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10 Essential Oils Known to Repel Insects

Updated on August 14, 2009

Say No to Harsh Chemicals

Today's market is full of chemical ridden insect repellents containing Deet which certain skin types are sensitive to.With people moving towards the more green "Eco friendly" way of living,essential oils have been a more sought out way of solving simple nuisances than ever before.
Many cultures have been using essential oils for centuries but western society didn't catch on until the late 70's and early 80's.

These suggestions are not an attempt to omit or otherwise discredit any other essential oils out there, just merely a starting point.

Nature's Bug Busters

1. Eucalyptus: a good fly repellent, apply several drops to a ribbon or strips of cloth and place on window sills or hang near a window. Reapply periodically.
As an insect repellent.Mix with equal drops of Bergomot and Lavender.In order to use on the skin add to a carrier oils such as Grape Seed.

*Note to user: Avoid use if pregnant. Do not use if you have conditions such as high blood pressure or epilepsy.This mixture could counteract some homeopathic remedies.

2. Citronella : As an insect repellent, Use 2-3 drops in a diffuser, burner or vaporizer near an open window.
2a. Fleas on dogs: Apply a few drops on an absorbent cloth like a bandanna or woven collar and place on neck.Avoid this for cats.They are more sensitive to this oil.

* Note: Do not use while pregnant or in a closed room with caged birds.

3. Atlas Cedar: Repels ant and moths, 2-3 drops on a cotton ball placed in infested areas.
*Avoid if pregnant, have high blood pressure, or if you take pentobarbital. Do not use several days in a row.

4. Camphor: To repel insects, place 2-3 drops onto a lamp ring or into a diffuser.Place on cotton balls and place in closet,not onto clothing.
* Very strong oil, do not use while pregnant or nursing.Avoid if you have epilepsy or asthma.

5. Cedarwood: Repels rats and insects. Place cotton balls with 2-3 drops in problem areas, or in a diffuser.
*Avoid if pregnant. Patch test before using on skin.

6. Geranium: repels mosquitoes. Apply 5 drops into a diffuser.You may add it to citronella for stronger repellent.
Used alone it is safe in moderation, may cause skin irritation in large quantities.
* Safe if used alone, but if mixed with other oils check safety information for that oil.

7. Lavender: Repels moths. Apply several drops to cotton ball, place in closet or wardrobe.Also good for bee and wasp stings.
Apply to affected area with a few drops on a cotton ball.

* Can make people with low blood pressure drowsy.

8. Lemon: Add 2-3 drops to diffuser or cotton ball and place into strategic areas.
* May cause skin irritation.

9. Patchouli: Apply to diffuser or cotton ball 2-3 drops and place in closet.Apply to insect bites for relief.
*Can cause loss of appetite or be a sedative if used in large amounts.

10.Rosewood: Repels insects. Apply 2-3 drops into a diffuser.
* No precautions for this oil.

One more essential oil has been mentioned,
    Penny Royal,repels fleas on cats or dogs.Place a few drops on collar and let dry before putting collar back on.
You may use this on cotton ball and place it around the home, do not let pet come into contact.
*AVOID COMPLETELY if pregnant or nursing, toxic if ingested.

Essential Oils are used for a wide array of problems. Please feel free to experiment with them, become familiar with their properties and learn a more natural way to combat pesky things that occur in everyday life.

I hope this quick guide will encourage you to explore your own world and begin your own journey  with essential oils and the benefits they bring.
You may visit my homepage at

Feel free to add your experience with essential oils here

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    • camdjohnston12 profile image

      camdjohnston12 6 years ago

      Great information.

    • jdenny profile image

      jdenny 8 years ago

      Yes, the oil I use most, and I didn't include it. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Much appreciated!

    • Plants and Oils profile image

      Plants and Oils 8 years ago from England

      Great hub, very informative. I'd add tea-tree oil to your list as well?

    • Angel Of Love profile image

      Angel Of Love 8 years ago

      Would you mind sending me a picture of a citronella? Nice hub, very informative.