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100 Tips and Tricks On How To Lose Weight Fast

Updated on July 22, 2016
"Get fit in the gym, Lose weight in the kitchen."
"Get fit in the gym, Lose weight in the kitchen."

100 Tips and Tricks On Weight Loss

1. Eat in a smaller plate to control your food intake.
2. Chew sugar free gum for 15 minutes to cut snack cravings.
3. Eat raw chilies which boost metabolism and improve weight loss.
4. Eat in a group to prevent overeating.
5. Take a calcium supplement; you’ll lose 2.6% more fat.
6. Avoid processed foods as it contains unhealthy trans-fat and artificial sweeteners.
7. Cut out late night carbs.
8. Slice food into smaller piece and pile it high. You’ll eat less, but feel full.
9. Make a before and after picture to motivate yourself.
10. Write down your calories intake.
11. Eat slowly and enjoy your food.
12. Avoid deep fried foods as it contains high calories counts.
13. Avoid stress as it can cause overeating.
14. Drink water instead of juices or carbonated drinks.
15. Cut down your alcohol intake and slowly stop drinking completely.
16. Don’t eat 3 hours before bedtime.
17. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
18. Always take the stairs.
19. Use vegetable oil instead of butter.
20. Try salad as main lunch.
21. Avoid weight loss pills.
22. Avoid weight loss surgeries as it can cause fatal side effects on the body.
23. Focus elsewhere while exercise to keep your body going.
24. Go for a walk after a meal to help in complete digestion.
25. Avoid refined carbs like white bread and white rice.
26. Don’t go out shopping feeling hungry. Eat something before you head out.
27. Sleep at least 7 hours every night as sleeping help you burn fat.
28. Don’t overdo your workout, start off doing what you’re capable of and slowly increase your workout.
29. Eat high fiber foods, which help to prevent overeating and control your diet.
30. Motivate yourself everyday by saying “I CAN DO THIS!”
31. Be active in your everyday life. For example, go to the toilet or somewhere every 30minutes or 1 hour.
32. Replace your pack a chips with nuts like almonds or walnuts.
33. Don’t skip your meals as this may lead to even more weight gain.
34. Putting on your exercise attire when you don’t feel like exercise to motivate yourself.


35. Pack a snack from home when you got to school or work to keep you away from eating junk foods from outside.
36. Take a day of rest between your workout sessions as muscle needs rest too.
37. Make a realistic goal.
38. Slowly change your daily routine as it takes 21 days to completely change a habit.
39. Walk non-stop one hour every day.
40. Avoid eating with sauces, put it on the side if your dishes.
41. When you’re tempted to eat unhealthy foods, distract yourself.
42. If you eat too much at dinner, sleep early and remove any midnight activities that encourage midnight snacking.
43. Don’t keep unhealthy food in the house.
44. Stay away from diet soda.
45. Have more fats in your foods as the day draws on as it help you keep your blood sugar levels steady and minimize overeating if done in moderation.
46. Don’t take the skin off your chicken- just cut the amount you eat by 1/3 if you need to reduce your calories.
47. Eat more carbohydrates on your workout day and eat more proteins on your day off.
48. Don’t use food bars as meal replacements.
49. Drink black coffee instead of adding milk or sugars.
50. If possible, avoid coffee and stick to green tea.

51. Learn to cook for yourself instead of eating out.
52. Cut out all soy products from your diet.
53. Eat fruit but never late at night when you might overdo it.
54. Eat as much vegetable as you want and then some.
55. Eat vegetables or fruits but not in drinks like smoothies.
56. Don’t beat yourself up when you cheat on your diet.
57. Choose natural carbohydrate sources for lunch such as roots and rice over pastas.
58. Eat a full and healthy meal before going to parties or functions.
59. Don’t drop your carbohydrate intake to the point where you feel tired or lethargic.
60. Don’t go for more than three hours without eating something.
61. Avoid energy drinks after workout, drink water or cold water instead.
62. If you crave for fruit juices, take fruits instead of fruit juices.
63. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
64. Learn to read the labels.
65. Try lemon water.
66. Eat 5 meals a day instead of 3 meals a day.
67. Avoid salty foods.
68. Learn to read the labels.
69. Have grapefruits, pineapple and nuts as standing snacks that you can eat at anytime that you get hungry.
70. Take more beans.
71. Try oolong tea.
72. Eat ‘good’ fats to burn fat.
73. Eat avocado.
74. Eat pineapple.

75. Consume omega-3 fatty acid, this target the tummy fat.
76. Eat small portion every 1-2 hour to keep the fat burning process going.
77. Stop dairy. Milk is a high calorie drink made of sugar, salt and fats that are designed to help infant mammals gain weight.
78. Eat on blue plate instead of red or yellow plate. The color blue has an “appetite-suppressing effect “compared to red and yellow plates.
79. Never use instant over whole grain or steel cut oatmeal.
80. Detox gently by drinking dandelion tea.
81. Clean your house.
82. Eat when you’re about 80% full to prevent overeating.
83. Drink 1-2 cups of water before every meal.
84. Make sure your incorporate weight training into your exercise routine at least three times a week
85. Have one cheat day where you can eat your favorite food but control your portions.
86. Be patient. It usually takes years to put on weight don’t expect to lose it in a matter of weeks.
87. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week. It can only lead to frustration.
88. Eat more protein.
89. Mix up your movements.
90. Snack on dill pickles.
91. Take a larger step.
92. Challenge yourself.
93. Have a plan.
94. Don’t skip breakfast.
95. Measure your food every time you eat.
96. Lift first and then run.
97. Top up your salad with vinaigrette dressing.
98. Try the VersaClimber.
99. Don’t be a couch potato.

100. Lastly, have fun!

Check this video out to learn how she did it!

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