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10 Reasons To Love The Sun

Updated on April 19, 2010

Most people now a days fear the sun…


You hear about it giving you skin cancer, aging you, ect. So men and women alike flee to the tanning beds to get that deep skin color. I got news for you tan bed bunnies…


It is artificially light. Anything man made is NEVER 100% safe.

I’ve seen women in their late 20’s, looking almost 40! So be aware of that, not to mention what it does to your body and your bones! Sorry, but I am 100% against it.

Anyways, here are 10 reasons to love the sun that God has made just for us!!

  • It keeps skin young and radiant!

That’s right! It feeds our skin with nutrients we can’t get from food. Not to mention it helps us sweat and we all know how amazing that is for circulation and every inch of our body’s!

  • It makes us feel good!

The sun feeds us energy. It gives our skin that radiant bronze appeal that not only makes us look healthy, it makes us look and feel thinner!

  • It’s the best form of vitamin D for our bones!

For thow’s that fear the sun, I would reconsider! The sun feeds our bones the best form of natural vitamin D so our bones will work great even when we are in our old ages!

  • HELLO! Its helps us grow our food!

Without the sun we wouldn’t have delicious apples, oranges and grapes! Not to mention all our nutritious veggies!

  • It helps us absorb oxygen better!

Need I say how awesome and wonderful that is for the body?

  • It’s a natural mood enhancer!

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot less bad days when the sun is out.

  • It’s good for the eyes!

Now, I’m not saying go stare at the sun! But on them sunny days, go without a pair of sun glasses. It will help your eyes dilate better and you will see more clearly.

  • It gives us natural pain relief for our joints!

Did you ever ache and lay out in the sun for 20 minutes? It feels amazing. It relieves the inflammation in our joints and bones and helps us move better.

  • It’s not bad for us by far!

The people that said it was bad for us must have horse blinders on! It’s been here a lot longer then any of the people living today. Why would is suddenly be bad? Its not the sun that’s bad, its what we put on our skin before going in the sun! Instead of using sun screen, try olive oil! You will get an awesome tan too! If you burn easy, try aloe vera oil or gel.

  • It gives us natural light!

Uhhh DUHHH! What’s better then the sun coming through your windows on a sunny day. No light bulb can give such radiance!


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    • Maggalynn Grace profile image

      Maggalynn Grace 

      3 years ago from Michigan

      Thank you! Yes there are benefits to the sun.

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      Yes, my Sunshine. (hope you like this)

      If you understand this problem, and you seem to, then you are well on the way! Hope you have a great year! Loving thoughts.

    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      manatita44 - Thanks for your comment. The mind is a tricky little thing, is it not? :)

    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you for your kind comment Harishprasad! :)

    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 

      5 years ago from New Delhi , India

      A short but powerful message, ii3rittles. Who can exist without the Sun ? You have very beautifully mentioned the importance of this grand entity, in fact a visible divinity for us mortals. Here, in this part of the world, we have accorded the Sun a very sacred place in our heart and soul. So long the Sun is, all life is , when it disappears altogether, everything will vanish away. Love your article that gives the great message of loving this source of light. Merry Christmas and all joy and bliss,also a Very Happy New Year, coming along !

    • manatita44 profile image


      5 years ago from london

      Sweet article. Good on ya! Keep it up.

      Now about the 'quiet voice and loud mind', you are half-way there. The quiet mind is necessary but will come in time. Keep working ... Much joy and love this Christmas and a great 2014!

    • Chuck Bluestein profile image

      Chuck Bluestein 

      6 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      The top paid model in the world, Gisele Bunchen, does not use sunscreen. She calls it poison. The UV-B gives you vitamin D and the UV-A gives you nitric oxide that helps your arteries to expand and work better.

    • f_hruz profile image


      6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      The sun is a natural object. It is the centre of our solar system and part of the entire Milky Way. The sun follows the laws of nature, like everything else in our universe ...

      When you learn more about the many laws of nature, you may start asking yourself, why a man made god would have to have created her!

      Another interesting hub of yours raised some questions, the following video is addressing very well:

      Franto in Toronto

    • L3B0 profile image


      9 years ago


    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thanks for your comment Manthy and YES! it does keep us alive!! haha

    • manthy profile image


      9 years ago from Alabama,USA

      I'll tell you I believe that the also helps to cure depression, I'm not sure why but if I get to feeling down I get out in the sun and it always helps. Plus it keeps us all alive ;0)

      Very Cool Hub

    • ii3rittles profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thank you! and thanks for reading! ^_^

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image


      9 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      I could not agree more with you! Thumbs up for sunshine and your Hub.


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