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11 Reasons Why Procrastination Can Be Beneficial

Updated on September 13, 2014
Leo Babauta. (2010). Organise Me. Photograph. Retrieved September 13, 2014 from
Leo Babauta. (2010). Organise Me. Photograph. Retrieved September 13, 2014 from | Source

11 Reasons Why Procrastination is Beneficial

1. The people who were late for work on 9/11, didn’t regret it.

2. As the old adage goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” Just ask the tortoise who beat the hare.

3. Only “Fools rush in…”

4. Have you ever done something that utilized your valuable time, only to be told, never mind, we completed it already or don’t need it?

5. Stress can increase success! (Don’t we all work better under pressure?)

6. Last minute study can keep information fresh…

7. “Patience is a virtue.”

8. “The best things come to those who wait.”

9. If the early bird gets the “worm” perhaps the late bird gets the “worms,” in the sense, worms only come to the surface as their underground homes get flooded, thus, over time, as more rain emerges, more “worms,” emerge as well.

10. Late for a date? It may be good to make her wait, just as long as you have a good excuse and make the date worth her while. The more emotion a woman experiences, whether feeling angered by the fact you are late, and then having fear, of being stood up, the better. Because if she can feel happy later on and forgive, she can definitely come to fall in love with you. After all, experts state you can’t hate someone without loving them first; at least you’ll know that she cared enough for you to get angry and that going out with you was meaningful to her. If she didn’t care, she might not wait up, stewing in her anger or fear while still waiting, being hopeful that you’ll still come… This kind of procrastination, can be a revelation as to if she even cares… Would you get under her skin if she didn’t care?

11. Time is not on our side. We never have enough of it. We live by the clock, sun up to sun down. It controls us. When we procrastinate, we take our power back. Procrastination is a power mechanism and we deserve to be in control.

The Art of Procrastination: A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing
The Art of Procrastination: A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing

This is not a book for Bill Gates. Or Hillary Clinton, or Steven Spielberg. Clearly they have no trouble getting stuff done. For the great majority of us, though, what a comfort to discover that we’re not wastrels and slackers, but doers . . . in our own way. It may sound counterintuitive, but according to philosopher John Perry, you can accomplish a lot by putting things off. He calls it “structured procrastination”...



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    • goatfury profile image

      Andrew Smith 

      3 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Interesting. I'd say that acting first is generally more important than putting things off, but then again, "shoot first and ask questions later" is generally terrible advice. It's all about striking that balance.


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