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10 Positive Ways to Deal With Stress

Updated on December 15, 2018

Almost all of us can feel that this century is full of stressors waiting for us behind every corner. It´s a century of stressful traps. Some people realize this fact and can keep their minds out of that and live their lives in peace. But that´s not a general rule. We are not superhumans, so most of us have also bad days. Don´t worry, that´s normal. The general rule should be set as a percentage difference between good and bad feelings. The positive feelings about life should be more frequent of course. The problem is that recently we can feel this enormous pressure in our lives, that we don´t have to be always able to face it with smiles on our faces. Let me show you a few little advise on how to deal with the stress you have to face too so you can start feeling more relaxed.

  1. Listen to your favorite music

Music is a magical art which can arouse in us many different feelings; it only depends on for which kind of music do you feel. One of the emotions it can provide us is relaxed and calm feeling of peace. At this point, I would recommend you to listen to the kind of music you like, but try to search for gentle songs. You can relax your mind, chill out and feel positive music vibes. Anyway, if your favorite music is hardcore metal, you will probably not find many quiet and peaceful songs, but it can still be relaxing for you. There is no exact rule.

2. Exercise and sweat

Even if you are not the biggest fan of sports, when you feel some stress inside of your inner self, you should try to move and sweat a bit. During physical activity, many endorphins are coming out from your body, and this fact is following beautiful and harmless feeling of peace. You can do whatever you want to, but you should sweat a bit. For the sports haters- don´t worry, take a broom, floorcloth and other stuff you need to and clean up your flat until it´s completely shiny. Play some music with huge vibes and don´t be lazy, don´t do the cleaning slowly, but také it as a sport. It can work as well!

3. Do your favorite activity

Try to relax through the activities you like; it can be whatever. Do you like painting? Paint. Do you love shopping? Go to the mall. And it´s equal with all other activities that you enjoy to do. Your mind will have fun, and you will forget about your stressors for a while. After you finish doing what you like, the stressors may appear again, but you´ll be already in a better mood, and everything seems less as a problem when your state of mind is positive.

4. Meet up with your friends

This method is one of the best. As you spend some time with your close friends, you will realize that your mood is turning upside down. It´s good to speak with them about your feelings and stressors as well, but you should not forget about the lovely time either. Speak about funny topics, smile, laugh, have a drink and forget about what is happening. You will feel much more relaxed after meeting like that.

5. Have some time for yourself

On the other hand, when our bodies are toxified by stressors, we should find some free time only for ourselves. You can relax, go for a walk or think about the situation you are in, but don´t complain, think about how could you make it better and more comfortable for you instead. Write down a list of things you can do about the situation and try to realize how you will change them. And forget about the things you can´t change. They´ll only stay in your mind and bring negative thoughts and feelings into you, what you don´t want them to do.

6. Meditate

Well, you don´t have to be an expert. Even little meditation or a trial of it could be exhilarating. You can find many tutorials online on youtube or websites considering this topic. The most important thing you should follow is to meditate on a quiet place without any disturbing aspects around. Even as a beginner you can free up your mind and free- up your stress to go out of your body and mind.

7. Eat properly

Many people make one huge mistake- they don´t eat while they are in a stressful period or they overeat. Both of these options are not profit for your body, either for your mind. Chocolate will not solve your problem even that you may think it could. During the stressful period of life, your brain works a lot as it has to deal with complicated stuff. You need to support it with healthy groceries full of vitamins. You should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to let your body and mind wake up and work for 100%. All the types of nuts are also good for your brain. It´s for sure better than junk food eaten in tons.

8. Go out and breathe some fresh air

Sometimes to go just out and breathe fresh air can help your mental state a lot. It´s caused by the fresh air which you absorb to your brain. The blood circulation system begins to work faster so your thoughts can get brighter and smoother.

9. Stay positive and be kind to yourself

Sometimes everyone has a bad period of life which is full of stress. But it doesn´t mean that it´s not going to change soon. You should stay positive and think about better tomorrows. It can be hard sometimes, but generally, positive thoughts call out also positive actions in your life. So you should think nice about yourself and your life. Try to take all the stressors as a trap against which you have to win through your positivity. You will see that earlier or later; it´s precisely what is going to happen.

10. Smile smile smile

This point is a brother of the previous one about staying positive. A smile is the best medicine for everything! Experts even prove that when you do the „process of smiling,“ positive vibes and gentle thoughts are coming to your mind and you become to feel happier. Practice your smile in front of the mirror; maybe you will even start to laugh later- that would be even bett


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