It may seem pretty obvious to reduce noise in an area before sleeping but sometimes that’s just not enough. It may seem like you had a good night’s rest but unexpected noises can lighten a deep sleep and without you becoming fully conscious you would never know. Air conditioners, fans, and earplugs can all be used in preventing this, blocking out this background noise, and promoting more blissful sleep.

Music to the Ears

According to numerous studies there a few benefits gained from listening to classical music. Listening to this genre an hour before bed is shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep quality.

Another useful method of using music to aide in a more refreshing morning is to personalize your alarm. We tend to be more sensitive in the morning. Sounds can be more soothing and calming or more irritating then normal and that could set your tone for the entire day. Pick an alarm that you enjoy instead of something that jolts you awake and see how the difference feels.

Wake Up Inspired

Try adding inspiration in the form of quotes or sayings that can be hung up or put on display in any home. Science shows that words really do have an effect on us whether negative or positive so try adding positive and inspirational energy to a home with the use of words.

Take a Quick Step Outside

There is nothing better than letting sunshine wash over you as you deeply breathe in the fresh morning air. Stepping outside shortly after waking up helps many people feel more alert and ready to start the day. When letting the sunshine into your home isn’t enough, try stepping out on to the porch for that morning coffee instead.

Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee | Source

Eat a High Protein Breakfast

Studies show people who eat breakfast every morning are generally healthier and tend to live longer than those who are prone to skipping the first meal of the day. It is wise to avoid sugar and caffeine and instead stick to meats, eggs and dairy products.

Invest where you can

You may say to yourself, I have so many other things I need to focus on and buy, why spend money investing in something I’m mostly unconscious for. There are uncountable reasons and it doesn't have to be costly. The average person spends around one third of their life in bed. That is a very big portion of your life that you are choosing to neglect and it can affect you in more ways than just falling asleep at night. Yes an uncomfortable bed will keep you up for longer than necessary, but what else can it do? Research shows that people who sleep in a more comfortable environment and bed not only fall asleep faster but the chance of waking up throughout the night due to re-positioning is dramatically decreased. Where you sleep can also affect certain types of physical pain as well as affecting your mood and thought process throughout the day. So, how exactly do you create such an environment and all without breaking the bank?

Invest money into your mattress, mattress toppers, sheets and pillows. Memory foam toppers, pillows, sheets, and mattress covers are all inexpensive ways to improve where you are laying at night if you can’t afford a luxury mattress, and even so; it always adds to the experience. Have at least 3 to 4 pillows and sufficient blankets and sheets.

Invest in plants for your bedroom. There is actual science behind this. Certain plants are certified by NASA to clean and enhance air quality. Lavender is especially useful for a bedroom due to the calming properties of the plant in addition to cit's air cleaning properties. Other useful plants include snake plants, spider plants, aloe Vera and many more.

Invest in the right furniture and add organization. A clean, clutter free room where everything has a place can be extremely relaxing. Science shows that a cluttered home can actually increase stress levels and prevent relaxation. Nothing feels better then breathing in fresh, clean, and crisp air. Achieve this with easy organization and de-cluttering. Cleaning all the dust out of a room or home and polishing or washing objects and decorations can greatly improve the quality of the air.

Add Spice to your Life.

Sometimes life can become boring and dull. This will inevitably decrease your willingness to want to wake up in the morning. If you are having trouble rolling out of bed and getting ready to face the day maybe you just need better things to look forward to. Try adding activities that you enjoy or plan a much needed vacation

Have A Great Morning
Have A Great Morning | Source

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