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10 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

Updated on August 16, 2011

Besides your wallet holding your driver's license and credit cards, and other things here is a list of must haves every woman should carry around with her in her big-old purse.

1. Hygiene products - You can get various hygiene products just going into a store like Wal-Mart and getting to that little rack that sells the mini items for ninety seven cents. Tiny deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush holder, a toothbrush, lip balm, lotion and a small body wash (or whatever else you may need) can easily be placed in your purse somewhere just in case you need them. Not to mention this is inexpensive to do. You could get everything you need and it would still probably be under ten bucks. (It could also help to lump bobby pins and safety pins under this category as well.)

2. Cash - I say a minimum of $10. You never know when you'll be out somewhere and one of your cards won't work or you forget your password or you get somewhere and they don't accept debit or credit (yes, those places still do exist). It's just good to still carry cash at all times.

3. Orbit gum - Not only is it long lasting but it tastes great, too. This has been my favorite gum for years, but if you're not a gum chewing person get a breath spray. It just makes you feel more confident when having to go face to face with people.

4. Elexa Feminine Wipes - Just in case...

5. Tylenol - Seering headaches, sharp toothaches, or a tummy ache can grip you at any time and sometimes you may not have the money on you or the time to go and get some medicine from the store. That, or someone around you may need one.

6. Tissues - Runny nose, runny makeup, no tissue in the bathroom stall you're in? If you carry tissues in your own purse these things don't make you panic.

7. Notepad and paper - I understand that we have all kinds of technology that can do this stuff for us now, but sometimes it's just good to have this stuff handy. If not the notepad, a pen is always convenient when filling out forms.

8. A comb - Tame flyaways on the go. I think most girls have probably kept a comb in their purse since they were about 5 years old anyway (remember picture day?).

9. Compact mirror - It's not about vanity necessarily, but if you just want to discreetly check to see if something is in your teeth before you embarrass yourself it's just good to have. Also, if you get one that lights up it can work double as a flashlight.

10. Tampons/pads - They should be secretly stashed in your car, home and purse, you can never have too many in any given area of your life to avoid those unsightly "accidents".


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  • HaileyAdams profile image

    Hailey 4 years ago

    Cool hub, nice list of things lol I'd add nail polish, a file, antiperspirant, perfume )) Excellent insight.