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10 Great Reasons To Work With An EFT Practitioner

Updated on May 11, 2015
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When Rachael isn't in her studio dyeing yarn (her real job), she's called to her passion for writing, and so here she is : )

One of the best things about EFT is that it is accessible to anyone, and there is more than enough information available on the internet and in books to quickly learn about EFT and the basics of how to apply it to all sorts of common emotional or physical concerns.

Sometimes though, despite knowing the techniques and tapping consistently, you might feel as though you’re just not getting the results you were hoping for.

Maybe it's time to work with a practitioner?

But what can a practitioner do for you that you can’t learn and apply yourself?

Here are 10 great reasons to work with a trained, experienced EFT Practitioner:

Holding the space

Sometimes you just need someone to hold a safe, open space for you, to make your tapping and the time you spend doing it all about you.

2nd set of eyes (or ears actually)

Some of the major leads towards healing come from emotions that come up as we are tapping on other, seemingly unrelated, emotions. These can take us to the place where the best work can be done but it can be hard to 'hear' these leads from within. A trained, intuitive and practiced ear can help you to 'hear' where you can go next to get to the good stuff.

To Be Your Detective

A good practitioner will ask good questions, they will explore blocks, navigate difficult terrain and help you to unlock treasures. Tapping on these treasures can bring a whole other level of healing that you might not experience otherwise.

What To Say

Not knowing what to say or what to tap on is a common concern with new tappers, and sometimes even those who have been working with EFT for a while. A practitioner can help you to construct scripts that feel just right and have the most impact.

Making The Time

When you set up an appointment with a practitioner, you are committing to the time to tap. It's too easy to become too busy and to forget to tap in the midst of daily life, but if you meet regularly with a practitioner, you are setting aside specific time to focus on YOU and your personal healing.

To Help You Get There

It is human nature to avoid pain and discomfort and whether we do it consciously or subconsciously, we can be great at avoiding that which we would gain the most from confronting. A practitioner will guide you gently and safely towards your truth so that you can tap your way to the relief you are seeking.

Keep You Moving Forward

Tapping on the same issue with no results can feel frustrating. Especially if it's something you really want and need to see changes with. But it may be that you need to find another way, rather than remain stalled by something that's not working. A practitioner can help you to look around, look ahead, and take another step forward into your possibilities.

Help You Notice Your Changes

You might wonder if all this tapping is really making any difference, especially with emotional issues. A practitioner can shine the light on new aware-nesses, shifts in perspective, and improvements in attitude and they won't do it just to be kind. They will mean it when they say it and hold you in the highest praise.

To Learn New and Advanced Techniques

The basics of EFT are easy to find information about but if you want quicker or more effective results, learning more advanced EFT techniques from an EFT practitioner can help take you to the next level of EFT application and deeper healing.

To Become An EFT Practitioner

If you have been using EFT yourself and want to share this wonderful tool with others, you might consider becoming an EFT practitioner yourself. Many practitioners offer training to allow you to become competent in practicing EFT with clients.


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