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10 Tips for Successful Depression Treatment Plan

Updated on August 17, 2014

Depression is the leading cause of inactive participation of a large number of young and middle aged members in a society. Depression drains the energy of the patient and forbid them to become an active participant in any activities, even in the functions of his/her family. By implementing a clear depression treatment plan, most of the patients can acquire relief from their problem without the help of antidepressant medicines.

Depression Symptoms In Teens

Many youngsters are suffering from depression and the people of this age group are having more depression problems than any other age groups. Teenage period is full of problems for many, and it is not easy for them to cope with their complications. Many youngsters are not prepared to recognize the changes that are happening to the body and mind in this particular stage of life. Ignorance and the inability to understand the facts are the reasons for their depression.

Young people with depressed mental state have not enough stability in their mental status in this stage, to think that there is always a solution to every problem. They like to believe that there is not any solution for their problems and others are considering them as bad persons. This wild imagination results in deep depression with suicidal tendency.

Truth Behind Depression

Teenager with Depression
Teenager with Depression | Source

Depression Physical Symptoms

The main symptom of depression is the inactivity or having no energy to participate in any positive actions. It is not very easy to describe the feelings of a sufferer, but the common depression physical symptoms are the following:

  • Feeling guilty of oneself and find fault in every action.
  • Showing of irritation, sadness and anger without a true cause.
  • Disturbed sleep or sleeplessness.
  • Loss of control of emotions for every small problem.
  • Lot of physical discomforts including frequent headaches.
  • Inability to concentrate and think reasonably.
  • Tendency for suicide.

Signs of Depression

Worried Women
Worried Women | Source

Causes of Depression

Depression can be caused from many issues, even from some small problems that you are facing in the day to day life. Some of the causes of depression are as below:

  • Job stress is the most common cause, and this is happening by the pressure you are getting from the employers and by the non-corporation from the co-workers in completing the jobs assigned.
  • Family problems come next. Strained relationship with your life partner or with your parents/siblings can lead to depression.
  • Teenagers’ gets depression because of their age related problems in addition to the pressures getting from the educational stress and from the strained relationships with others of their age group.
  • Long term diseases, especially the diseases that are not curable, cause depression in many patients.
  • Unsolved stress and tension that is suffering for a long period will create depression.

Physical Activity Helps to Reduce Depression
Physical Activity Helps to Reduce Depression
Therapy Session for Depression
Therapy Session for Depression | Source

Depression Treatment Plan

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10 Tips for Implementing Successful Depression Treatment Plan

To get relief from depression, social activities and sharing the problems with others etc. are very necessary. But for a depressed person, these actions are not easy. They are unable to initiate any activity or become a participant in any social gathering. But step-by-step progress can be made, if sincere effort is initiated by the depressed person himself/herself. Make genuine efforts to get relieved from depression physical symptoms by following the tips below:

