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100 things to do before you die

Updated on February 20, 2013

get your living into gear

Life is all about DOING

Living isn't about what you make or where you live. I's about doing! Here is a list of 100 things to do before you die.

Fall in love
Learn to surf
Go skydiving
Stand on Eiffel Tower
Climb a mountain
Drive a fast car
Dunk a basketball
Build a house
See a lion on safari in Africa
Swim in every ocean
Ride the chunnel train from London to Paris
Wear a custom tailored suit
Run a marathon
Save someone's life
Graduate from college
Drive a 4x4 vehicle across sand dunes
Start a business, sell the business
Learn to play guitar
Go to a NCAA final four game
Rebuild a car
Visit all 50 states
Go to Chicago just to eat a deep dish pizza
Learn to juggle
Read the Bible through cover to cover
Adopt a child
Build a tree house
Stand in a waterfall
Dive into the ocean from a cliff
Learn to fly a plane
Ride a horse
Camp your way across a state/territory
Swim with sharks
Grow a beard. A big one
Win a game of dodgeball
Ride a dogsled
Ski a double black diamond course
Whitewater raft through class 4-5 rapids
Leave your family a million dollars (lump sum, or insurance)
Win something at a live auction
Learn to ride a motorcycle

skydive next to to Kilimanjaro? check!

The list continues

Bungee jump
Shave your head
Attend a high stakes court case
Scuba dive on a reef
Eat real, natural honey
Cross the equator on foot
Fish for a shark
Crowd surf successfully for more than :10
Visit a real live volcano
Rent out an entire movie theater
Sleep on a beach
Stay awake for 24 hrs straight
Run with the bulls in Barcelona
Sponsor a child in a third world country
Ride in a hot air balloon
Own a home
See a moose in the wild
Learn to rock climb
Donate your blood
Go to a concert as a VIP all access
Stand on top floor of highest building on earth
Poke 1000 people on Facebook. As a joke!
ask a stranger out on a date
Ride the worlds fastest roller coaster
witness aurora borealis

you have to see the Northern Lights

and the list goes on

Drive cross country with a group of friends

Send a message in a bottle

Train on a trapeze bar

ride in a submarine

Launch a rocket into space

Sleep outside under the stars with someone you love

Eat an entire pizza in one sitting

Get chased by a police dog (best you ask a police officer with a dog that you know, instead of running from them)

Drive on the Autobahn in Germany

Ride a dirtbike

Visit the country of your heritage

learn to sail

walk through central park in the fall

Get on TV

Meet someone famous

Recite a poem to the one you love

Drive with no plan

get lost in the woods

write your will

learn to cook

ride a boat on the amazon river

write a song


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    • tenderLaine profile image

      tenderLaine 5 years ago

      that's quite a checklist!

    • InfinityVal profile image

      InfinityVal 5 years ago from NNY

      Sounds like a very full life. Enjoy!