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At 14 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Calendar

Updated on August 21, 2011

You’re now 14 weeks pregnant. You've entered your second trimester and all being well, your pregnancy is advancing as it should be – meaning that you and your baby are healthy and happy.

As with any stage of your pregnancy weeks, it’s always best to take as much care of yourself as possible and that you absorb and enjoy the whole experience. It's quite easy in the early stages to get carried away and, on a good day, almost forget that you're pregnant!

The fact is that you are and you have so many reasons to 'take care of you' that you'll never be stuck for an excuse to pamper yourself. Enjoy being pregnant, revel in it ... it is a beautiful experience after all.

14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks pregnant, if you haven’t already felt a little thicker around your mid-section, then you should start to notice a difference around now. Your womb should have increased in size to a point where it’s now riding above your pelvis. Your midwife will be able to feel your womb externally and can now measure what’s called the ‘height of the fundus’.

This is simply a way for your midwife to measure, by hand, the development of your pregnancy. It’s the method used prior to ultra-sound being developed. Even though measuring the fundus is an old fashioned method; it is still a much used practice with regard to checking on your baby and how things are developing.

Having said that, 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound scans are now the basis for determining the health of your baby and you will have several par-for-the-course scans during your pregnancy. The volume of blood in your body has increased enormously and your heart will be working hard to keep your circulatory system working at its optimum level.

The downside to the increase of blood in your system is the fact that your kidneys also have to work a bit harder, cleaning out the impurities - which means you really will need to urinate more often! Happily though, many women start to feel really active and healthy around this stage and for those that do, by the time you're 14 weeks pregnant, it’s a welcome relief from bouts of morning sickness or perpetual fatigue.

Fetal Development

14 Weeks Gestation

Now you're 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is really beginning to move around now. He’s may be able to flex and extend his arms and legs, though many women can only feel light flutters at best. His facial features are becoming sharper, more ‘in place’ and his body has begun to increase in length/width and will now start to match the size of his head much better.

He is completely reliant on you (now) for sustenance. All you consume can cross to him via the placenta so do be careful about what you eat and drink. Eat wisely, healthily and try to remember that, in many ways, you really are eating for two.

Your baby will be growing hair, though it will be very fine and he will be anywhere between 3 and 4.5 inches in length – and weigh around 1 ounce.

14 Weeks Pregnant - Things To Do

If you are lucky enough to feel the bloom of pregnancy - and that's possible at 14 weeks pregnant - take advantage of it. It’s amazing how fit and well you can be, despite carrying a growing baby in your womb. However – don’t go crazy. You still need to take extra care of yourself so don’t suddenly take up kick-boxing! A little gentle exercise will perfectly adequate – e.g. gentle yoga exercises or walking.

As always, eat well, sleep well and take care of yourself – and your baby.

© Andria Thompson - Social Care Professional


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