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12 Practical Tips for Weight Loss – Say Goodbye to Precooked Weight Loss Programs

Updated on August 5, 2015

Overweight or obesity is the root cause of many diseases and now-a-days it is a very serious health issue also. High blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems etc. can be the outcome of prolonged obesity. Obese bodies have to do overwork, than necessary, to complete ordinary body functions. Such persons will find it is difficult to walk small distances and get good sleep. Joint pains will occur even before they complete their youth days. Many good opportunities, which are easily enjoyed by the normal persons, such as dancing, playing, climbing stairs etc., will not become easy for over weighed persons. The most important negative aspect of obesity or overweight is the difficulty to keep the body in good shape.

How to Stay Motivated to Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diagram
Weight Loss Diagram | Source

BMI or Body Mass Index of the body is using to know whether a person is having normal weight or not; abnormal weight condition can be underweight or overweight. It is a simple medical test done by applying a special formula to the body’s weight and height measurements. As per the guidelines of WHO, if the BMI is equal or more than 25, it is overweight and if the BMI is equal or more than 30, it is obesity. The detailed Body Mass Index published by WHO is as given below:

Body Mass Index Table

BMI range – kg/m2
Very severely underweight
less than 15
Severely underweight
from 15.0 to 16.0
from 16.0 to 18.5
Normal (healthy weight)
from 18.5 to 25
from 25 to 30
Obese Class I (Moderately obese)
from 30 to 35
Weight Loss Sign Post
Weight Loss Sign Post | Source

Why It Is Required to Reduce Your Excess Weight?

Overweight is the root cause of many diseases such as high blood pressure, joint pains, heart failure, diabetes etc. But more important of all this is your active participation in many social groups will become limited if you are an over weighed or obese person. You cannot become efficiently active in any group programs like the people with normal weight will perform. Shape of the body is very important for your appearance; if you are an obese person, your appearance will be ugly before the public.

12 Practical Tips for Weight Loss

If you consult a good physician, he will give you necessary guidance for reducing the body weight after examining your present physical condition.

Another Weight Loss Diagram
Another Weight Loss Diagram | Source

Several ready-made programs are available in the internet assuring weight loss within 7 days/two weeks/30 days, even without doing any exercises or without changing your food habits. Normally the end result of these programs is that you will lose your money paid for the program without getting any positive result. It is up to you to make the right decision and to select the apt type of weight-reduction program that is suitable for you.

Examine Your Physical Condition First
Examine Your Physical Condition First

Then what you should do? Believe in your intelligence and make some good planning after understanding your present physical condition of your body with or without the help of a physician. Do make necessary alternations in your life styles and food habits as per the requirements after analyzing your present life style and the quality and quantity of the foods you are having at present. Follow the tips below strictly and this will help you a lot to reduce your body weight as per your wish:

