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100 Whey Protein By Optimum Nutrition - How Effective Is It?

Updated on May 11, 2012

What Has Whey Protein Become?

100 whey protein by optimum nutrition is one of the most popular protein supplements on the web, but how effective is it? Does it live up to the massive amount of hype?

We all know that protein shakes have reached an almost designer status and are seen as a must-have lifting accessory. So has all this image subtracted the manufacturers from caring about what goes into them? Surely people would buy them just to be seen to be drinking one, but in reality these protein shakes might not be having any effect at all. In fact, who's to know whether they don't inhibit your gains?

This article aims to uncover whether 100 whey protein by optimum nutrition is all it's cracked up to be by giving an in depth look at the quality of ingredients. Maybe we'll find this stuff to be fantastic muscle gaining protein, but then, maybe we won't. Join me as I find out whether optimum whey really works, or whether it's just a tub of lies.

What Goes Into Optimum Whey?

You might have already guessed that optimum whey has a high amount of protein, but just how much are you getting for your buck? Well, quite a lot. For every serving, you're getting 24 grams of protein, compared with just 3 grams of carbs. So what does this mean?

Well, it means that you're getting just the ingredient that you want and need. Carbohydrates are unnecssary in the protein supplement because, given that you're eating a balanced diet, you'll already have enough of them. As you will know, excess carbohydrates are stored as fat in the body, which is something yo definitely don't want to be happening when you're looking to make lean muscle mass.

The other important reason that there are low carbohydrates is because they can water down the protein and make it harder for the repairs to be carried out on your muscles. Since 100 whey protein by optimum nutrition is so pure in protein, you can be sure that your aches and pains will be vaporised in just a few minutes.

So in terms of ingredients, optimum whey protein is a top notch supplement that provides just the right amounts of the nutrients you need.

How Effective Is Optimum 100 Whey?

100 whey protein by optimum nutrition describes itself as being "gold standard", but does this supplement follow through on these high claims? After doing a little research and trying the product myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the protein did in fact make a difference.

At first, I was sceptical that protein shakes made any difference to your lean muscle gains any more than would a balanced diet. However, it became apparent that optimum gold standard was in fact a great recovery tool post workout, and with recovery comes muscle growth.

You can only imagine that if these protein milkshakes managed to ease my post-workout ache almost instantaneously, you can take a wild guess how effective these pure protein nutrients will be for muscle growth. After just three months using optimum gold standard, I'd already beaten all of my personal records. Admittedly, they weren't anything ground breaking, but given that I'm a recreational gym user, the fact that I was now looking like some of the more hardcore guys without changing my routine was making me one happy dude.

So in response to the question, "how effective is 100 whey protein by optimum nutrition?", I can surprisingly answer, "very effective". The great thing about it that completely won me over is the price. At just $11.99 per pound, anyone will be able to afford it. It's always great when quality and affordability are combined, and this is exactly what gold standard whey offers. At that price, you just cannot go wrong. I assure you that you will be smiling in the mirror within a month - I know I was.


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