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100 Happy Days Challenge - Part 4

Updated on July 16, 2014
Day Seventy-Six
Day Seventy-Six

The Home Stretch

I am into the last twenty-five days of the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I can hardly believe it is nearly over already. Even in the midst of chaos and upheaval, I am feeling generally more upbeat. I still have moments of anxiety, doubt, and sadness, but they pass more quickly and do not weigh me down as they once would have.

Day 76: Classic Sailor Moon

I brought out some of my old Sailor Moon DVDs to watch my favorite episodes

Day 77: Early Bird

Traffic was light and I arrived at work early. An unusually relaxed start to my day.

Day 78: Dancing

My parents are preparing to put the house on the market, and my brother's room is currently empty. But the wood floors are sanded and smoothed, and it was the perfect place to dance.

Day 79: Full Catastrophe Living

Reading a book on meditation called Full Catastrophe Living.

Day 80: Hotel Giant

Designing beautiful rooms on Hotel Giant 2.

Day 81: Couscous chicken salad

In honor of Father's Day yesterday, I made a family favorite, couscous chicken salad. I made an extra large batch just to ensure that there would be leftovers today for lunch and dinner.

Day 82: Favorite Pen

I really like a good, ballpoint pen. A pen that writes well gives me a good feeling.

Day 83: Bubble Wrap!

Well, the bubble wrap is actually for wrapping photographs, but there's a big roll, and there will surely be some left for popping.

Day 84: Training

Day one of training at my new job.

Day 85: Shirt

My official uniform shirt for my new job! Just got it today.

Day 86: Grasshopper

My father made steak for dinner and grasshoppers for dessert.

Day 87: Sushi

Got some very good sushi for lunch from a new place in the area.

Day 88: Fireflies

The glow of fireflies in the grass as I came home from work.

Day 89: Funny videos

Watching funny videos on youtube. Particularly this one.

Crazy Weirdo Ringtone

Day 90: Happy Kitty

After a particularly rough day, I wasn't sure anything could cheer me up. Then the cat sat down beside me.

Day 91: Last Day of Work

My last day at the old job.

Day 92: An old favorite

Reading a novel on a favorite historical figure, Grania Mhoal, the Irish pirate queen.

Day 93: Warmth of the Sun

Stepping out of the over air-conditioned office and into the warm sunshine.

Day 94: Shower Curtain

With the painters finally finished in the house, we've been putting everything back in order. Today I tackled the bathroom and hung my new shower curtain. I can finally use my own shower again.

Day 95: Lightning Storm

A beautiful lightning storm outside the window.

Day 96: Yoga Mat

Since the carpet in my room was pulled up, I had to get a yoga mat. I was testing it out this morning, and it works wonderfully.

Day 97: New Job

My first day at my new job.

Day 98: Invitation

An invitation to lunch from someone special.

Day 99: Fireworks

Watching the fourth of July fireworks with friends.

Day 100: Painting

I finished painting the cabinets under my bathroom sink.

The Conclusion

Having completed the challenge, I do believe I have reaped the benefits of it. I have a more positive outlook on things in general, and I believe a lot of that is because this challenge has taught me to realize that, as they say, "This too shall pass." Every feeling, positive or negative, will pass and make room for another. Sadness will give way to joy and vice versa. When sadness comes, I do not dwell on it, for I know it will pass. When joy comes, I do not feel the pressure to make it last that I once did, because I know it will pass, too, and that is all right.

Every happy moment is a gift. And when you look for them, happy moments are everywhere.


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    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Alright healing hands, this was unusually good. I loved that you achieved your goal. A twenty-five day count down huh?. I bet it ended with ice cream cake , nuts and favorite toppings. Oh yea and a teddy bear :-)