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11 Life Changing Books that Made a Revolution

Updated on October 7, 2014
I really do!
I really do!

We all have a certain belief towards life. These beliefs are formed on the basis of our living standards and past experiences. The people we know, the people we talk to, our neighborhood, our parents, friends, etc. contribute to the formation of our beliefs
But the question is, are our beliefs justified? Do we have the right mindset about life?

Below are several beliefs that we hear in daily life and some books that have made a real revolution in the mindset of the readers:

1 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Relationships

  • "A relationship is something very difficult"
  • "Living with conflicts"
  • "I do not like people"
  • "I was never popular"
  • "They don’t like me"

Book: "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
Author: Dale Carnegie.
The bestselling book (first published in 1936) explains principles that can revolutionize the way a person can have relationships.

2 - to Challenge the Beliefs About the Past

  • "I suffered a lot in the past and therefore I am not given the right life"
  • "I have no qualities"
  • "I have no self-esteem"
  • "I've made many mistakes and blame me for it"
  • "I never had luck"
  • "I'm injured"
  • "My parents never supported me"
  • "I'm guilty ..."

Book: "You Can Heal Your Life"
Author: Louise Hay.

Her books are cited as true seeds of healing. In "You Can Heal Your Life", she helps the reader to take back responsibility for their own power and reestablish their self-esteem and health.

3 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Talent

  • "Doing what you love is a luxury for the few"
  • "I did not do what I liked because it was non profitable"
  • "My job is full of stress"
  • "At work time does not pass, but when I'm having fun, time flies"

Book: "Flow" .
Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
The therapist discusses what is the motivation focused and explains the benefits of going into a state of "flow" . This “flow” can bring the personal life and career together.

4 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Enriching

  • "I cannot save money"
  • "Cash in hand is Gale"
  • "I cannot resist buying something new"
  • "What good is it to save money, when I die will not take anything with me?"
  • "If I accumulate money I can lose everything in a moment's notice"
  • "If I become rich, I may be envious"

Book: "The secrets of the millionaire mind".
Author: T. Harv Eker.
The bestseller addresses the relationship that people have with money and how to change it to become financially healthy. It also encourages saving and investing.

5 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Exposing Oneself

  • "I hate to expose myself"
  • "I die of shame stuttering"
  • "I'm terrified of ridicule"
  • "People who are exposed are exhibitionists"
  • "People who are exposed are egocentric"
  • "I did not prepare myself, because I have no discipline"

Book: "The Tools" .
Authors: Barry Michels and Phil Stutz.
Psychologists who met celebrities in the U.S., created simple techniques for people wanting to overcome the barrier of public exposure.

6 - to Create New Views on Spirituality

  1. "I've been through so much, do not even know if I believe"
  2. "It is not possible that there is so much poverty and suffering in the world"
  3. "What good is it to believe in something bigger, we're all alone and helpless"
  4. "If God really exists, he has forgotten me"

Books: "Conversations with God - Volume 1.
Author: Neale Donald Walsch
"Know God" .
Author: Deepak Chopra.
Both books discuss the perception that the person has the faith and in what kind of supreme power he believes, offering new insights about faith and spirituality.

7 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Parenting

  • "I missed a lot of time with my kids"
  • "I blame the choices of my children"
  • "I was too controlling with children"
  • "I've always been hard on them, demanded too much"

Book: "The Nurture Assumption: Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do".

Author: Judith Rich Harris.
The author is a psychologist and an American researcher. In this work she states that many beliefs about parenting cannot be proven scientifically.

8 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Losses

  • "I've been betrayed several times"
  • "Just fall in love with married men"
  • "I cannot deal with losing people"
  • "I cannot accept separation"

Book: "Necessary Losses".

Author: Judith Viorst.
The psychoanalyst argues that, in order to grow, we need to let go of unrealistic expectations and patterns of dependency in relationships.

9 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Forgiveness

  • "I cannot forgive somehow"
  • "I did not learn to forgive"
  • "Forgiving does not solve anything"
  • "It is easy to talk of forgiveness when it is not with you"
  • "Forgiveness is for the weak"
  • "I have nothing to forgive"

Book: "Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart" .
Author: Robin Casarjian.
To release the past and begin a new life we need to overcome the barrier to forgive. This book also discusses the mechanisms of fear and anger that prevent forgiveness.

10 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Concerns

  • "I always live worried"
  • "Stress nowadays is normal"
  • "There are only stressful jobs today"
  • "When I see a problem since I'm stressed"
  • "No time to rest"
  • "I cannot turn me off"
  • "They expect me to do everything"

Book: "How to stop worrying and start living".
Author: Dale Carnegie.
First published in 1948. The book presents 30 principles to overcome the concerns, prioritize health, organize and get rid of resentments.

11 - to Challenge the Beliefs About Love and Attachment

  • "I'm too jealous"
  • "I am just controlling my partner "
  • "I like when my love calls me all the time"
  • "I will not have any secrets between us"
  • "Jealousy is normal"
  • "My partners always try to manipulate me"

Book: "Relationship, Love and Freedom".
Author: Osho.
Indian guru, author of dozens of books. In this polemical work, he challenges the attachments that make people suffer in romantic relationships. He asserts that the causes of jealousy are within us.

This list of suggested books does not aim to defend the views of the authors mentioned here, but only to let you know books can help in reducing our obsessions and can change our view of life.

Did I miss any books?? Does any book happen to change your life?? Feel free to share here.. Let the world know.


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    • akhildev143 profile image

      Akhil Dev 3 years ago from India

      Thanks teaches12345.. Glad you liked it...

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Interestin list of books to read. I like the way you introduced each theme with the highlights.