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12 Reasons to Cut Out Sugar

Updated on October 23, 2017
Terrielynn1 profile image

Terrie has type 2 diabetes. She has a certificate in fitness and nutrition. She has a passion for helping others find their path to health.

Too Sweet or Not To Sweeten

That is the question. Sweet Sugar, the problems it causes and way it affects us is unreal. It's important to know were sugar comes from and what food and drinks contain it. Some of the way it affects us will defiantly surprise you. The best part is if you do change what you consume and are aware of where it's hiding, life will improve. This article will help you gain knowledge about sugar and what it is doing to us. You should cut back or cut it out completely. We are just now realizing the true affects sugar has on our bodies.

Do you use too much sugar?
Do you use too much sugar?

Here are 12 Reasons to break from the white stuff, or at least cut back. Lets start with where this addictive sweet, sweet stuff can be found. The places you find it might surprise you. How do you measure up to your sugar intake?

  1. Are sweeteners actually better?
  2. Do you know how much sugar you really consume?
  3. Are you one of those people who are addicted to sugar?
  4. Does sugar do harm to our bodies?
  5. Do our drinks contain too much sugar?
  6. Are there good foods that contain sugar?
  7. Does sugar affect our sleep and emotions ?
  8. Do you know there is sugar that goes in disguise?
  9. Did you know? The Grocery store is a mindfield of sugar?
  10. Did you know, sugar addiction is being compared to smoking?
  11. Are your childrens behaviours connected to sugar?
  12. Can sugar effect aging and how long you live?

You're Eating More Sugar Than You Think

The average person eats 100 grams of sugar a year.

We should only be consuming 48 grams.

That works out to only 10% of our daily calories

This is according to: The Heart and Stroke Foundation

Natural Sugars are Best In Small Amounts

Our bodies process all real sugars the same.
Our bodies process all real sugars the same.

A Little Tip

4 Grams of sugar = 1teaspoon

A can of coke contains

40 Grams of sugar, which

is equal to 10 teaspoons.

The Answers to the Sugary Sweet Questions 1-6

  1. Are Sweeteners Better: No, artificial sweeteners are not better then sugar. Health officials now discovered that our bodies do'nt know how to process fake sugar. It effects the metabolism and is actually linked to weight gain and glucose intolerance. New evidence shows, saccharine, sucrose and aspartame all damage the microbes in the gut. The damage it does to the body is not worth it.
  2. Reduce Sugars: There is a lot of places that sugar hides. to reduce its consumption you need to know where it is. Here is some places you might not know contains sugar. By finding out much sugar you eat as an individual, you can lower the amount of sugar you consume. The answers provided here will help you figure it out.
  3. Sugar Addiction: You could be addicted to sugar if you can't go a day or two without it. If you generally eat well but consume the hidden sugars regularly you maybe addicted to sugar. to change the habit, go two weeks with out sugar. In this amount of time the need for sugar will change. Try a bit of sugar and it ill taste very sweet. Cutting back the amount you eat will also lessen the damage sugar does.
  4. Damage From Sugar: Yes, sugar does do damage to the body. Not only is it linked to hypertension, it damages the liver. It is now being linked to having a fatty liver. It is just as damaging as the over consumption of alcohol. The extra fructose breaks down and pieces go through the bloodstream and lodge in the liver, other organs and fatty tissue, causing damage and making us sick.
  5. Drinking Sugar: Yes, a lot of our drinks have too much sugar. Pops are common one most people know about. Specialty coffees and smoothies can also contain too much sugar. Be sure to check and see if there are hidden sugars in your drinks. They could be a way sugars are getting into your diet without you knowing it. The easiest way for me is to just not have it around, then the temptation is'nt there. Not drinking it will help you to lose your sweet tooth.
  6. Hidden Sugar: Yes the food we eat also has hidden sugars that can harm us. Some foods that might surprise you, are as follows. Flavoured oatmeal packets, some have as much as 12 gram s of sugar. Cook your own oats instead. Yogurt, a 4 oz serving can contain up to 13 grams of sugar. if you add extras like granola add another 6 grams of sugar. That great tasting trail mix you buy at the store, contains up to 16 grams of sugar. A serving is only 1/4 of a cup. The trail mix was a surprise to me. I did not know it contained this much sugar.

Foods Contain Hidden Sugar

There are foods we recognize as having sugar. Others are not as easy to see.
There are foods we recognize as having sugar. Others are not as easy to see.

