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10 Tips to Look and Feel Younger Naturally

Updated on October 24, 2009


Ever since Eve took that first bite of the apple in the Garden of Eden, the human race has been obsessed with the slowing down the aging process and maintaining a youthful appearance.

Theoretically aging begins as soon as we come out of the womb. Every day our bodies regenerate new cells and expel the dead ones. The speed at which that process takes place changes with age and is the main factor determining in how youthful we appear.

Some of the best ways to maintain healthy skin and feel good on the inside involve taking care of what you have, and minimizing imperfections that you can’t reverse. Although it sounds simple, your skin takes a beating from the environmental toxins and UV rays every day so you have to find ways to protect it.

With all of the makeover shows on TV, overpriced anti-aging cosmetics, and general obsession with youth, its no surprise that people are willing to spend small fortunes on products and procedures to look and feel younger. But you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Here are some simple tips to keep your skin youthful and in the meantime keep you feeling great too!

Maintaining your skin just takes some awareness.
Maintaining your skin just takes some awareness.
Actually, apples are quite good for the skin.
Actually, apples are quite good for the skin.

10 Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Better Health

1. Stay Hydrated
The human body is 61.8 percent water by weight. Whether you work outdoors or in, it’s necessary to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day to stay healthy (that’s about the same as 2 Liters). Often meeting the daily water requirement is a chore, but with the right frame of mind and routine it becomes easier each day.

2. Protect Your Skin
Without protection from the sun’s rays, just a few minutes of exposure each day over the years can cause noticeable, negative changes to the skin. Get adequate UV protection by applying sunscreen lotion (SPF15 and above). To avoid the problem altogether, stay out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet
A healthy diet not only promotes a healthy body, but it encourages youthful looking skin. A balanced diet that can fight the process of aging includes foods that contain anti-oxidants, proteins and essential fatty acids. In short, a diet rich in nuts, fruits and vegetables and low on processed, pre-prepared foods will keep you ahead of the curve.

4. Minimize Stress
Meditation does not have to mean sitting quietly and chanting mantras. Meditation is about quieting the mind, eliminating the "chatter" we have running in our heads. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. For you, it may mean walking in the park, immersing yourself in a hobby or listening to calming music.

5. Get a New Hairstyle
It's a commonly held notion that as you get older, you should have shorter hair. The feeling seems to be that long hair makes mature women look older. Everyone is different so be sure to consult your hairdresser to find a new look that will be the most flattering with your facial structure.

6. Update your Wardrobe
Try out new styles and add a little color to your daily wear. Getting out of boring routines makes you feel younger, and since looking young is a state of mind others will convinced too.

7. Fragrance Matters
A right fragrance can make you seem much younger than you really are. According to a survey, women wearing scents with pink grapefruit in it appeared, on average, 6 years younger than their actual age.

8. Lighting
Harsh sunlight is sure to make it easy to see wrinkles, age spots and imperfections. Not only is it better for your skin when you seek the shade, it is also more flattering since diffused light is ideal.

9. Makeup
When all else fails, cover it up. Use a makeup primer after applying a moisturizing lotion to fill in all the lines on your face. After, apply makeup in a color that matches your skin tone exactly, over the primer for that flawless look. You might want to mix 2 makeup colors together for that ideal shade.

10. Take an Anti-Aging Health Supplement
With the busy, hectic lifestyles most people lead, it is nearly impossible to do everything right. The best way to counteract this is to take an anti-aging supplement.

A substance found in red wine called Resveratrol is currently the most popular choice for anti-aging as it was recently proven in lab tests to destroy free radicals, the very thing that causes aging itself. Resveratrol is extremely rich in anti-oxidants and this makes it easy to get better looking skin, and improve overall health.


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