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101 Signs of Maturity

Updated on March 15, 2011

1. You forgive others
2. You forgive yourself

3. You enjoy each day knowing that it could be your last.

4. You talk out problems instead of arguing.

5. You listen and try to understand.

6. You are grateful for all the good and wonderful things in your life.

7. You realize that status is fleeting and ultimately meaningless.

8. You realize that what is meaningless to you isn’t necessarily meaningless to others.

9. You realize that one of the keys to happiness is realizing that you always have enough.

10. You realize that no one is wholly good, just as no one is wholly bad.

11. You look people in the eye when you talk to them.

12. You treat people the way you would expect to be treated

13. You don’t feel the need to be vengeful.

14. You are grateful for the good things in your life.

15. You don’t feel entitled to the best– you realize that the best must be earned.

16. You don’t feel the need to gossip or talk behind others’ backs.

17. You realize that openness and honesty are often the best course of action.

18. You’re happy when others succeed, even when you don’t.

19. You don’t take it personal when someone hurts you. You just smile and take better precautions to protect yourself next time.

20. You realize that everyone feels alone sometimes.

21. You realize that everyone needs to be alone sometimes.

22. You realize that not all friends are forever. The ones worth your time will make time for you.

23. You know your limits.

24. You realize that different people have different limitations (and different strengths!)

25. You realize that you know very little, but you want to know more.

26. You can forgive and forget.

27. You can say sorry, admit you’re wrong, and move on.

28. You don’t take people’s idiosyncracies, flaws or bad days personally.

29. You take the time to let the people you love know that you love them.

30. You always try to keep your word.

31. You realize that actions are louder than words

32. You try teach, not tell.

33. You realize that everyone has a reason to believe whatever they believe.

34. You accept people regardless of their race, nation, creed or sexual preference. No one person is a true representative of an entire demographic.

35. You embody persistence, but you also accept what you know cannot be changed.

36. You take care of your body as best you can (it’s the only one you’ve got!)

37. You are considerate and thoughtful.

38. No matter how much you go through, you refuse to get jaded.

39. You look at each day with fresh eyes and a smile.

40. If you’re going through a difficult time, you don’t stop, you keep going.

41. You always find time to laugh.

42. You realize that everything good, bad, boring or exciting is ultimately temporary.

43. You realize that almost no one ever gets it right the first time around.

44. You realize that no one really knows what they’re doing. Everyone is always winging it.

45. You realize that no one is truly fully confident, together, or in control of their emotions. Everyone is trying to get a grip.

46. You can always find a reason to smile.

47. You realize that nine times out of ten, you have to approach others if you want to get to know them better.

48. You realize that high odds of failure can still be beaten.

49. You realize that some good comes out of every bad situation.

50. You realize that the difficulties you face ultimately strengthen you.

51. You realize that worrying and feeling sorry for yourself is just a waste of time.

52. You realize that its better to work smarter than to work harder

53. You realize that it is better to work ethically and sustainably.

54. You realize that tools, like corporations, drills, cars and guns, aren’t responsible for what people do with them.

55. You realize that you can do anything you put your mind to.

56. You realize that you matter (and that others do too.)

57. You are aware of what drives you to do the things that you do.

58. You try to control your emotions (instead of letting them control you.)

59. You give freely when you can, and give what you can when you can’t.

60. You realize that education does not always make a person wiser.

61. You save what you can, spend what you have to.

62. You can enjoy yourself without worrying about who might be watching.

63. You realize that peace officers are people too.

64. You are generous (within reason.)

65. You can be happy living simply (or at least within your means)

66. You support the arts by visiting the sponsors of writers (like the author of this list) and check out the ads on their sites (like those near the top of this article.)

67. Helping others becomes its own reward.

68. You realize that each time you fail is just one failure closer to success.

69. You realize that assumptions are often wrong.

70. You look for ways to make the world a better place.

71. You realize that it doesn’t matter how old you are, anyone is capable of anything. Sometimes the youngest people will knock your socks off with what they know.

72. You focus on living your own life (instead of telling others how they should live theirs)

73. You realize that the glass is only ever half empty or half full if you believe that it is.

74. You realize that everyone has negative thoughts sometimes, but you choose not to dwell on them.

75. You realize that everything you struggle for and believe in is paid for by the struggle itself.

76. You realize that, although you can’t just wish a positive future into existence without a little work, positive thinking, prayer and mental fortitude are necessary keys to getting what you want.

77. You realize that fear only exists in your mind.

78. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

79. You realize that not enough sex, food, water or exercise can lead to grumpiness and depression.

80. You realize that running away from your problems does not solve them. It only makes them into bigger problems.

81. You realize that it is better to love than scorn people for their differences.

82. You realize that sometimes it is better to hear than to be heard.

83. You help because you want to, not because you are asked (or told) to.

84. You realize that the only reason why things get to you is because you let them.

85. You realize that if you ignore the ones you love, you’re bound to lose them altogether.

86. You realize that everyone has their own definitions of what qualities are present in a mature person (or a good person.)

87. You genuinely want to make the world a better place.

88. You accept responsibility for your happiness.

89. You realize that even though it’s nice to have, money isn’t everything.

90. You realize that there are no problems, only solutions.

91. Your thirst for knowledge is never satisfied.

92. You realize that you won’t live forever, but you refuse to ever stop living anyway.

93. You can see (and appreciate) the beauty in simplicity.

94. You realize that nothing is ever as serious as it at first seems.

95. You realize looks don’t determine the person.

96. You realize that people in service positions (like the cashier at McDonalds) are people too. You realize that they have families, hopes, dreams and needs just like you do.

97. Even if you’re not working in a job you love, you’re working toward it.

98. You never give up on your dreams.

99. You give positive or constructive feedback (instead of berating or attacking someone you don’t agree with.)

100. You realize that maturity is a journey that no one ever truly reaches the end of. We all have our weak moments. It’s human.

101. You acknowledge that you have flaws, but also that you’re working on overcoming them.


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