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10 Things I Learned In The Process Of "Adulting"

Updated on October 27, 2016

10. College Isn’t For Everyone, And That’s Okay

The destination we choose after high school can only be made by listening to ourselves. If a degree is what you want, then go after it. If you’re like me and realize that college isn’t for you, then that’s okay. I went to college for a year, and everything within that year felt repetetive. I lived this on going cycle of sacrificing my happiness for classes and a campus that I didn't enjoy going to. Deciding to drop out was something I debated long and hard about. College has been one the biggest investments I’ve made in my life thus far. I chose my happiness and sanity over college. Having a degree does not mean doors automatically open for you. People believe that if they have a degree, success is certain for them. Nothing in life is certain, or given to you. You don't need to go to college to be educated. There are multiple types of intelligence outside of ‘book smarts’ and even then, people find they may be better at some subjects over others.

9. There Is No Wrong Way To Accomplish Your Goals

Using the success of others as an excuse to bring yourself down is a form of self destructive behavior. Stop comparing yourself to other people because you’re not the same. Not everyone moves at the same pace, something that took you hours can take someone years. Don’t tear yourself down because you feel like you’ve been stuck and aren’t moving. Find something to be passionate about and let it consume you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get to where you want to be, as long as you get there.

8. Life Gets Hard

Growing up means, always questioning whether or not you’re doing enough. You don’t have to have it together all the time, you’re entitled to be emotional. Control is something that you’re not always going to have, learn to go with the flow. If life throws you rocks, build a shield.

7. Don’t Publicize Everything

Social Media gives the world a glimpse of the life we live. We take pictures and without hesitation, post them. The more luxurious our lives seem online, the more envious others become. We us social media to show off the best sides of ourselves, putting this act for the world. We want people to know, or think, that we’re doing better than we actually are. I’ve learned that not everything has to be published on social media. If you’ve set a goal, don’t announce it until you’ve accomplished it. Many people don’t want to see you do good, their jealousy and bad vibes become focused on you. By being selective on the things you choose to share, you keep yourself away from the third eye.

6. Friendships Are Not To Be Forced

Stop chasing people, if someone wants to be in your life they will do everything in their power to stay there. There are going to be many relationships that no longer benefit you, learn to let them go. Often we tend to keep people around because they bring this sense of familiarity. Make room for new relationships that are going to positively influence your life.

5. Love Is Over Romanticized

It’s great to love and be loved in return, but you don’t need a relationship to feel whole. Having a partner will not validate who you are, so don’t wait for someone to come into your life and do that for you. You’re beautiful on your own, you’re smart on your own, you don’t need anyone to confirm that for you. Not being in a relationship does not make you any less of a person. Have fun, go on dates, do the casual dating, be messy. Your early twenties are meant for exploration. The root to any good relationship starts with yourself. Don’t waste your youth looking for someone to love you, love yourself.

4. Power of Positivity

The way you think impacts many of the decisions you make in your life. Having a positive outlook, even when things are hard, is important. Radiate positivity and that is all you’re going to attract. We’d be limiting ourselves if we let negativity take over. We owe ourselves that much to go out and do the things we like.

3. Character Counts

The way you treat people says a lot about you. We’re often so consumed in our own little world that we forgot that others too, are going through things. Be gentle, and be cautious about the words you use.

2. Endlessly Create Yourself

Discover new things. Don’t limit yourself to one attribute because that’s all you know, you’re more than that. Step outside your comfort zone and explore new areas. Do things you aren't completely comfortable with. You can be a sister, brother, writer, etc… without objectifying yourself to one thing. Be open to new possibilities and tasks, and never stop re-creating your image. It is in our human nature to evolve.

1. Put Yourself First

It’s okay to be selfish with yourself, you don’t belong to anyone else. If anything puts your mental health, or happiness at risk, detach from it. You don’t owe anyone a thing. Take care of yourself and don’t overwork yourself. If you know that you’re not doing okay then take a break. Realizing your self worth is essential for a happy life, don’t conform to what others want.


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