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10 Productivity Tips to Organize Your Daily Life

Updated on July 24, 2017

Have you ever wondered after seeing other people, how their life is so organized and yours not? Sometimes, organizing everyday life seems like art; so vague and so complicated that cannot be taken care of completely. But to be honest, organizing your daily lives is nothing but a complete planning.

It is nothing but having a plan what you are going to do next. It is about having everything on your mind with proper clarity. Organizing needs daily motivation. You cannot just wake up one day and decides to be an organized person. No, you simply cannot. Just like you cannot learn swimming or cycling all of a sudden, you cannot be organized only within a day. You have to start with little things. You have to practice and crawl towards having an organized daily life step by step.

As said earlier, organizing is not a destination to achieve; it is a journey that will ultimately benefit your social lives. If you are organized in your daily life, it will reflect on your work life too. Organizing is like a disease that spreads from one place to another. You cannot stop it from spreading once you start practicing it.

But, everything has a bad side. Just like too much organizing habit can lead you to OCD or Obsessive-compulsive disorder! So, you have to be the judge of your life, and you have to decide how much organizing or discipline you need in your life.

Days are gone when teachers and our mothers used to dictate us what to do and what not to. With adulthood, it is our duty to organize our lives with proper care.However, there exist many people who just cannot be organized. They are like the nagging child who always refused to wake up in the early morning. From the childhood, they have always hated the discipline; how all of a sudden those people can be organized? Well, it may seem tough but organizing your daily life only need a little will.

If you are willing, you can do anything. If you are willing, you can achieve anything in this world, organizing your daily life is nothing compared to others. So be a little willing, and be organized. And still, if you cannot take a step ahead towards an organizing life without any help, we are always here to lend an ear. Organizing your life can have three consecutive stages. Check out the list of 10 to get started with organizing your life.

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As said earlier, if you are not willing, you cannot achieve a thing.

Always be positive

The positive vibe in our life is important. Without positivity, you cannot be organized. Organizing is a step towards being an affirmative person in everything, and if you cannot have a positive mind, you cannot be an organized person too. So make sure that you wakeup with positive thoughts everyday.

Overcome your fear of failure

Fear and organizing are completely opposite words, and one cannot co-exist with the other. And you will never be able to have discipline in life if you continue fearing the failures. Every initiative needs courage; having an organized life needs too. So overcome your fear of failure first.

Be confident

It may sound easy, but coordinating your daily life and putting everything in proper place with proper care can be the hardest task ever. And the regularity of this task makes this even harder. So, confidence is the key to getting the courage of having an organized life. Lack of confidence cannot generate the will, and you cannot organize your daily life. So, be confident always.


Another important element of having an organized life is to having the time to do it. So, you have to manage your allotted time carefully and accurately.

Write down

No one can just remember everything. Only, you can complicate your life by trying to remember everything on your mind. So take the effort to have a pen and paper and write things down – what you are going to do, important tasks, important days, etc. Or else you can use computer or Smartphone too.

Schedules and deadlines

Organized people do not waste time. Always make your daily schedule ahead of time. Try to set your deadlines and goals that to be achieved in your everyday life. Do not just go with the flow, because only a dead fish go with the flow. Schedules and deadlines help you to get a more sorted life and a more orderly life too.

Do it now

And the more important thing to achieve an organized life is, never procrastinate. Do not wait and do not keep things to be done later. If you to complete your task, do it now.

Declutter regularly

Every highly organized people find time each week to declutter everything on a regular basis. Organizing is a continuous process which cannot be stopped. Declutter your life on a daily basis.

Use smarter ways

In this digital era, take help of your Smartphone a little and try to organize your life with the help of the apps. There are many apps to organize your daily life, and they have their functions too. You can use Evernote, Wunderlist, Trello, My Fitness Pal, Fit Notes, etc.


And ultimately, Space. You have to organize your life based on the space you have been allotted to.

Share responsibility

It is not wise to take all responsibilities. Try to delegate responsibilities to others. For example, go through your to-do list and try to remove those tasks which can be transferred to others. Over-responsibility can lead to a messy life, so always balance your daily responsibilities.

Work-life balance

A well-maintained work-life balance is needed to organize your daily life adequately and vice-versa. Work hard but not so harder to forget that you have a life outside of your work too. Maintain the balance carefully.

Keep what you need

Every organized people should have the quality to discard stuff. Unnecessary stuff in your home makes your house clumsy. So you have to know what things should be kept and what not. Have the ability to discard stuff when necessary. You can take some time out on weekends to do this.

Have the control

And most importantly, have the control of your life. You control organizing your daily life not the other way around. If you let things happen according to the other way, you will end up having OCD. So, never lose the control

It may seem hard, but if you can follow some simple rules in your life, it is not that much tough to have an organized daily life. And once you start having an organized life, you can never quit. So, all you have to do is to give it a try and continue even if you do not like it. Happy Organizing!


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