Answers Continued 7-12

7. Sleep And Emotions: Yes, the consumption of sugar defiantly effects our sleep. It can also make you sad. A sleep study has shown that sugar along with less fiber has a negative effect on restorative sleep patterns. It also disrupts our sleep. The eating of sugar and our emotions is also not good. For example we might think that ice cream in the freezer is a good idea at the time, but not good in the long term. The consumption of sugar treats can take you from feeling sad to full out depression. You can change this by having whole grains, High quality fiber and unprocessed fruits and vegetable

8. Sugar In Disguise: These sweeteners are just sugar in disguise. Watch out and be aware. Check the products you buy in the grocery store for these names. Amazake, dextrose, evaporated cane juice, carob powder, maltose, fruit juice concentrate, high- fructose corn syrup, honey. To cut down on your sugars make sure to keep these in mind.

9. Added Sugar Mind-field: The local grocery store could be the biggest culprit for added sugar. See the box below to find out why.

10. Sugar as Addictive as Smoking: If you drink sugary drinks each day, example- 20 ounces, it's the same as being a regular smoker. Researchers have found the protective piece on the DNA, on the end of the chromosomes that prevent them from fraying-are shorter on the white blood cells of those people who drink more soda. [The length of these protective pieces are linked to your life span]

11. Children's Behaviour and Sugar: Not only does it affect some behaviours, it affects other things as well. It causes a spike in blood pressure and cholesterol. A study on children showed a reduction of sugar helped with blood sugar levels and other improvements in only nine days. Excess sugar in children is linked to type 2 diabetes, more cavities. Sugar and pop consumption has also lead to the highest rate of childhood obesity. They have tripled in the last 30 years.

12. Sugar Effects Our Lifespan: Sugar is now known to effect our life span. Excess use of sugar has been link to dementia. There is molecular link to sugary diets and early Alzheimer's. There is a reaction caused by glucose that effects the cells, and damages an important enzyme that reduces an abnormal protein in the brain. This is a known characteristic of the disease. Sugar is a food for some diseases, like the big C- cancer. Sugar feeds the cancer cells, just like it gives us energy. One of the types of cancers it feeds is squamous cell carcinoma. Cell cancers that feed on sugars are hard to treat. Studies are now on going to see if reduction in sugar consumption can slow down the cell growth. For me this is a huge reason to limit or remove as much from our lives as possible. I know we can't control everything, I am a believer in controlling what we can.

Did You Know?

In an average food store,

66% of packaged foods

contain added sugar.

This was base on 40,000 items,

on shelves in a major retail store.

Terms and Labels

Watch for these terms
Sugar is glucose. The body treats them the same
Artificial Sweeteners
No sugar added
Corn syrup
Sweet n low
Low Fat
Raw Sugar
Read your food labels. No sugar added, does'nt mean its good for you. It could contain artificial sweeteners. Just because a sugar is from a natural source or plant, doesnt mean you should have lots of it. Moderation is the key.

Research Resources

  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Research studies by the University of Waterloo
  • The Journal of American Society of Nephrology
  • The Columbia University medical Center
  • The Canadian Medical Association
  • The Canadian Community Health Survey
  • The Goverment of Canada

Summing up Sugar

I hope my research will help-those of you who want to know more about sugar and the effect it has on our bodies, health and mental well-being. Natural is better, but too much sugar can still do damage to the body. As well as helping those who are looking to learn something new. I know the information I am sharing will change someones life. What I have learned has changed mine. From what I have read sugar is just as addictive as smoking.

I want to challenge all who want to stop using added sugar, take 12 days and cut down or cut out sugar and see how it effects your life. Now who is with me, together we can do this. I'll be back in 12 days to report back. please comment below or share how you are doing. I'll share my changes and feelings with you here.

From my house to yours: Health, happiness and wellness is my hope for all of us. May you receive them all.

© 2017 Terrie Lynn


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    • Terrielynn1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terrie Lynn 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Hi Audrey, Yes it is a sugar and converts to glucose. Its beeter tah others and it healing property is good for you. If you have other illnesses you have to be careful how much of it you eat. The lest processed is the best. Some honey has other things added to it.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      2 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Hi Terrie Lynn. Good hub! Question? Is honey considered a sugar? I plan on cutting back on the sweets so your information is helpful. If each time I'm tempted to eat something sugary I remember that I'm damaging my body I'll be better able to resist.

      Thanks for this informative piece.


    • Terrielynn1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Terrie Lynn 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Hi, Angel you are so right.

      Thats why I talk about taking a break reduce or cut out. There is sugar everywhere. It is a hard habit to break. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      2 years ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Oh no there's sugar everywhere! Run!! Lol, I been more health conscious myself. I try to keep a balance because I could never cut out my favorites.


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