  1. Think Positively Always: Depression is the result of negative mental attitude. You always think in the wrong direction in a depressive mood. You will consider yourself as a bad person and also believe that nobody likes you. Use your logic and begin to think positively and then you can see the change. Think outside yourself and socialize with positive people. Think only about the successful events in your life or about the happy moments that you have shared with your family and friends. This is not very easy in the worst mental condition, but you can do it by taking some effort.
  2. Organize Your Day: Inactivity or a feeling of energy loss is the main symptom of depression. So try to be active, not in a sense like every other normal person does, by setting up a daily schedule that you can complete. Read a good book, listen to good songs or watch a good TV program for enjoyment. You can pick up a former hobby to keep you busy and engaged. By making step by step progress, you can become more active and that helps you to get relief from the problem.
  3. Aim Your Goals: Along with becoming more active, also aim for the completion of some particular goals which will make you happier and give satisfaction on completion. Always set goals only that you can complete in the present depressive mood.
  4. Healthy Diet: Eating is not directly related with the depression, but good food is necessary for keeping your body and mind in good fitness condition. In some cases, depression makes you to eat a lot and that will make you obese, so in such cases control your diet intake. Do not skip your meals and minimize the consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates etc. Protein rich food like bananas, brown rice and spinach can boost your mood.
  5. Good Sleep: Disturbed sleep or sleeplessness is associated with depression. So find out every possible option to get a good and sound sleep daily. Sleep is very necessary for the normal functioning of the body and also to get relief from the depressive state of mind. So practice sleep hygiene by making your bedroom more comfortable to sleep, by going to sleep in the same time everyday, by avoiding coffee, TV programs and physical activity etc. before going to sleep etc. Protect yourself from all the disturbing noises from outside of your bedroom to get a sound sleep.
  6. Be A Responsible Person: Energy to do something is very low in the depressive state. But you have to start action slowly for the sake of getting relief from depression. When you are active, that will give you a good relief from the depressive mood. To find more interest in the activities, take responsibilities in your home or in office and try to fulfill them successfully. Each and every success will give your mind more strength to fight against depression. When you take responsibilities, start with small or lightweight tasks in the beginning.
  7. Cultivate New Relationships: Man is a social being; so socializing with others is the best remedy to your problem. Share your worries with your trusted friends and family members. When you feel that you are not worthy to get the affection from your family and friends, try to find new relationships. Talk to somebody about your feelings, have a dinner with your friend, talk to your buddies over phone and join a support group for depression. Getting close to new people and sharing with them will open new opportunities to get more mental strength to fight against depression.
  8. Depression Exercise: Exercise can do wonders towards the cure of depression and it will act as an antidepressant. Physical activities motivate the new cell growth in the brain, increase endorphins, and relieve muscle tension; all these things will help to get relief from depression. You can do any type of exercises you like such as walking, swimming or playing games. A thirty minute exercise will give the required benefit, but in the beginning do simple exercises, as per the fitness of your body. Studies show that a ten minute exercise can improve the mood for two hours. Do not overdo the exercises like the sportsmen are doing, otherwise the effect will be negative.
  9. Practice Meditation: Meditation and other relaxation techniques are the best solutions to get relief from depression physical symptoms. Do regular practice of yoga, deep breathing or meditation and they will reduce stress and boost your mental status.
  10. Medical Help: Do not hesitate to get medical help, when it is needed. Counseling and therapy are proven methods for giving positive support to the depression treatment plan. They will work to ease out the confused mind set and it will give you more relief. So when it is needed, do not hesitate to seek professional help to easy out your depression. Before using any medicine or supplements always ask for the advice of your doctor.

Girl in Depressive Mood
Girl in Depressive Mood | Source

Depression is a state of mind and it is not your fault. Blaming you or your family/friends will not help you to get relief from this health issue. Maintaining the close relationship with your family members and following a healthy lifestyle will improve your mental state. Spend your time with friends and other close groups who are very active and has positive attitude towards life. Include more vitamins and minerals in your diet and avoid alcohol and drugs. Participate in physical activities like games and sports, if your age permits. Different studies proved that the depression will decrease in those who are more active physically. A well worked out depression treatment plan will give you the desired results.

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    • Tom Marshal profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom Marshal 

      4 years ago from India


      Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge. The cause of depression is different for different persons. As per your advice, it is always better to consult a physician before the depression gets more intensive.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Depression can be a problem for anyone. Teens are especially vulnerable with their hormonal changes, lifestyles, and relationship difficulties. These tips are valuable to help in overcoming depression. I also advocate that a person see a medical professional for a thorough physical examination if they are experiencing depression. For myself, it was triggered by hormonal imbalance. For my husband, it was the gout in his feet that triggered his depression. Other family members have had issues with thyroid problems, accidents, and relationship difficulties that triggered their depression. It may be different for each person. The negative thinking that accompanies it is hard to change without fixing the underlying problems.


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