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10 Regimes Successful People Follow

Updated on December 31, 2016

Overview of a Successful Persons' Perspective

Successful people will stand out because they have a complete different routine and follow a abstract perspective to reach their goals. Here are a couple of examples,

  • After a long week, successful people unwind from their stress and give their thoughts a chance to come together. This practice allows the brain to form new connections, think on the past and allow new ideas and prospective plans to form. This cycle continues persistently with a goal in mind and until the next weekend, which is when they recap and start mentally preparing for a new week.
  • If you are focused and setting goals for the future, you are pushing yourself forward. The second you turn your focus, listen to someone else on an opinion or you don't analyze an outcome, you loose your focus and time on potential success.
  • As a successful person you don't think short term. Everything has a cause and effect that you perceive, you know your actions are resembling a future outcome and no matter how slow the process you are moving only in the direction needed. This means NO distractions, whether its another business idea or choosing fun over work. The successful person realizes the little excitements in life are temporary, but power and success is for growing and carries future potential.
  • You think and choose words carefully in a discussion, your presentation and the fact that you can analyze in a tough moment shows confidence, power, and helps others' thoughts to change the longer they see your silence. Sometimes silence is key over a business meeting.
  • You understand knowledge is power, if there is a chance to learn you make sure you take it in your free time. Learning a language opens 10 more doors you never knew you had in front of you. This is especially true in majors such as international business, marketing, if your a buyer/seller in your company, international relations among nations, such as politicians, and doctors visiting other countries to help people in need. This theory can be discussed and applied through any major you decide to study. A language not only opens doors, but changes your thinking and understanding of the world around you.
  • You plan, you keep a planner, and keep organized... all facades of your life.
  • You understand that the top 5 people you surround yourself with are the average of who you are as a person. You surround yourself with people from whom you can learn from, teach, and create new ideas with. The chemistry of friendship comes on its own.
  • As a successful person you are not self centered, you are aware of your ideas, stand by your actions, and are mindful of the people around you. You become globally aware and that leads to bigger and better skills, ideas, and allows new ambitions to grow.

Top 10 Regimes to Acquire in The New Year

1st: Without rest, you wont be your best. Your performance can only match how you feel and how you've rested.

2nd: Diet is the root of your health and all health problems. You nourish your body and get a workout in every 3-4 days at least! This will help you maintain a clear mind and feel energized for the week. If you do workout, it is proven that a workout in the morning increases blood flow to brain and helps you begin a productive day at the office.

3rd: Arriving early to your workplace on Mondays is especially important it allows time for unfinished work as well as new projects and tasks that may arise for the new week. Gets your mind in order for the new weeks orders.

4th: A successful person comes into his workplace and greets his coworkers as well as team, because he/she carries the positive and good attitude with them.

5th: They imagine a productive week and keep the goals in focus for that period. They have with them, a notebook that keeps their tasks listed and clear.

6th: When given tasks, they begin with the toughest and work towards the easiest, this tactic not only allows time to be in their favor, but reduces stress at the end of the day. Also on this note, they prioritize their work schedule.

7th: They know when to say no to new analysis, ideas, and potential business plans if it's not worth it. Don't feel you should always be accepting new tasks and new challenges, sometimes its better to sit them out.

8th: They are most likely successful because they know how to communicate properly, also known as networking. This is very important, especially in America, this country is built on connections and networking. Fact: According to The Washington Post, only 27% of students continue a career in what they've studied. Meaning that they networked their way into working any career they wanted, no matter which degree they've attained.

9th: Successful people disconnect on the weekends and also pursue passions such as music,sports,fine arts, and reading for a change in their routine. This allows a break in their mental cycle and developing different parts of their brain. Also, networking!

10th: In my opinion, the most important rule is that successful people don't set limits, boundaries, or any kind of attitude to justify why they can't achieve a given task or goal they've set. Be persistent and stubborn.


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    • Jeremy Mcgilvrey profile image

      Jeremy Mcgilvrey 10 months ago from Sant Antonio Texas

      Success Leaves Clues

      Let’s talk about success. I’m sure you know by now that successful people do – what unsuccessful people won’t do. That’s just a fact of life!