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10 Tips On Preventing Your Young Children from Going Into Puberty Early

Updated on April 26, 2015

Early Puberty

Chemical laced food.
Chemical laced food.

The New Generation of Child Development

Today almost every fast food restaurant teaches that their food is 100% natural. Although on paper this may be true because of government regulations, however these foods are often laced with nasty chemicals and toxins that do not have to be reported.

They put tricky phrases on their packaging to mislead people according to Today's news website. You can learn much about the "mess" of the standards for labeling ingredients from there.

These chemicals and toxins often lead to changing the body in many different ways. One of the ways it is changing, is pushing young children into puberty several years before they are ready. These chemicals give high risk of hormone disrupting substances causing children to enter puberty early.

According to Mercola, this is supposed to be the new norm! However, this is only a lazy way of saying that it can be stopped we just do not care about it! Child obesity is at an all time high in America. Often obesity is one of the major factors for early development in puberty for children.

The NY Times says, "puberty used to begin at age 10 or 11. In our study, we found that by the age of 7, 23 percent of black girls, 15 percent of Hispanic girls and 10 percent of white girls had started to develop breasts. It is clear from the data that overweight girls are more susceptible to early puberty. Body fat secretes estrogen, a hormone that is normally released from the ovaries during puberty and is responsible for breast development. Excess body fat serves as an additional source of estrogen, and the result is earlier breasts."

10 Tips on Preventing Early Puberty

While young girls may show obvious signs of exposure to hormone-disrupting substances via early puberty, other signals are more insidious and may not show up until a disease is already present. Here are 12 measures you can implement right away to help protect yourself and your children from common toxic substances that could cause precocious puberty and other long-term health problems:

  1. When and if possible, buy and eat organic produce, organic meats to reduce your exposure to added hormones, pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Think Vegetarian or Vegan. Eat mostly raw, fresh foods.
  3. Avoid using plastic wrap and canned foods.
  4. Use glass. Use glass in baby bottles and BPA-free sippy cups for your little ones. Store your food in glass.
  5. Make sure your baby's toys are BPA-free, such as pacifiers, teething rings and anything your child may be prone to suck on.
  6. Only use natural cleaning products in your home to avoid phthalates. Phthalates are any of a group of esters of phthalic acid that are widely used in the manufacture of plastics and as synthetic additives in perfumes and cosmetics. These chemicals have been linked to reproductive and hormonal abnormalities in animals, including humans.
  7. Switch over to natural/organic brands of toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, antiperspirants and cosmetics. Look at the chart below titled Cosmic Chemicals in Fast Food.
  8. Avoid using artificial air fresheners, dryer sheets, fabric softeners or other synthetic fragrances.
  9. Replace your non-stick pots and pans with ceramic or glass cookware.
  10. Avoid non-fermented soy, especially if you're pregnant and in infant formula.

Take Back Our Youth

Theo Colburn's book Our Stolen Future is a great source for further investigation as it identifies the numerous ways in which environmental pollutants are disrupting human reproductive patterns. I was very intrigued by the information and decided to read the book to get more information. I thought a lot of the examples of hormone disruption in animals were extremely interesting (and frightening), and could really teach us as humans what can happen to our own species if we are not careful.
For example, I found the story about soy plants and sheep to be extremely interesting, and how soy, over time, biologically evolved to produce larger and larger amounts of estrogen, which eventually caused the sheep in that particular area (who consumed the soy plants to survive) to slowly die out. Females receiving too much of the estrogen developed fertility issues, while the males became disinterested in the females. I liked that there were a lot of in-depth examples and scientific research explained in the book, in a way that anyone could understand. I believe it is one of the best resources on this topic and highly recommend it.

Our Stolen Future Update

How to Stop Early Puberty

There is no indication that we can reverse the role of early puberty. However, there are definitely indications that putting children on a more organic/natural diet can reduce the advancement of early puberty.

If you follow these few rules, you should be able to help greatly reduce the effects of early puberty.

  • Stay away from high sugar foods
  • Stay away from high fat diets
  • Stay from hormone laced foods, which means stay away from fast food
  • Help the children on an exercise regimen
  • Try to eat natural/organic food as much as possible

Chemicals in Fast Food
Chemicals in Fast Food


There are many ways to avoid this from happening. And the truth is that it can be avoided. The above list is just a start to helping young children develop at the natural time. Take back America's health by taking back your own health and your children's health!

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