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12 Ways to Mess Up Your Day

Updated on May 23, 2018
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Think Positive!

We would all like to peacefully sail through our days with no issues. We would like to awaken and anticipate the day will go as planned, with no hiccups. We would like the people we encounter during the day, to be friendly and not mean. We would rather the traffic be flowing, instead of stuck in a jam.

Well, I'm here to tell you to wake up and join the real world. Your day isn't always going to go the way you planned. There will be mean people. There will be other cars using the road. Your boss might be a bit bitchy. Your kids might be more whiny than yesterday. It's up to you on how to handle it.

You could complain on a Facebook status. Yes, do that. Complain on Facebook, because every one who is having a wonderful, stress-free day enjoys hearing you complain. Insert sarcasm. Every one has their baggage. It's just that some people feel better when they rant. While others just suck it up and move on. Either way, it doesn't make any one right or wrong.

So, how else could you deal with a messed up day? You could play a game that I enjoy, called "the flip side." When I'm dealt a low blow, I consider an alternative way to handle the situation. In other words I flip the negative into a positive. Hence, the flip side.

So, the next time you think that life sucks and you are yelling "why me!" take a deep breath and think of the many others who have it way worse than you do. Because trust me, there are many others who wish they had your problem instead of theirs. You just don't know about it, because they don't vent their frustrations.

When they are faced with a messed up day, they find a way to flip it into a positive one. How about I give you some examples...

Shake It Off

  1. You awake to the sun shining through the curtains and the sounds of birds chirping. You are feeling energized after a good nights sleep. You are looking forward to the day ahead of playing tennis and a luncheon with friends. You leap out of bed to hit the shower, but instead, you stub your toe on the bed post. Ouch! The pain is overwhelming and you watch as your toe begins to turn shades of purple. Might just want to get some ice, stay in bed, order pizza and watch a tennis match on ESPN.
  2. Nothing like a good cuppa joe in the morning to awaken your sleepy peepers. Except when instead of placing coffee grinds in the pot, you use cat litter. Just Ew! Starbucks to the rescue.
  3. Your kids are uncontrollable. No matter how much you try to quiet them down they just get louder and well, are being kids. You, are about ready to flip your lid, but instead you flip the situation. You get loud. You make noise. Your kids look at you with a confused expression. They then simmer down, out of concern for their flipped out mama. Well played, mom, well played.
  4. The boss is taking heat from corporate because production is low. He's about to blow. This isn't looking good for the staff. How about you suggest a round of Jose Cuervo to get every one motivated? Or, at least just give your boss a hangover to simmer him down.
  5. Once again you are stuck in traffic at the toll booth. The cars are moving slower than molasses. You will not allow your frustration to mess up your day. Instead, once you get to the toll booth you will pay for the next 5 cars behind you. Wear that smile proudly.
  6. You recently placed a photo of your hot girlfriend on your dashboard, which also mistakenly happens to be blocking your fuel gauge. You don't realize this until you run out of gas. Oops! While waiting by the side of the road, for your hot girlfriend to rescue you, you could think of how you are going to propose. One day. Now wouldn't be a good time.
  7. You are awaken on a Sunday morning by your neighbors dog, who is barking, once again. It's your time to sleep in, just not fair. Instead of sleeping, why not go check on the dog? You find his water bowl empty. You fill 'er up. You comfort him. Your neighbor appears, he is hung over, once again. You suggest that you adopt the dog, he scratches his beer belly and agrees. You have a new pup and your drunk neighbor goes to rehab.

Let It Go

8. You finally get to wear the leather boots you spent an entire paycheck on. You are outdoors strutting your stuff, on top on the world, when a torrential downpour could sulk in the rain or you could take those boots off, and dance in the rain instead.

9. Your smart-phone takes a tumble into the toilet. Oh, that is never good. There should be a sign on all restroom doors, "No Smart-Phones Allowed." But, poop happens. On the flip side, you don't have to stress out about responding to texts or emails since your phone is being hung out to dry.

10. Once again your family is running late. Every one overslept because you forgot to set the alarm on your phone. Not a good way to start the day. Husband and kids rushing around causing you to spin in circles until you are dizzy. Blow the whistle and call for a time out. Announce that you all are playing hooky and going shopping for individual alarm for each bedroom. This way you are no longer responsible for the family to rise and shine. See, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

11. You are jogging on your favorite trail, being one with nature when you realize that you forgot today was your anniversary! Impossible, you never forget anything! Come on, be real now. We all forget something important on occasion, just rarely an important occasion. No could do this! You quickly make a reservation at the restaurant of your partners choice. You then pick up a nice gift. All set...ready to celebrate. Until your partner texts you to say they'll be late due to a meeting, don't wait up. This would be a good time to reconsider this relationship.

12. You finally have a day to yourself. You have been anticipating the solitude all week long. Time to rejuvenate and pamper yourself. While sipping a cup of chamomile tea, the doorbell rings. You hold your breathe, as to not make a sound and pretend you aren't home. The person at the door is persistent. You think, it might be important. As you open the door and see your talkative, annoying neighbor standing there yapping a mile a minute. A smile freezes on your face. She has the day to herself and heard that you were solo so why not spend the day together. You are still in a trance as she continues to chatter on about the neighborhood gossip. You contemplate passing out, but you know she would just give you some smelling salts as she is still talking. Hmmm. What to do...after a few minutes, excuse yourself to use the bathroom, place some pale color powder on your face and fake a headache. And nausea. And vertigo. Hopefully she gets the hint. If not, toss in a few coughs. That will get her moving towards the door. Place a sign on your door, "Do Not Disturb." Now, enjoy your day.

How do you handle a messed up day?

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© 2014 Linda Bilyeu


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