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10 Fruits and Vegetables That Should Not Be “All You Can Eat”

Updated on January 7, 2021

All-You-Can-Eat Diets

We’ve all heard those promising diets that claim you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want and still lose weight. But the truth is, that’s certainly not the case if you’re looking to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables have calories just like any other food, and although they are healthy for you, some of them contain just as many calories as a serving of meat or starch. Remember cows get fat off of grass. Even with low calorie fruits and vegetables, if you eat enough of them, you can still gain weight. As with any other food, portion control is what’s needed to reduce calories and lose weight. Here is a list of 10 fruits and vegetables that should definitely not be all-you can-eat.

1. Avocados

Facts: ½ of a medium avocado = 180 calories, and 15 grams of fat.

The Bottom Line: An avocado is definitely one fruit you don’t want to freely eat when dieting. With over 350 calories in just one avocado, one or two of these can easily set you over your calorie allowance for the day. Avocados are very healthy and can be consumed when trying to lose weight, but it is one fruit that shouldn’t be on an all-you-can-eat plan.

2. Bananas

Facts: 1 medium banana = 105 calories.

The Bottom Line: Bananas are a quick and easy on-the-go fruit. They are very filling, and it would be nice to be able to eat all you want of it and still lose weight. The truth is it does have a decent amount of calories, and consuming even 3 of these a day adds an extra 300 calories to your diet. If you are reducing your calories in other meals it’s no problem. But if you feel hungry at the end of the day and think a couple bananas won’t hurt, you might go over your limit.

3. Grapes

Facts: 1 cup of grapes = 105 calories, and 23 grams of sugar.

The Bottom Line: Grapes not only contain a decent amount of calories, but they also contain a lot of sugar. If you are trying to lose weight and you’re endlessly snacking on grapes all day long, you might find yourself not losing any weight at all. A large bunch of grapes (or 3 cups) can have you eating an extra 300 calories a day.

4. Coconuts

Facts: 1 cup of fresh coconut = 280 calories, 27 grams of fat, and 24 grams of saturated fat.

The Bottom Line: Coconuts have many health benefits such as it reduces your risk of heart disease, and it boosts your immune system and energy. But it should be eaten in moderation when trying to lose weight. The facts speak for themselves, it’s definitely not an all-you-can-eat food item.

5. Mangos

Facts: 1 medium mango = 130 calories, and 22 grams of sugar.

The Bottom Line: Mangos are very healthy, and they are a good snack alternative. But as with everything else, moderation is key for weight loss. If you eat so many mangos you can find yourself gaining weight instead of losing.

Coconuts are a nutritious fruit, but with 280 calories a serving they should be eaten in moderation for weight loss.
Coconuts are a nutritious fruit, but with 280 calories a serving they should be eaten in moderation for weight loss.

6. Potatoes

Facts: 1 medium potato = 120 calories.

The Bottom Line: If you’re like everyone else, that 120 calories can easily add up to 250 or more depending on how you eat it. Even if you just have a baked potato and add a little butter, it can still add up to over 200 calories a serving. Potatoes can seem more like a carb than a vegetable, and it’s a very versatile vegetable. It would be great to eat all you want of it, and still lose weight. Even if all-you-can-eat means baked or boiled and not a bag of chips, it would be very difficult to lose weight if you are on an all-you-can-eat potato plan.

7. Peas

Facts: 1 cup of cooked peas (without pods)= 90 calories.

The Bottom Line: Peas contain a lot of calories. If you eat just one extra serving, you might be surprised to find yourself hindering your weight loss goals. A pea may be small, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly!

8. Carrots

Facts: 1 medium carrot = 70 calories.

The Bottom Line: 70 calories might not seem like much, but if you are on an all-you-can-eat fruits and vegetable plan, it can add up. 5 carrots would add up to 350 calories, and 10 carrots can add up to 700! Even carrots should be eaten in moderation.

9. Sweet Potatoes/Yams

Facts: 1 cup cooked sweet potatoes/yams = 180 calories.

The Bottom Line: Similar to potatoes, sweet potatoes contain too many calories per serving to be eaten freely. They are very healthy, rich in vitamin A, and are a healthier alternative to a potato, but eating all you want of them won’t work for weight loss.

10. Corn

Facts: 1 cup of cooked corn = 160 calories.

The Bottom Line: Just a couple serving a corn a day adds up to 320 calories. If you’re adding butter to that, it can be over 400 calories. Corn is yet another vegetable that needs to be eaten in moderation if weight loss is what you seek.

Beware of diets that claim you can eat all of the fruits and vegetables you want. It might seem enticing to be able to eat whenever you want and still lose weight, but the fact of the matter is that moderation leads to calorie reduction, which leads to weight loss. Step outside of that fact and you just might find yourself gaining, instead of losing weight.

Do you think it’s possible to eat all the fruits and vegetables you want and lose weight?

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