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10 Causes Of Depression You Must Know.

Updated on May 27, 2020
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Depression have been a reason why most people tend not to value their lives, but the question is why? What causes the feeling of depression.


As a kid, I've always heard the word depression, no surprise it has become a common word in the society today. But the question is why depression and what is depression?

Not to worry, we are going to look at all these in their vast perspectives. Depression is a mood disorder, associated with the feelings of sadness, pain, anger, loss and bitterness which affects our daily activities. Although it's a normal phase in life to have most of these feelings but it's not right to get such repeatedly, this is a sign of depression. Depression can occur in different ways and as a result of this, it affects your relationship with people, be it in the community or at work places. In terms of health, depression can lead to sever complications if you're affected with diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, asthma e.t.c. They might get much more worse. Depressions are associated with symptoms or signs which some people, ranging from adults to children, don't know of. Most of which are mood changes due to constant

  • Anger
  • Aggressiveness
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of sucide
  • Drug addiction
  • Withdrawal from social gatherings especially from your peers and lots more.

Depression doesn't just start over night, it's a process, when you can't take charge of your thoughts, your thoughts becomes the king and rules your body. That's not meant to happen, we are strong in all we do but even when we feel weak we have to encourage ourselves that we're strong.

Feeling of pain
Feeling of pain | Source

" The only reason you get liable towards depression is because you lack faith in yourselves in making things right the way you know it's meant to be".

— Nanribet Cornelius

Causes of depression.

When some people are trying their best to get over the fence of depression, others can't help it because it seems like there's lots of factors and events weighing them down. You can't blame yourself for being depressed, it happens but when these symptoms exhibit themselves in its various levels, make sure you abstain before it reaches it's peak. Most causes of depression are:

  • Medical complications : When people are down with chronic illnesses, they begin to think negative and this encroaches the mind making it predisposed to depression.
  • Drug addiction : When drugs get misused frequently that it becomes a normal thing in the life of a person, that person gets affected by those drugs and as such can lead to certain complex issues leading to depression.
  • Low self-esteem : A major cause of depression in children and teens.
  • Family problems : A divorce can make a child or the divorced person badly affected by depression.
  • Chemical imbalance : When the neurotransmitters in the human brain is imbalanced, it affects our moods and behaviors making it easier to be affected by depression.
  • Heredity : Most people gain certain traits of their depressed relatives, either the father, mother or grandparents. These traits can be recessive or dominant and it's a problem.
  • Diet: Researcher's proved that those who consume 67 grams of sugar per day are 23% more liable to depression.
  • Mode of sleep : Depression can occur when you deny yourself the adequate rest which your body deserves.
  • Personal life : Some of which have lived a troubled life due to stress and bad times are liable to such complex situations.
  • Loss of purpose : We ought to have a purpose in life, life itself is meaningful and without you seeing the meaning life makes you feel meaningless. This remains a factor which causes depression till date.

The painful part of life, we tend to know our purpose in life when it's too late. This affects people a lot and needs to be controlled.

Depressed sighting
Depressed sighting | Source

Depression isn't a death call, it's just a sign that you're out of strength. You can't always be beautiful, but when your beauty fails, strength prevails.


Depression have led to thousands of unwanted deaths in the world today and it doesn't seem to reduce, it increases every time and it gets worse every second. All we need to fight depression is to work on ourselves, that's the way. When we help each other and build each other, we grow together in strength and reduce the rate of depression together. Depression is a catalyst that makes people die fast. We have to kick against our differences and carry each other along.

Everyone gets affected by this and seven out of ten persons won't know that they are affected at all. Forget about homeostatic, the body regulates on his own but your mind gets renewed everytime by the things you do. Depression being a trait of heredity can be fought and controlled, it just needs time. Where most drugs might fail, humans always have a way of bringing happiness into each others lives and that's the positive impact enacted in a depressed person which will yield to a positive result reducing the rate of depression. We can have a world of un-depressed individuals. Save a depressed person today, it always starts with you and me.

© 2020 David Cornelius


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