Causes of Overweight
Causes of Overweight | Source
Weight Loss Pyramid
Weight Loss Pyramid | Source
Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
Check Your Progress
Check Your Progress
  1. Each body is different from another and the body’s condition is based on your circumstances and heredity; even the bodies of the different members of the same family are in different physical conditions. So the different programs that are available (of course, with many testimonials) will not become successful in all cases. Then the first tip to become successful in reducing your weight is to avoid all such sponsored weight loss programs.
  2. Keep a diary about your food habits and life styles. Note everything in it about the foods (including the quantity) you are eating and about your complete physical activities such as the distance you are walking a day, frequency of using lift to avoid stairs, duration of your sleep etc. It will give you an idea about what are the changes that you have to make in your present diet and activities.
  3. Reduction of the body weight depends on many factors, so you cannot fix a deadline to complete the task. Imposing a deadline to achieve the result will give you mental pressure and tension. So do not fix any deadline for your weight loss program.
  4. Your body gets calories for its normal functioning from the foods you eat; excess calories after this use will store as fat in the body itself resulting in overweight. To reduce the excess weight of the body, you have control the intake of calories by regulating the diet and also by doing exercises or by participating in similar activities regularly.
  5. Exercise is an inevitable activity in weight reduction program. But exercises do not mean to do weight lifting or to take membership in a gymnasium. Do small exercises as per your physical condition and age will allow. If you are a young person, it is a better option to take a membership in a health club, but it is not compulsory; young persons can do jogging/swimming in the mornings or they can participate in some good games for exercise. Middle aged persons can start walking half an hour to one hour to get exercise for the body.
  6. Adequate sleep helps the different parts or systems of the body to work harmoniously. Sleep deprivation, even for a short period, will affect the normal balance of the body functions such as metabolism, insulin resistance etc. Observing sleep hygiene to get good and unobstructed sleep is an important requirement for reducing your body weight.
  7. Healthy diet is very important in weight loss program, so make adequate changes in the food intake intelligently. Study your food habits by referring your diary and avoid or control foods that have high calorific value. As an initial process of weight loss, make a 10% cut to your calorie intake by making adjustments in your diet. Include more vegetables and fruits in the diet and avoid carbonated drinks completely. Eat your food slowly and gradually and reduce the quantity of food items by conscious efforts. Make a habit of putting the spoon and fork down while chewing and that will help you reduce the quantity of the food intake.
  8. Some home remedies also should be practiced to accelerate your efforts to reduce the body weight. Drinking cinnamon tea one or two times daily will help you to keep your blood sugar balanced. Green tea is another drink that was used for weight loss; the main components in green tea, such as caffeine, catechins and theanine, will help to manage the weight of the body. So drink one or two cups of green tea daily on empty stomach. Rose petal water will help to clean the circulatory system by encouraging the kidney to produce more urine; so drink half a cup of rose petal water daily on empty stomach. Eating plain yogurt as the breakfast or as a snack daily will help the smooth functioning of your digestive track; you can add some honey also in the yogurt for flavor. Drinking lemon juice with a sprinkle of black pepper is good for weight loss. An apple a day is good for overall health including weight loss. It is a good fibrous food also; so eat one or two apple as a snack daily without removing its skin.
  9. When you undertake a task that requires some expertness, it is a good idea to seek the help or advice from an experienced person. Your doctor can help you by advising to select the food items that are suitable to reduce weight. If you can find some person or group who has enough experience or expertise in weight loss activities, seek his/their advice also for the success of your effort.
  10. Your efforts to reduce the body weight may not be welcomed by some people even in your close circle. When you make required changes in your life style and diet, others may question about the effectiveness of such changes. But you do not have to give explanations for your activities you are doing with good intention, if you are convinced enough about the usefulness of the changes. Ignore such negative remarks, for the success of your task.
  11. You may not be successful in your effort to make changes in the diet or to start regular exercises as planned by you, in the beginning of the weight loss practice. Do not become despaired in this and learn from the failures. Keep going according to the plan with more determination. Take initial failures as part of the game.
  12. Your effort will be more successful, if you can complete the planned activities with genuine interest. Take every change that you are imposing on yourself as an enjoyable activity or fun. This mind set will give you more confidence and help you to continue the program to achieve the aim. Stick on to the plan that you have envisaged after careful study of different options; strong determination will work as a major catalyst in the success of your weight loss program.

Be always optimistic, when you have to complete an important and difficult task. Do not fix any time schedule to attain the end result in weight loss program as guaranteed in many precooked weight loss programs available in the market. What you have to do is to continue the program as you have planned in the beginning and do not expect any immediate result. Wait peacefully and patiently for the success of your work.


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    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 

      3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      I think people could benefit from reading this hub.It really is out of control with all the overweight people. So many health problems could be avoided. Thanks for this interesting article.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      4 years ago from Oklahoma

      Rather then blindly following a fad, we should listen and think about how our bodies will best respond.

      Great hub.


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