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7 Ways To Kickstart Your Day Positively

Updated on February 28, 2015
Smile is a great way to start the day
Smile is a great way to start the day | Source

A good start to the day helps us feel hopeful, positive, refreshed and energetic! How often do you feel grumpy, lazy and bored just as you get up and spend the rest of the day in the same negative mood? A happy and positive start, early in the morning means you are assured of a successful and productive day.

So, how to feel positive early in the morning and start the day on a happy note? Here are a few ideas!

Starting Early

Start Your Day Early
Start Your Day Early | Source

Start Early

Rising late makes us feel passive and often with guilt pangs about over-sleeping and getting late, for almost everything. A lot of things can be done when you wake up early. Enjoy the early sunshine and breathe in fresh air to change your mood. Use the early hours of the day and be on time throughout the day and never miss any opportunity that comes your way.

Do Not Rush

Getting up late leaves you stressed and tensed. Waking early means you don't have to rush. Your morning will not be hectic or chaotic. Never rush early in the morning; do a few tasks the night before to save your morning hours. Plan your menu in advance, keep laundry ready the previous time and prepare a small list of errands which you need to do the next day.You will be better organized and less stressed early in the morning. There will be no rushing in deciding these things.

Avoid Morning Rush

Avoid The Morning Rush
Avoid The Morning Rush | Source


To start the day on a positive note, feel fresh and energized you need to empty your mind for a few minutes. Meditation is the solution and the key to happiness through peace. Control your thoughts and relax and start it early in the morning. You need to breathe deep and let all your anxieties and worries move away slowly and relax you slowly. Leave all sorrows, tension and worries of yesterday behind you and think about everything positive. All you need is enjoy the silence and stability of the moment. Stay focused on your breath.

Have A Hearty Breakfast

Our mood depends a lot on what we eat. Do not crave for your coffee early in the morning, instead go for an energizing healthy breakfast. Include low calorie, full of energy items like oats which are rich in vitamin B that helps in increasing your energy level. It's a great mood booster too. A bowl of fresh fruits is also a good energy booster, packaged with plenty of nutrients.

Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast

Hearty Breakfast Spread
Hearty Breakfast Spread | Source

Enjoy Your Favorite Music

Music is a wonderful mind booster and mood uplifter.Start your day with your favorite songs. Prepare a list of all those songs which pep you up and listening them early in the morning is definitely going to cheer you up. Research has revealed that good music is excellent for cardiovascular health and helps in improving the immunity system too. It reduces stress and improves your mental health. Start with all your favorite tracks early in the morning.

Add Some Fun Moments

You need not necessarily get stuck with all your regular chores early in the morning. Add something which makes you feel good - water your plants, walk your dog or just do some yoga. You can quickly read a book - the idea is to break your routine, destroy the monotony and feel better. This pleasure moment is going to set your mood for the whole day.

Walking Your Dog Early Morning

Walk Your Dog Early Morning and Feel Refreshed
Walk Your Dog Early Morning and Feel Refreshed | Source

Think About Things Which Make You Happy

Never start your day with thoughts that make you sad or activities will make you feel low. Do not think about anything which makes you worried or stressed, especially as you get up early in the morning. Control your thought process and think about everything which will improve your mood. Anxiety and worry is not going to make your day better; it will exhaust your soul and make you feel low, anxious and demotivated.

Start Your Day On a Positive Note

Do you know about anything else, that keeps you happy throughout the day? How do you start your day on a positive note?

Have you ever felt that starting the day with positivity helps throughout the day?

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