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11 Things To Do While Staying At Home During The Quarantine Period.

Updated on April 22, 2020
Suchismita pradhan profile image

A mother of a two-year-old daughter and a writer who loves to put her mind on paper.

From morning to evening only one virus called corona is monopolizing the news channels. As this one tiny virus spooks the whole world. We must understand how dangerous it must be.

You must be thinking why I am writing about the news that the world already knows and dealing with it bravely but I have my own reasons for writing these things. You have to stick to the article to know the answers.

Before moving further let me ask you guys a few questions.

When we were not self quarantined at home before the beast attack, how often we used to complain that we are not getting any holidays?

How often we used to plan to see our favorite movies at home but for the packed calendars we're unable to execute the plan?

How often we carry the baggage of the guilt with us that we are not spending enough quality time with our children and family members?

The answer is unanimous, "many times" right?

Well now that we’re all indoors for the foreseeable future because of the corona, a lot of us are complaining that we are getting very bored.

There are plenty of little things we can do to keep us all going. Let me list down a few things to engage your brain to escape from this boredom by turning it into an opportunity.

Prevention is the daughter of invention: Walter Raleigh

1. Writing:

Holding that magic pen or pressing those little keys on the keyboard for conveying your views through writing on a particular topic does wonder to your brain.

Spend some quality time with your brain and deliver some unique pieces of writing.

Writing by hand actually, influences our cognitive processes in a way that slows us in a good way and helps fabricate creativity and new ideas. Some studies say that writing by hand is more strongly linked to emotion processing compared to typing. Again it's your choice. But you should start writing now this is the best time, go-ahead complete that incomplete story, write that unpublished article again and enjoy. This is the best tool to kill boredom. It also helps in understanding and processing more information. Increases your focus, creativity, and inspiration.

2. Reading:

For me, reading is like doing meditation. I completely immerse myself in the book. It always makes my brain come alive. Reading not only helps in boosting your knowledge and building vocabulary but also helps in reducing stress. The best part is you can read a variety of books of your choice there is no limit.

So before boredom, stress wants to enter in your brain, pack it with beautiful books.

3. Online Courses:

Learning is a never-ending process. You can learn till you die. We are fortunate that we have a magic wand in the form of the internet. Nowadays the internet plays an important role in our lives. It is the most useful technology of modern times which helps us not only in our daily lives but also in professional lives. Online courses are more flexible. Upgrade your knowledge and sharpen your skills at this time.

4. Craft Making:

I found craft making from waste materials or even from new things very fascinating. It helps in enhancing your creative skills and imagination. Communicate with your creativity when you are bored,you will achieve more.

5. Painting:

Being an artist I can tell you with confidence this is the best therapy to kill the time and boredom both. Colors have a soothing effect on our minds. When you are focusing on your imagination you are giving a break to your brain from daily thoughts. It actually lowers our cortisol hormone which is the stress hormone and helps us to relax. So friends take a canvas, hit some brush strokes on it and cheer up as you are creating something from your mind.

6. Gardening:

Gardening is a tremendous stress buster. Nature always replenishes our soul in a positive way. Now we have enough sources available to do research and grow beautiful plants. Take care of them. During this lockdown, I learned how to propagate a snake plant in water. So you people can also do that. If you are staying in a concrete jungle like apartments where there is no space or little space for gardening you can opt for a kitchen garden or terrace garden by growing some herbs. Learn how to grow nutritious microgreens inside the house. Youtube can pave you the way and help you to learn these things.

Indian Cuisine By Sameer
Indian Cuisine By Sameer | Source

7. Cooking:

I am not an epicure but I love trying new things. You can show your creativity here also. Spending time alone in the kitchen after a long day at work allows you to simply recharge and enjoy the solitude of your kitchen.

One thing that makes the millennials happy is a good coffee and one extremely tempting twist of coffee is roaming around the internet is dalgona coffee. I tried this twist, you try something else.learn a new recipe.

8. Cleaning The Clutter:

Clean your room, keep all those stuff that are peeping out of your cupboards in their proper place. A cleanroom helps you sleep better. Decorate your room.It attracts positive energy.

Beautiful Painting By Manasi
Beautiful Painting By Manasi | Source

9. Self-care:

This is the time when you should spend time on yourself. Meditate, rejuvenate your inner soul, spent some time on your beauty regimen.

10. Learn Time Management:

Knowing how to manage your time properly is important as it brings a number of great benefits to our work routine and life overall. A disciplined routine helps in doing more work in less time. As we are at home many of us are pushing the deadline further. Once this period will get over, it will be easy for us to chase the target if we can able to master our time management skills.

11. Quality Time With Children:

Watch your favorite movies, series you have enough time now. Dance to the tune. Enjoy the songs. Convert yourself into your child's best friend. Children's don't like adults to behave like an adult with them. They want to play, sing, share their emotions and imaginations. All this can happen only when you have some time and patience. So dear parents this is the gift corona had given you. Play with them. Spend some quality time with your family.


It's better to stay at home than staying at the hospital. Be optimistic and encircle yourself around like-minded positive attitude people.

If you were given the choice between finding your killer or accepting eternal peace, which one would you choose? Well, I will definitely choose the second option.

The country is going through a hard time, just like the rest of the world and if we can find happiness in little things, we should do that in order to ensure our mental peace is not compromised. Stay at home stay safe.

© 2020 Suchismita Pradhan


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