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10 Most Powerful Tips to Defeat Stagnation in Life

Updated on March 19, 2020
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Nitin is a certified life coach, executive coach, writer, husband, and father. His passion is to help people become their best version.

Defeat Stagnation in your Life
Defeat Stagnation in your Life | Source

What to do when life becomes boring and stagnation sets in?

We all go through times in life when it becomes stale and boring.

There is no one in the world who doesn't go through this season.

To come out of it we need to understand some basic things which I bring out below.

1. Take a step back and reflect

The first thing you need to do is to just step back and reflect on your life.

There is tremendous power in reflection.

By reflection I mean you need to take stock of your life.

Give thought to your ways.

Understand which direction you are heading towards. Re-evaluate your goals.

Think about your priorities.

Basically you need to reflect on the course your life is on.

2. Set new goals for yourself

To make life challenging, set new goals for yourself. Setting new goals will take away the boredom from your life.

It will also bring about freshness and power in your life.

New goals always require more energy and passion.

You may even have to reinvent yourself in order to achieve your goals.

3. Re-evaluate your overall path

Take a fresh look on the path that you have undertaken.

Evaluate your life once again. Know where you are going right and where you're going wrong.

Remove things from your life that don't contribute towards your overall goals.

Strengthen those things which are very helpful in accomplishing your life goals.

Overcome Boredom and Fly
Overcome Boredom and Fly | Source

4. Write down the progress you have made

Writing down will help you to mark your progress.

Keep a track of your achievements. Speed up in areas where you are lagging behind.

Slow down in areas where you are going too fast.

Take stock of how your actions are matching up with your goals.

Take a look at your plans and check whether you are following them or have you deviated from them.

5. List all your opportunities and options

Make a list of new opportunities and options you have in front of you.

Do these opportunities meet your life purpose?

If they do then you can take them up.

These new opportunities will bring freshness in your life.

I am not advocating that you become an opportunist.

But take up those opportunities which match your overall goals.

6. Learn something new everyday

Learning something new everyday will bring more excitement and enthusiasm in your life.

Learning a new skill or some new knowledge about something will add value to your life and make you more powerful.

New learning will also add to your earning power.

All this will remove the boredom from your life immediately.

7. Seek advice from smarter people

One more thing which you can do to bring some excitement in life is to seek advice from wise people.

Seek to gain valuable insights from smarter and more experienced people.

It is said that birds of the same feather always flock together.

Someone else has said that he who walks with the wise becomes wise.

Stay in the company of wise and experienced people.

They will teach you about life more than you can learn yourself.

Learn from their experiences- both their successes as well as their failures.

Overcome Depression and Boredom
Overcome Depression and Boredom | Source

8. Stay patient and trust the journey

Patience is a much-needed virtue in this life.

Patience will make the journey of life fruitful and worth it.

When life becomes boring, be patient because very soon this phase will also pass away.

Life does not remain the same all the time. It will keep on changing all the time.

When it becomes still, have the patience to bear it because it will start moving again.

9. Take action every single day

Become action oriented. Learn to take action everyday and you will be moving forward in no time.

Life which has a lot of action is never boring.

Take actions that will contribute towards your life goals.

Don't take actions just for the heck of it.

Take deliberate and intentional actions everyday.

This will keep you moving forward towards your destination in life.

10. Network with like-minded people

Last but not the least, it is very powerful when you network with like-minded people.

Find out people who are on a similar mission like yours and get in touch with them. There is tremendous power in networking.

Many commercial enterprises have taken advantage of networking to make millions of dollars.

These are known as multi-level marketing companies.

They have understood the secret of networking. One thing that networking will do is remove the boredom from your life.

Making new friends, and spending time with them, getting to know them will become a delightful activity for you.

It will banish all the staleness from your life.

Life will become an exciting journey once again.

If you put these 10 things into action, you will never have any boredom in your life.

On the contrary, life will become a wonderful adventure.

You will achieve your goals and do it with a lot of happiness and fulfillment.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nitin Khaire


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