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10 Strategies That Can Snap You Out of Depression During the Covid-19 Lock Down

Updated on May 8, 2020
Ana Yong profile image

Everyone has their own way of dealing with a lock down. I hope these 10 suggestions will help you.

(1) Be Accepting of Disruptions

Boy, am I stressed out!
Boy, am I stressed out! | Source

Everyone faces challenges in their lives but don't panic as the lock down won't last forever.Tell yourself that disruptions to your routine make you stronger and more adaptable to changes in life. You won't know how tough you are until you are pushed to the limit. Don't let this affect you.

The No Worries Workbook: 124 Lists, Activities, and Prompts to Get Out of Your Head―and On with Your Life!

(2) Look at the Bigger Picture

I can't wait for the lock down to be over.
I can't wait for the lock down to be over. | Source

Most of us would not have encountered something as serious as a pandemic lock down before so by staying at home, you are helping to reduce the number of Coronavirus infections and save lives. This is a good thing. Keep it up. Look to your inner strength to power through. Together, we can make it.

(3) Make The Best Of The Circumstances That You Are In

Don't complain about the situation and keep moving forward. Find something to do, for example, learn how to bake a cake or sew fabric masks and last but not least, learn a new language.

Anxiety Relief for Kids: On-the-Spot Strategies to Help Your Child Overcome Worry, Panic, and Avoidance

(4) Be Thankful for What You Have

Thank you for being here.
Thank you for being here. | Source

Instead of whining about what we don't have, we should be grateful for what we do have. For instance, many of us have a roof over our heads so be sympathetic to those who are homeless during the pandemic. We should also be glad that we still have our health.

(5) Keep Busy

Is there something that you have always wanted to do but didn't have the time, for example, write a book? Well, now is the time to start writing.

Alternatively, make a "To-Do List" for tasks that you need to do on a daily or weekly basis. Always do something to keep you busy so that your mind isn't affected by negative thoughts.

(6) Don't Obsess Over Continuous Media Coverage of the Pandemic

Oh, No!
Oh, No! | Source

You can't control what is happening around the world and what others are doing but you can manage your own actions and feelings. Don't get depressed by the ever increasing number of Covid-19 cases as they are beyond your control.

The important thing is not to go into a negative headspace.

Healing Anxiety and Depression

(7) Partake in an Everyday Ritual

Reading opens up my world.
Reading opens up my world. | Source

Read A Book Or Watch TV

You could choose to read a book, watch a movie or an episode of your favorite television series. Whatever you choose to do, the point is to make this a daily activity that you look forward to doing.

Clean Out Your Hoard

We all have things that we have been keeping for a long time but may not be using at all, for example, an old dress which is two sizes too small which you could recycle or donate to charity.

From Hoarding to Hope: Understanding People Who Hoard and How To Help Them


We all know exercise creates endorphins so there is no better time to start exercising now. This will also make you a stronger person physically as well as mentally and prepare you for a new world when the pandemic lock down is lifted.

(8) Wear a smile

Smile and the whole world smiles with you.
Smile and the whole world smiles with you. | Source

When people see you with a smile, they would think that you have a positive attitude. We've all heard of the saying "Fake It Till You Make It" which I think works well in this situation.

(9) Use Social Media to Keep in Contact with Family and Friends

Modern technology is a great tool.
Modern technology is a great tool. | Source

With the prevalence of digital technology, anyone can keep in touch with loved ones who are not staying under the same roof. Communicate with friends to find out how they are doing and give a listening ear if they are not doing so well.

You will not feel lonely during this time as you can contact almost anyone.

On the Go with Senior Services: Library Programs for Any Time and Any Place

(10) Do Something for Charity

Everyone needs a helping hand.
Everyone needs a helping hand. | Source

Masks are still hard to find in some places so you could volunteer to sew masks for the needy and underprivileged.

In Surrey (United Kingdom), a nursing home called CHD Living is using digital technology to allow virtual volunteers to adopt a grandparent to help ease loneliness and provide virtual companionship.

Call up your local charity to find out how you can help during this trying time.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Ana Yong


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