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15 Health Benefits of Ginger

Updated on December 29, 2019

There are many health benefits that we can get from Ginger. Ginger can be considered as a wonder spice. It can help improve and strengthen our body. The many health benefits and uses of ginger vary in every region. Some uses ginger to treat different kinds of stomach problems; some use ginger to reduce and fight cancer and others use ginger to treat and prevent cold or flu.

Ginger is consumed as a medicine, spice, preservative, delicacy and as wine. It can be use as fresh, dried, powdered, as a juice or as oil.

15 Health Benefits of Ginger

  1. The fresh ginger juice can be use to treat burns.
  2. Ginger helps to treat both motion and morning sickness.
  3. Ginger is used to treat upset stomach.
  4. Ginger can be made into a concoction that can be used to treat diarrhea
  5. Ginger is used to treat nausea or vomiting
  6. Ginger is used as a pain reliever from arthritis, back pain, chest pain and menstrual pain.
  7. Ginger is used to treat cough, cold or sore throat.
  8. Ginger is used to treat bronchitis
  9. Ginger also helps to treat and control allergies.
  10. Ginger can help increase your appetite. Eat fresh ginger before a meal.
  11. Ginger can help relieve headache.
  12. Ginger can help prevent constipation.
  13. Ginger can help prevent and fight cancer.
  14. Ginger can help maintain blood circulation and prevent blood clots.
  15. Ginger helps improve immune system.

The Health Benefits of Ginger

Vitamins and Minerals That Can Be Found in Ginger

  1. Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the ideal source of energy for our body.
  2. Dietary Fiber. It helps to prevent and relieve constipation.
  3. Protein. Protein is a nutrient needed by the human body for growth and maintenance.
  4. Thiamine. Thiamine or Vitamin B1 works with other B vitamins is needed to maintain the health of the nerves and the heart.
  5. Riboflavin. Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 works with other B vitamins is needed for body growth and red blood cell production.
  6. Niacin. Niacin or Vitamin B3 is a water soluble vitamin that can help improve cholesterol levels and lowers cardiovascular risks.
  7. Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin that helps convert food into energy.
  8. Folate. Folate is a water soluble B vitamin that helps cell repair and helps develop red blood cells.
  9. Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that helps strengthen our immune system.
  10. Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that is well known for its antioxidant properties.
  11. Calcium. Calcium helps strengthen bones and teeth.
  12. Iron. Iron is an essential nutrient that helps transport oxygen throughout the body.
  13. Magnesium. Magnesium is an important mineral that helps keep our heart healthy.
  14. Manganese. Manganese helps our bone to become healthy.
  15. Phosphorus. Phosphorus is a mineral that makes our bones and teeth stronger.
  16. Potassium. Potassium is a mineral that helps our heart, kidney and other organs to work normally.
  17. Sodium. Sodium is an important mineral that helps our body to function properly.
  18. Zinc. Zinc helps improve our immune system, digestion and help heals wounds.

Downside of Taking Ginger

Before you drink this type of medication, be sure to ask your health care provider who is knowledgeable in botanical medicine.

People who are taking blood thinning medication like Aspirin should not take ginger.

An overdose of ginger can cause an irritation in the mouth area and an allergic reaction like rash, belching and heartburn.

People with gallstones should seek their doctor’s advice prior to taking ginger.

People who will undergo surgery or will be injected with anesthesia should not take ginger because it might hinder the pain-killing effects of anesthesia.

Pregnant women must also seek their doctor’s advice if they will be allowed to drink ginger.

People who are drinking high blood pressure medicines should also not take ginger because it might lower blood pressure that may cause irregular heartbeat and hypotension.

Diabetic patients who are undergoing medications must not use ginger because it has the capacity of lowering the body blood sugar and might cause the patient to suffer from hypoglycemia.

Some uses of Ginger

  1. Ginger can be use as an ingredient.
  2. Ginger can be use as flavorings.
  3. Ginger can be use as garnish.
  4. It is use to add spice in many dishes.
  5. It can be boiled to make a tea. One of the most popular uses of Ginger in the Philippines is as a tea. We call it “salabat” in Tagalog. You put 2 tablespoon of ginger and 2 cups of water in a pot. Let it boil for about 10-15 minutes. When the water turns to light brown or yellow you can remove it from heat. Drink it while it’s hot. Put calamansi, sugar or honey to taste. It is used to treat sore throat, cough and cold.
  6. It can be consumed as a candy.
  7. It can be use as a wine.

Vinegar Milkfish Stew or Paksiw na Bangus in Tagalog
Vinegar Milkfish Stew or Paksiw na Bangus in Tagalog
Rice Congee, Porridge or Lugaw in Tagalog
Rice Congee, Porridge or Lugaw in Tagalog

Popular dishes in the Philippines that use ginger as one of the ingredients

  • Vinegar Milkfish Stew or Paksiw na Bangus in Tagalog. Ingredients are vinegar, milkfish, ginger, long green pepper and onion. You can also add Eggplant, Bitter Gourd, salt or fish sauce, water, garlic, oil and peppercorn.

  • Rice Congee, Porridge or Lugaw in Tagalog. Ingredients are rice, chicken broth, chicken, ginger, water, cooking oil, onion and garlic. You can add green onions, fish sauce, calamansi, egg and ground black pepper.

  • Chicken Ginger Stew or Tinolang Manok in Tagalog. Ingredients are chicken, papaya or sayote, ginger, garlic, onions, fish sauce, pepper leaves or malunggay leaves, cooking oil, chicken cube (optional) and water.

  • Crab Legs in Coconut Milk or Ginataang Alimasag in Tagalog. Ingredients are crab, coconut milk, ginger, string beans or sitaw, water spinach or kangkong, long green pepper, black pepper, paprika, fish sauce, cooking oil, garlic and onions.

  • Chicken Curry. Ingredients are chicken, curry powder, ginger, coconut crème, fish sauce, onion, green and red bell pepper, celery, potatoes, cooking oil, water and garlic.

  • Beef Broccoli. Ingredients are beef, broccoli, carrot, ginger, garlic, cooking oil, water, soy sauce, black pepper, oyster sauce, and cornstarch

Ginger Plant
Ginger Plant


Planting ginger is easy. You can plant it in the pot and put it inside your house especially if the climate is cold just don’t forget to water it or you can plant it outside. If you can, do not plant it to direct sunlight. You must not let it dry and also do not over water it. Ginger with a scientific name of Zingiber officinale started its cultivation in South Asia. According to Food And Agricultural Organization of United Nations: Economic And Social Department: The Statistical Division, the Top 10 Ginger Producers as of June 11, 2008 are:

Production (Tonnes)
1. India
2. China
3. Indonesia
4. Nepal
5. Thailand
6. Nigeria
7. Bangladesh
8. Japan
9. Philippines
10. Cameroon

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Ginger has many health benefits. It is one of the cheapest and natural way to prevent and cure some diseases. It is also a natural way to improve our health conditions. It is easy to prepare and the taste is not that bad.

Ginger does not only give us benefits on our health but it has many uses in our food. It serves as spices, flavorings, ingredient, garnish and aroma in our cuisine.

Importance Notice:

This herb does not serve as a medicine but as a supplement. Before taking any medicine always consult your physician.


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