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10 Nervous Habits That Are More Harmful Than They Look

Updated on October 15, 2014

Harmless Nervous Habits?

Many common nervous habits that all of us are a victim of are harming our health!

In this list, we'll see 10 nervous tics that you probably never guessed they're a threat to your well-being!

What are these nervous habits?

They're tics that people create starting from an early age. We usually pick them up from someone close to us, or just start doing them without even noticing. They're our safety net when we're being cornered or feeling edgy.

The problem with this habits is that they become part of us, something so engraved in our being that it's unthinkable to stop doing them. I've started to bite my nails since i was four and i can't even imagine how would i stop it now!

Now, you might be thinking that biting my/your nails is something completely harmless, except for those toad fingers (nail biters know what i'm talking about!), then you're mistaken about it! Even such a little, harmless looking habit can damage our health!

Lets jump to our list, shall we?

Nail Biting is Ugly!
Nail Biting is Ugly!

1 - Nail Biting

Might as well start with one of the classics!

Nail biting seems harmless enough, apart from the previously said toad fingers. However, biting our nails is incredibly dangerous to one's health.

It may feel impossible to quit it, especially on a nervous moment or when idling. I can't leave them alone except when i'm extremely focused on something!

What's dangerous about nail biting, you wonder? Them problem starts out when it becomes a daily habit. Biting them every day damages the skin around the nails and makes the nails weak and easy to break. On top of that, many bacteria stay stuck in our fingernails and when we go for a "treat" we're putting our mouth in jeopardy. They transfer to our mouth and cause many throat and gums infections.

How crazy is that?

Why are nails so tasty?

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2 - Hair Wrapping

How about hair wrapping? I think everyone does it occasionally. If not from a nervous situation, then out of simple boredom.

Curling your hair with your fingers causes many problems to the hair's roots. It may result in temporary or permanent hair loss and even cause infections!

Better stop playing with our hair!

3 - Neck Popping!

If you enjoy popping your bones, get ready for a scare!

Neck popping, despite being a rare situation can cause vascular incidents. However, if you're constantly popping your bones, any of them, it may cause severe injuries to your joints and ligaments.

4 - Touching your Face

Constantly touching your face, squeezing or touching those zits and may result in damaging your microscopic skin layers.

5 - Clacking your teeth

This is another one that looks so harmless, yet it yields many dangerous consequences!

It's really common for a person to be constantly moving their teeth when nervous, however, it can result in many oral health problems! Worst case scenario, it may damage your jaw's joints.

6 - Sweet tooth

For those who like to dig themselves in candies to calm down, you don't have it easy as well!

While eating candy in moderation is fine, if you overdo it, things won't go well for your oral hygiene! Still, if you have a sweet tooth you should bet on low sugar sweets to diminish the consequences!

Lip Biting Is A Common Nervous Habit
Lip Biting Is A Common Nervous Habit

7 - Lip Biting

Lip biting brings nothing except for dangerous conditions!

For some people it may look sexy to see, or it may relax on those nervous moments. However, when it comes to health consequences, lip biting is seriously harmful. At the very least, it will leave your lips dry and fractured, which can lead to many serious conditions.

Watch out lip biters!

8 - Biting the Inside Of The Cheek

I still do this time to time when i'm nervous and waiting for something. It brings nothing but pain if we constantly do it though, such as, inflammations, bleeding and scars!

9 - Chewing Gum

One of my favorites!

I go deep with sugar free gums. However, chewing too many gums can lead to problems in the jaw's muscles. Or damage the stomach from excessive air during the chewing process!

Even though i love them, sugar free gums aren't completely harmless...

One of The Most Common Nervous Habits
One of The Most Common Nervous Habits

10 - Biting Pens or Pencils

Guilty as charged!

This is one of my favorites, as well. Although, it's insanely dangerous because there are many germs "hiding" in those pen's caps or in the pencils! It's ridiculously easy to get sick from something like that and pass diseases! It also damages our teeth and gums!

Not No Harmless!

As you can see, many seemingly harmless nervous habits are indeed very dangerous for our health!

I guess we need to find out other ways to help us relax. At least, every time i do something of these i know remember of its dangers!

Hopefully, you'll find this article interesting and helpful!

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    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 3 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Interesting presentation. Thanks for sharing! ;-)