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10 Remedies to Get Rid of Bruises

Updated on January 22, 2011


 They come in an array of colors shapes and sizes. They can be embarrassing and painful. They are cause by broken blood vessels that strike a certain area of the body. Though despite how uncomfortable, there are ways to help naturally heal them and get your skin looking and feeling back to normal.

Remedies for Bruises

 1. Arnica Gel- This type of gel has been long used in medicine closely related to the sunflower family. This herb stimulates circulation, promotes healing, as well as mosturizes skin. It's natural so it can be used as often as necessary for bruising.

2. Butter. It has been used for decades to treat minor bruises and burns.

3. Castor Oil. Rub in a good amount of castor oil on the bruise and not only help it to heal quick it'll also reduce peeling.

4. Ice. It constricts the blood vessels so that less blood seeps into the tissue or around the injury.

5. Tea. You can soak a clothe in comfrey tea and apply it to the bruise to foster healing and pain relief.

6. Onion. You can place a slice of raw onion over your bruise. Onions are great for bruises because they have both anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

7. Vinegar. You can mix vinegar with some warm water and apply to bruise. It increases blood flow and helps with healing.     

8. Parsley. You can wrap the bruise in fresh cut, crushed parsley to reduce pain and get the bruise to fade quickly.

9. Raw Potato. You can apply a shredded raw potato to help with the bruising.

10. Bromelain. This is a protein enzyme found in pineapples. It helps to digest the proteins that triggers pain and swelling.



 You can experiment and find what works for you and be sure to keep it handy in your home when the time arise for its usage.You will not only speed less money, you'll always be saving yourself from chemicals that could potentially lead to other problems in the future.  


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