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12 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on August 21, 2011

You’re now 12 weeks pregnant. You’ve reached the end of your first trimester and can start to look forward to the second. You and your baby continue to move inexorably towards your due date and of course you may be curious about what’s going on with your body and your baby as your pregnancy weeks go by.

At 12 weeks pregnant, you may have developed a little ‘bump’. For some women this is a great milestone. They want to look pregnant and have no issues with weight gain or their body shape altering. Personally, I enjoyed looking pregnant, I was proud to be so. However, I usually had to wait until I was into my third trimester before I ‘showed’!

That said, not everyone’s as keen to gain pregnancy weight but – it is a part of the pregnancy cycle and rather than fight it, accept and embrace it. Being pregnant should be a special time and if you’re slightly alarmed at your creeping weight, now’s the time to just go with the flow. After all, you’re going to get a lot bigger!

If you’ve already started developing the linea negra, it will be more pronounced. Or, you may have only just noticed it. As mentioned in week 8, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Equally, you may have developed a darkening around the nipples, the areola. Again, perfectly normal for 12 weeks pregnant.

Hopefully, you should be feeling less tired and start to ‘bloom’ over the coming weeks. This isn’t going to happen to all women but many do experience a positive feeling of wellbeing. If that’s not the case, try not to worry too much. All pregnancies are unique. Of course they all follow a similar pattern but the thing to remember is that we’re all different – therefore our bodies are too.

12 Weeks Pregnant

Of my four pregnancies, I can honestly say that each one differed in some way or another. And that’s in one body! My babies behaved differently in the womb for instance. With one, I was nauseous from start to finish, another not at all and then my last one was very hit and miss. I had cravings, different each time. My second pregnancy I felt great overall but developed a dreadful back problem towards the end. And my first pregnancy escaped all usual routes of being detected!

I had no obvious signs other than a strong craving for chocolate. However, despite my pregnancy going undetected until around the last ten weeks, my son was born healthy, safely and will full lung capacity for screaming!

So saying that as much as this is a guide, it’s very general. Don’t become overly concerned if ‘such and such’ hasn’t started or you think you should be ‘less tired by now’. By the 12 weeks pregnant stage, you should have been examined and assigned to a medical practioner. They will answer all your questions so if in doubt, ask!

Fetal Development

12 Weeks Gestation

At the 12 weeks pregnant stage, your baby will now be around 5/6cms in length. He will be capable of movement; his synapses are beginning to work and his muscles and nerves can react in response. He will weigh upwards of 14g and his facial features are more pronounced.

He’s looking more and more human and his size and weight will have increased considerably in the last few weeks. Your baby’s’ genitals are forming and beginning to take shape and practically all his organs are now developed. His fingers and toes are forming and separating and hair and fingernails are forming.

12 Weeks Pregnant - In General

As always, continue to look after you. All that you do for yourself, you’re also doing for your baby. Perhaps you feel a little stressed due to the changes in your body and life, or you just can’t seem t stop running to the loo?!

All these things are normal and providing you pay attention and listen to your body, know when to relax, eat healthily and so on, you should be just like a million other 12 weeks pregnant moms – happy, healthy and looking forwards to your next trimester.


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    • dosburros profile image


      10 years ago

      Great use of links to week by week info. Really easy to navigate!

    • saktimarendra profile image


      11 years ago from Indonesia

      wow...great article, i have 1 article like this...thx for sharing

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      great well done

    • Rynaldos profile image


      12 years ago from USA

      VERY interesting hub ! Keep up the good work !


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