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10 tips on how you can be successful using your objectives

Updated on April 3, 2015

1. Your goal, not other people goals!

It sounds strange, but often we confuse our goals with others people ones. Even if there's a promotion at work, a new client, a business or just a new outfit, you have to feel like you want it and not your wife/husband, boss or another person. Your own desire has to give you some emotions when you think about achieving it and feel like there's something important to gain.
Also, even if it's not about your own goal, you're motivated if you feel that you would benefit from it too. For example, often at work if you feel that you're rewarded as you need, then you will work better and you will get involved in the company's achievements. This is explained by the fact that us, humans, hardly accept to do something that brings no benefit, no matter what it is about.

2. Set your goals according to your values!

Hyrum Smith is the one who developed a model for success in achieving the goals, called ''The triangle of success'', where values are found to be the base of this process.

He believes that each goal is specifically linked to a governess value.
If goals are congruent and you don't stop giving up on your own values, then it is more likely to succeed in their fulfillment. This actually refers to maintaining balance in life, in which values have a very important role.
Values are the things in which we believe the most, that characterize us, that is why the things we do have to be consistent with them.


3. Believe in the achievement of your goals!

Each one of us has an inner voice, a subconscious. Unwillingly, in every moment, he comments on everything is happening to us, he makes plans, expresses what we do not have the guts to say aloud. These internal comments can be both positive and negative. The positive ones help us meeting our goals, creates that positive condition that guides you to get where you wanted to. The negative thoughts and contrary comments that inhibits this process and influences your confidence in your own powers and abilities.
Listen to this voice carefully. You can change its tone by believing in yourself and your ability to do things and converting every criticism into a constructive thing.
At work, as a manager, is very important to contribute in developing the positive confidence of your employees. To do this, you must first believe in them and look in a positive way at each situation, so they can follow your example.The end result will be seen in the company's success.

4. Visualize the effects!

It is said that goals are grouped around some measurable consequences: if you can measure these effects it is easier to get to them. But do not stop just at measurable goals because sometimes important goals, which are not immediate or urgent, are difficult to be measured.
In a company for example, as higher you climb in rank, the harder is to measure your goals. The key of measurable aspects of your job will most likely depend on the results of your subordinates. So, when you are dealing with such purposes, start by creating in your mind very clear, as on a sheet of paper, the effects that you are expecting for. Visualize more intense this picture, even if you did not found the method by which you'll get these effects. For example, you can wish to write a book and have already in mind how it will look and how successful it will be, without knowing exactly what the theme will be or the other details.


5. Write down on paper!

After you have made clear in your mind what you want, write down these thoughts on a piece of paper as you feel them. If you write your goals on a paper it is like you're now committed to do that. Physical writing has a much better impact than the simple formulation of thoughts in your mind. It's like you promised yourself that you will do everything you can to achieve the objectives written. Noting the potential action plan, the start and the end dates of the steps, pushes your goals to a closer realization.

6. Share your goals with someone important to you!

If you think that there are people who would support and encourage you in meeting your goals, then do not hesitate and talk to them about it. Even at work, if you have ideas that can benefit for the company, then do not hesitate to share them with your manager also. Your success is also his, so certainly he will help you accomplish that.
If you think that there is someone which feels and sees the things just like you do, then it is better to keep them for yourself, because you risk to be disappointed and discouraged.


7. Follow the progress regularly!

If we talk especially about long term achievements , is very important that you check regularly what happened regarding your goals , if you can see any changes and if the process has made any progress.
We talked earlier about the importance of written work. Store the paper on which you wrote your goals and plan daily or weekly actions that take you closer to fulfilling this purposes. It is a kind of self-discipline, a powerful weapon that will help you realize that what you want is not impossible, but even emerges with every step you make.

8. Identify and remove the obstacles!

If you have done the previous steps, but you are not satisfied with the progress, then you need to identify what stops it. Ask yourself first: Is this goal really important to me ? so to determine whether it has a big importance or not. Perhaps there are other things that actually are more important to you, but you did not realize that and that is why you do not focus enough on any of them.
If you have determined that it is a primary goal, then ask yourself: What specific obstacles interpose my skills to achieve this goal ? Make an action plan to remove them or ask someone from outside to help. A careful and honest analysis can show you things you may have missed or you refused to consider them. Start with what you've noted previously, all your evolution, deadlines set etc. Here you will observe where you been left behind, which is the reason of that and how to solve this issue.


9. Reward yourself and celebrate each goal achieved!

Even the smallest goal achieved deserves to be celebrated! Do not think all the time about how many things you have to do but enjoy the better things you have done and then think about the next step. It is necessary to feel the satisfaction of a job accomplished since the future will motivate you to get involved in achieving other goals and enhance your self-confidence.

10. Refresh your goals!

If you're the kind of person who sets goals for a longer period of time, then reserve your right to periodically check if they are still valid. Maybe some circumstances have changed, or maybe you do not want the same things anymore - avoid being strained by details that not interest you anymore.
Also, if you lose too much time with the same goal, it is time to review the situation. You must always progress and not get stuck in one place . Is never bad to be more critical or sometimes radical, even to yourself!

We depend heavily on goals, desires, dreams. They guide us in life and help us move forward. And the more we achieve the more we consider ourselves fulfilled and we become more confident. So do not set goals randomly and give them the proper attention because you're the only one who will benefit from this!



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