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Healthy Drinks to Love

Updated on March 18, 2018

We all know what both the doctors and the fitness experts say - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. All day long, our bodies require that we hydrate, our organs crave it. Of course, the best choice is water though most of us choose less beneficial drinks instead. There are healthy alternatives to coffee and soda. Nothing takes the place of water (try flavored or use ice for more satisfying water consumption) but many drinks are a great addition to nutritional health and taste great too.

1) CRANBERRY JUICE - Everyone, especially women, should drink cranberry juice. It is a particularly good choice for avoiding urinary track infections. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants and includes Vitamin C, Vitamin A, dietary fiber, and beta carotene. It is a refreshing summer drink.

2) TEA - A cup of tea a day does the body a world of good. Not only is it loaded with beneficial antoxidants, it has been shown that tea drinkers have lower blood pressure. Green tea has been touted as the healthiest tea, but all teas can help protect you from neart disease, cancer, stroke and more.

3) BEER - That's right, beer. In moderation, of course. Up to two beers a day for men and one for women has been shown to reduce the chances of stroke by 20%. Beer is rich in vitamin B6. It can help raise your HDL (good cholesterol) and decrease your chances of blood clots. Not only all that, beer can help you to relax. Who ever thought being healthy could be so good?

4) CARROT JUICE - With carrot juice, it's all about vitamin A. THe benefits of having enough vitamin A in your body are enormous. It strengthens your eyesight. It helps your eyes to focas and prevents night blindness. Carrot juice is also rich in calcium and is good for your bones and teeth. It helps you to resist infections. There are so many good reasons to include carrot juice in your diet that it is even recommended to women who are pregnant.

5) MILK - Everyone knows that milk is good for you. It is the best source of calcium for our bodies. It promotes strong bones and helps prevent osteoporosis. It promotes healthy teeth and is a great choice for fluids because milk contains water molecules. People who drink milk instead of soda remain slimmer as milk is low in fat and high in vitamins.

6) APPLE JUICE - Apples are the perfect food. Rich in vitamin C and A, this fruit really can keep the doctor away. It even helps prevent the common cold. Also rich in antioxidants, it assists in lowering bad cholesterol. When choosing an apple juice, look for 100% on the label. And it tastes so sweet and good.

7) HOT COCOA - It's sweet news - hot cocoa may contain more antioxidants than even tea. It has three times the amount of antioxidants as tea does. Who would have thought hot cocoa would be a health drink? Serve it with low fat milk or soy milk and get rid of the chocolate bars and you will be fighting cancer with style.

8) ORANGE JUICE -One 8 oz. glass of orange juice supplies 100% of the daily value for vitamin C. Vitamin C, besides its powerful antioxidant content, helps maintain collagen in the body, a substance that helps repair body tissue. For ages, orange juice has been recommended by doctors to drink when you have a cold or flu symptoms.

9) RED WINE - Want a healthy heart? Drink one glass of red wine a day. Healthy Mediterranean diets always include a glass of red wine. It has been found that it lowers the risk of heart attack in middle-aged people by about 30-50%. Wow. Red wine has also been credited with preventing blood clots and fat build-up.

10) TOMATO JUICE - Who doesn't like tomato juice? New medical research suggests that it may help prevent cancer. Lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, has had amazing effects when used in juice or concentrated form. It may also be beneficial for diabetes patients. Some studies have also found that tomato juice can lower markers for inflammation by 30%. Good stuff so drink up.

Make Your Own Apple Juice


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