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10 More Uncommon Alternative Medical Practices

Updated on April 16, 2010

The Beautiful Warm Healing Sun

Uncommon Alternative Medical Practices

This is the 2nd list of uncommon alternative medical practices. Known as CAM, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, these practices continue to grow in the U. S. because they are less invasive and tend to be toxin-free. These practices include those that work along with other medical practices, or work independently. Some are described as self-help, such as Autogenics Training. I checked all the websites (included) which are quite informative.

Many alternative medical practices are based on ancient healing practices such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and acupuncture. For the first list of uncommon medical practices see the link below.

THE LIST of 10 With Brief Descriptions and Web Sites:

1 - Ozone Therapy - introduces ozone into the body. By flooding the body with large quantities, the single oxygen molecule is unattached and then freely circulates - in doing so it attacks a wide range of diseases. It is believed to be anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial because the organisms cannot live in such an oxygen rich environment. An oxygen generator is used to create precise amounts. Ozone is introduced into the body by adding it to drinking water or olive oil, or vaginally, rectally, by injection, inhalation, body wraps, and insertion in the ear. See

2 - EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) - eye movements have been shown to decrease negative emotions related to distressing memories. This information processing therapy incorporates different psychotherapies to offer the most benefit. These therapies include cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, experiential and more. Therapist also use sounds and touching. In 2004, the American Psychiatric Association recommended EMDR for trauma such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). See

3 - Digestive Health Therapy - Enzymatic Therapy is a major part of this therapy. Research into the extreme importance of enzymes dates back to more than 50 years. Enzymes are important because they are required for most chemical activity in the body which includes digestion, tissue repair, building bones, and detoxing the blood. In this case, food is considered medicine. See (Also see link below for adding enzymes to your diet by eating fresh foods and why it matters)

4 - Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) - is based on TCM. The objective is to restore the natural flow and balance of energy and chi (chee) by using pressure and manipulation from a variety of ancient therapies. Therapies used include acupressure, five elements shiatsu (which relies on the traditional four cornerstones of diagnosis in TCM), integrative eclectic shiatsu, Japanese shiatsu, Tuina (Chinese bodywork using soft tissue massage and herbs) and much more. See

5 - Autogenics Training (AT) - is a self-help technique. The term means 'self regulation' because it relies on teaching the ability to control the breath, blood pressure, the heart rate and more. It is useful for people who want to overcome addictions such as smoking. It may take up to three months of training to learn the progressive steps. See

6 - Mindfulness - is a therapy that has been around for thousands of years and is a fundamental part of Buddhism. The objective is to be intentionally aware of your thoughts and actions in the present moment. Western therapists are embracing mindfulness as a way to deal with anxiety and depression. There are different types of mindfulness therapy such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) - see

7 - Aqua Chi Ion Hydrotherapy - requires the use of a portable foot bath. A special bio-electric charge is believed to amplify the body's natural ability to heal. The process is also known as a detox foot bath. By resonating in the water, the device produces negative ions that are supposed to be like those found in natural hot springs. The ion therapy is believed to balance the energy meridians in the body. See

8 - Vastu Shastra - is the traditional Indian method of design and architecture. Similar to feng shui, vastu shastra harmonizes living space with the flow of energy (prana). It takes into consideration the sun's path, directions, magnetic fields of the earth etc. As a person that loves feng shui and abides by it and truly believes that it energizes my life, I researched this ancient therapy some years ago. It encourages harmonious living for good health and is said to stimulate creativity. For more information see

9 - The Yuen Method - is also known as Chinese Energetic Method (CEM) - this is a non-invasive health care process based on a type of full-spectrum energy healing which is capable of healing pain no matter the source, e.g. mental, physical, spiritual or emotional. Energy corrections are made by a practitioner who directs healing energy to the correct level and location and produces instant results. See or

10 - Silva Method - created by Jose SIlva, is a self-empowerment program. It consists of 16 exercises designed to enhance the way you think and to further expand your awareness. The system is scientific and uses a step-by-step process to help develop the effectiveness of the mind. The objective is to improve mental and physical healing in order to reduce anxiety and stress. The program is taught in 111 countries. See

For the first list of Uncommon Alternative Medical Practices, and other healthy therapies, please see the links below:


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