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10 simple steps for good meditation

Updated on May 9, 2011

What is meditation ?

Meditation is not a worship or prayer.We can simply explain Meditation as awareness.Doing the things with awareness.Meditation is a process that leads us to a state of consciousness.Meditation brings clarity.

In other simple words we can say listening to the birds or watching your breath is called meditation.

Benefits of meditation.

With the help of regular meditation we can experience positive changes in our body and mind.

Regular meditation will boost our self confidence and help us to control our own thoughts. Researches on meditation reveals the fact that it increases Seretonin.

Seretonin controls our sleep,learning,mood, behavior and even our body temperature.

Meditation lowers our oxygen consumption,it slows the hart rate and increases blood flow.It enhances immune system.You can observe enhanced performance in athletic events.These are just a sample of all other benefits.

How to do meditation ?

1.Choose Right time:

The first thing you have to do is to choose a right time for meditation.It is best thing to do the meditation daily two times.Early morning and evening are the idle times.

2.Choose a right place to sit:

Set aside a place specially for meditation.If it is a place outdoor under a tree shade it is well and good.If not possible choose a place that where you will not disturbed by anything at the time of meditation.

3.Sit straight:

It is advisable to sit on floor with cross legged.If you feel it is not comfortable you can sit on a chair.It is very much important to choose a right posture that allows your back straight without pain.Never lie down during the meditation because you may fall asleep.

4.Start breathing slowly:

Close your eyes gently.Start breathing slowly.Don't breath force fully and let it come naturally.After few intakes of air, your breaths will gradually become deeper and fuller.Do this as long as you want.You can use meditation music if you want.

5.Focus on your breath:

When you start breathing deeply you will feel relaxed and calm.Focus on each breath you take through your nose.Try to gently bring your attention back on your breath when ever your concentration diverted.

6.Stop thinking:

Focus your attention on top of your head(Limbic Brain) and stop thinking about all other thoughts.Watch yourself with calm and complete silence.

With this you will realize that you are wandered and bring back your concentration where it should be.

7. Completing the session:

When you are ready to complete the meditationsession open your eyes gently and slowly stand up and feel your increased awareness and extended it to your other activities.

8.Practice regularly:

Try to meditate at least once a day probably in the morning.If you practice daily two times it is well and good.The habit of meditation should be developed as lifelong habit.

9.Minimum time:

There is no minimum and maximum time of meditation.For better results practice at least 15 to 20 minutes each time.

10.Who are not eligible:

Meditation is suitable for every person.But it is advisable for mentally retarded or disabled people to practice under the guidance of a Trainer. 


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    • profile image

      How to do Meditation Teachers 5 years ago

      Excellent overview, Sumanii. I would add, prevent distractions (turn off phones, etc.) and that our meditation method helps people relax deeply so that what you describe works perfectly. Happy meditating! Blessings, K and Dr Michael

    • profile image

      kam 6 years ago

      tnks for da above info. i ll try to do dat tonite.