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Our World Is Amazingly Awesome

Updated on October 10, 2015

Introduction: What An Amazing World We Live In

There are so many amazing animals, landscapes, thoughts, ideas, people that are a part of our life, but we often do not take the time to see them.

I hope this will help us all to suck in the beauty of life!

The Beautiful Cherry Blossom Welcomes Spring

Welcome Spring
Welcome Spring

The Wonder Of Spring-Natures Resurrection

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Spring is renewalSpring is regrowthAnd spring is rebirth
Spring is renewal
Spring is renewal
Spring is regrowth
Spring is regrowth
And spring is rebirth
And spring is rebirth

The Amazing Renewal Of Spring - A Fresh Hope

The Renewal Of Springtime - The Beauty Of Flowers

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom. ~Terri Guillemets

The beauty of Spring. In the smell of the earth thawing, in the blue skys, the yellow warm sun, and the colorful hue of the spring flowers.

Amazing Spring: A rebirth - A renewal of hope....

My Porch Bird After A Bath In My $1 Bowl
My Porch Bird After A Bath In My $1 Bowl

Birdhouses And Bird Watching From Your Home

Birdhouses add character to your property, they provide a nesting place for birds and also will bring more birds to your backyard.

A little bit of knowledge about birds and birdhouses and nesting will help make the total experience for you and your birds a successful one.

And don't forget the bird bath, the water fountain. Birds love to play in the water and this is another great way to attract birds to your backyard.

I actually put a bowl of water (bought at the dollar store) on a table on my front porch, right in front of the living room window. I had the joy of having my new bird friend come visit me all summer long. It looked into my living room and even pecked on the window :)

It is amazing how calming birdwatching from your home can be. Be creative, it doesn't have to become an expensive, or time consuming project. Just simple and fun.

Just one quick tip! Make sure that you don't have your birds nest and play where they are easily accessible to cats. I also have two dogs, so cats did not come around a lot to visit my front porch.

Find the most popular backyard birds here.

Also check out the National Geographic Backyard Bird Video.

Amazing Grace In Cherokee Native American

Amazing Dogs Of The World-Pictures

If you love dogs, you will love this site
If you love dogs, you will love this site | Source
My golden and black lab.
My golden and black lab.
My miniature long haired dachshunds and our rabbit, Thumper
My miniature long haired dachshunds and our rabbit, Thumper

Amazing Dogs - All In Pictures

If you love the amazing world of dogs, you gotta love this website. For all dog lovers!

I have had dogs all my life. From the little miniature dachshunds to the big broad shouldered black labs and golden retrievers.

My labs and retrievers have also been therapy dogs, visiting the many lonely elderly in senior homes.

Dogs fill many voids in our lives. Some are lap dogs, others are great for joining us in running. My dogs are now great company for walking. I walk 3 times a day and bringing my dog makes it so much easier to keep it up.

A dog is a wonderful companion, especially for the lonely.

And, dogs are great for kids. I mean, really, digs and dogs go together like cake and icing. They are a match made in heaven.

My great nieces love my dogs, and always spend time with my golden, and my black lab (just recently crossed over into doggy heaven).


Sleeping In The Trees


Extreme Camping-Tenting In The Trees

I was born in Bavaria. And look what they are doing. In the Waldseilgarten mountain resort in Bavaria, Germany they have taken camping into the trees. Yes, for those of you who love amazing, who love heights, here you go. This is camping, in a tent that hangs over about 6,000 feet in the air!

The Waldseilgarten mountain resort gives you options for extreme camping including amazing sunsets seen from hanging off a cliff or the top of a tree. Check out this website for the whole extreme story.

If you can read German, check out the site here (German)

Greatness And Humbleness - An Amazing combination

Scroll down to see the Rooster Quote
Scroll down to see the Rooster Quote

Can A Mere Cock Make The Sun Rise?

First, let me give you a quote from Edmond Rostand,
I recoil, overcome with the glory of my rosy hue, and the knowledge, that I, a mere cock, have made the sun rise.

How awesome is it that those, who have done great things, can sit back, quietly, and no one would know of their accomplishments were it not for others who proclaim their greatness.

And yet, way too many people blow their own horns, and , in reality, have little to blow about.

Oft times, greatness is quiet, humble, loving, and forgiving.... Something we should all strive for, but few actually attain it.

Amazing Is When All Different Cultures Can Learn To Live In Peace

And, learning to live in peace means NO violence

- against man
- against woman
- against child
- against animal
- against nature
- against self

Is it possible for this on earth? I don't think so, but, it is a state we must never stop working towards

The Ocean - An Amazing Part Of The Creation

Happy Fall - Enjoy The Beauty And Colors

My Golden Retriever Loving Autumn Leaves
My Golden Retriever Loving Autumn Leaves | Source

Enjoying Autumn

The Worlds Tallest Bridges - Amazing

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a huge tourist attraction.  It is close to Caon-City, In Colorado,it is inside a 360 acre theme park. The deck hangs 955 feet over the Arkansas River.  It held the world record of t
The Royal Gorge Bridge is a huge tourist attraction. It is close to Caon-City, In Colorado,it is inside a 360 acre theme park. The deck hangs 955 feet over the Arkansas River. It held the world record of t | Source
Beipanjiang River Bridge in China
Beipanjiang River Bridge in China | Source

Here They Are, The Fastest Creatures

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Amazing Speeds: What Is The Fastest Animal

The Spine tailed Swift would win a flying race(106mph).

The Cheetah would absolutely come in first in a running race (70mph).

And the Shortfin-Mako shark will win a swimming race. 'It has been clocked--yes, at 31 miles p/hour.

The Peregrine-Falcon can travel 200mph on a dive, so they come in as the fastest divers!

Dog Therapy Volunteer Work - It Is Amazing

Dog Therapy Visiting - It Really Is Amazing Volunteer Work

There are so many lonely and sick seniors in "old folks homes". Many of them get very few visitors. If it's one thing they love is a visit from "men's best friend" the dog!

I have done this for 15 years, and it truly brings joy to the seniors, yourself, and also your visiting dog!

A Word To The Wise

A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice.
Bill Cosby

The thing is this: The wise are wise because they listened to the wise :) It's an amazing thing to find someone that listens to advice, ideas and thoughts.

Many find it a weakness to concede that they may not know it all, the wise find that to be a strength.

Amazing Pet Adoption - The Ultimate In Recycling

This is #100 (So it's actually my first post, since it's a countdown)

Pet adoption is such an amazing and awesome way to add a 4 legged family member into your household. I kinow that. And, they are so thankful for it.

So do some research and then, if it's right for you, add an adopted pet into your household

Amazing When Dogs And Cats Get Adopted


The sighting of the saola, often called the 'Asian Unicorn'

Awesome!  So, just maybe, the unicorn did not succumb to the flood :) Check Out The Whole Story On The: Christian Science Monitor
Awesome! So, just maybe, the unicorn did not succumb to the flood :) Check Out The Whole Story On The: Christian Science Monitor | Source

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