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6 Tips To Improve Sleep

Updated on April 26, 2016

First Of All:

Have you ever had a sleepless night? You know that terrible feeling you get when you wake up? You're tired, you feel less happy, you probably even feel depressed, but worst of all, you have to go to work/school now. This sounds all too familiar doesn't it? Well believe it or not, 22% of Americans suffer from this condition EVERY NIGHT. In fact, if you're here, you're probably one of those people. The thing is, there are lots of awesome, natural things that can effectively help that, but there are also some very disbalanced treatments available, that will probably help but have many negative side effects. Here are some that will help naturally, effectively, and healthily.

1. Switch Off The Lights.

Studies show that lights are one of the worst things you can expose yourself to before sleeping. Switching off the lights (including TV and phones) before and while sleeping will help you sleep WAY better.


2. Keep A Sleep Cycle

This sounds simple, but is surprisingly hard for some people, such as me. I'm the kind of person that will walk to the 7/11 at 3am to go get chips and a red bull. But this is
important if you want to regulate your melatonin release times, and in turn sleep better. Also, as mentioned in number one, switching off the lights will also help melatonin.

3. Avoid caffeine late in the afternoon

If you're like me you believe that coffee and red bull are the nicest drinks in the history of humanity, but caffeine's effects can last for up to 8 hours! So if you're planning on sleeping well tonight, don't drink coffee after about 4:20 pm. If you don't mind the terrible taste of decaf (if you can even taste the difference), then there's your solution.

This guy's going places.
This guy's going places. | Source

4. No Screens Before Bed

Look, i'm gonna stop complaining about the headings for this article, but just know, i know they suck XD, amywa.-- Screens stimulate your brain and keep you alert. You know, there's lots going on, probably why we're on them, otherwise they'd be boring.

But even though a nice episode of The Simpsons (or whatever you watch), or a nice chat with your old friend on Facebook seems relaxing and innocent, doing it right before bed will stimulate your brain and keep you alert, which is not what you want when you're trying to sleep. Instead, you could read a book, just chill, or just find something to do that doesn't involve a screen. What i like doing before bed is going on my pho-- wait... never mind...

5.Exercise During The Day.

Exercise during the day is not only a healthy choice in general, and a natural-mood lifter, but it will also definitely help you sleep at night. You've probably noticed this, remember that really long hike you were froced to go on with your aunt because otherwise people would of thought you were lazy? No? Oh.. Forget it then...

No seriously though, you will use up your energy, fatigue your body and, therefore, sleep better. There's a catch though. See it sounds pretty simple, and it kind of is, but it doesn't just work like that. It has more chance of working after a long period of time of exercise everyday than just on one day. Basically, you have to exercise everyday to help you sleep, and especially in insomniac people, because they are wired differently neurologically. It has something to do with the arousal of the stress system, being hyper aroused.

So just exercise everyday, like you're supposed to, and it will help you sleep better.

work those legs, ladies, work 'em good
work those legs, ladies, work 'em good | Source

6. Drink Something Hot.

I personally drink a hot cup of milk every night, and i find it actually does help! You can also drink tea, such as Vervain or Chamomile tea. Just try not to have tea with caffeine in, that won't work so well.

To be honest, i don't know if this is backed by anything scientific. I know that Chamomile tea and Vervain Tea are both known to help you sleep, but i don't know about hot milk. My mother used to drink hot milk, also claiming that it helps for sleep, and she had serious insomnia. I also have insomnia, but not NEARLY as bad as her. So, she must know her stuff you know.

To Wrap It Up.

So those were my best tips for night owls like me, who struggle to sleep at night. There are lots of lifestyle changes you can apply to sleeping better, but if you really have a problem with sleep, i recommend you see a doctor, as you might actually have insomnia. I was diagnosed with insomnia when i was 11, and i started taking tablets and stuff to help me. I eventually started managing it, but i' just saying, a doctor knows what he/she's talking about, so go see them.

Also, just wanna add that Stress is a huge factor in sleep problems. Seriously, if you stress a lot it is bad for your health, mental health, and just about everything-- including sleep. So if you can, chill and manage your problems calmly and in an organised manner. If you really have a problem with stress, i recommend you see your doctor, or even a psychologist or something, cause stress is really not good in my opinion.

Eric S. Raymond was a wise man
Eric S. Raymond was a wise man | Source


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