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10 Ways To Get Your Periods Faster - Delayed or Irregular Periods Problem

Updated on August 27, 2017
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Sudipa is experienced in content creation and internet marketing for more than 10 years. She has done Masters in Commerce and Business Admin

The menstrual cycle is usually of 28 days but it varies from one lady to another. Doctors believe that this cycle can be anywhere between 28-45 days. However, there are times when women love to have their periods a bit earlier or they would like to induce it faster! The reasons may be many – a vacation, a wedding in the family or simply just to ease the worry about the impending period.

Can Periods Be Induced?

If you have a healthy cycle and you are having all the symptoms of your menstruation but still not having them, you can actually induce them. At times periods get delayed and women look forward to ways to induce them and this does help. Though there are many medicines available, women do not prefer them, fearing side effects. Your periods can be induced and that too naturally.

Have Papaya – Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to induce periods. Raw papaya is rich in vitamin C which is known to help in inducing periods. If you are facing continuous problems of delayed or irregular cycle, start having papaya every day. You can have it boiled as part of salads and vegetables. You can also prepare its juice and consume it with a splash of lemon juice for added taste.

Reduce Stress

Do you know that stress and anxiety are one of the leading causes of delayed periods? Research suggests that women who had a stressful period often faced issues with delayed periods.

Your periods are delayed – stress and anxiety are unavoidable. Women know how it feels when they face delayed cycle. But remember this stress is going to make matters worst. It is not going to help you. Your stress hormones will increase and will delay your periods further. So, stop thinking about your periods and concentrate on things you like to do. Spend time listening to your favorite music, eating good food, traveling, exercising - just do not worry much and wait patiently for the periods to begin.

Have a Special Jaggery Drink

Jaggery is known to be very effective in starting delayed periods. You can prepare your own jaggery drink for the purpose and have it twice a week. You can start having this drink at least two weeks prior to your date of the cycle and it will definitely help in having your periods earlier. In a glass of water you need to dissolve at least one teaspoon of jaggery and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix it well and have it twice in a day.

Have Ginger and Parsley Tea

There are a few herbs which are known to help menstruation come earlier. There are a few herbs which help in expanding the uterus and help the menstruation to come earlier. If you consume these herbs on a regular basis, it will slowly help in normalizing your cycle. You can prepare ginger and parsley tea and have it twice in a day to induce your periods.

Consume Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is said to be extremely effective in speeding your period. If you feel your periods are suppressed and you are uncomfortable, start drinking pineapple juice daily. If you wish you can add a spoonful of honey in the juice to add to the taste. Have a glass of pineapple juice twice a day and your periods will come soon.

Exercise Hard

It is known that one of the main reasons for women to have delayed periods is sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy metabolism. Women who are fit have a healthy cycle. Instead of lying down or spending hours in front of the television and brooding, try exercising. Skipping or on spot jogging is highly recommended as it helps in improving metabolism and losing fat. Try some abdominal exercises as well, as they help in contracting muscles and can help in having your periods faster.

Lose Weight

Obesity can lead to delayed periods. Start exercising daily so that you lose that extra fat accumulation. If you suffer from irregular periods or scanty periods, losing weight can help.

Bring Changes In Diet

Do you know that a few changes in your food habit can actually regulate the period?

  • Reduce salt consumption – it is known that excess sodium consumption can cause water retention which can lead to your discomfort and causes swelling.
  • Have foods which are rich in carotene like spinach, peaches, eggs, papaya and mustard.
  • Celery Stalks – These are rich in apiol which help in contracting uterus. This helps in stimulating blood flow in pelvis. This helps in stimulating the menstrual cycle.
  • Red Meat – A good way to induce your periods is by including red meat in the diet. It will heat up your body and shall induce periods.

Try Hot Compress

Applying hot compress in the lower abdominal region helps in heating the body and induces your periods to start earlier. You can use a heating pad or even a hot water bottle for the purpose.

Drink Lukewarm Water

If your body gets heated up, it will help in getting your periods faster. This is one of the main reasons why exercising is highly recommended. If you are trying to induce your periods earlier, you should have warm water throughout the day. It will be quite helpful.


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