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15 Ways to Wake Up with Positive Thoughts Daily

Updated on July 31, 2017

You might be unaware of that good thoughts for the day help you to spend the entire day in pleasure. As we have complete control over our thoughts, you even possess the power to start your day through a positive note every day.

Below, you will find 15 useful ways to wake up with positive thoughts daily, which will in turn help you get in the correct mind set and relish each day of your life

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Focus on what makes you happy

It is true that thoughts generates emotions. And, emotions has direct connection with how you feel about everything around you. If you would focus on what makes you happy then it will generate positive emotions. This will relish your mind for the whole day. For this, think of the tasks that you love to do.

Spend few minutes to relax your body

This is considered as best way to wake up because if your body is relaxed then you will gain positive energy to work for the entire day. In devoid of physical relaxation, you might feel stress and anxiety in the body. Hence, it is vital to assure that everyday you include self-care method that lets you to relax your whole body. You can do this by a massage, yoga, or a nice bath to feel positive for the whole day.

Set your alarm to an inspiring tune

Out of many tips, this is regarded as one of the positive thinking tips to make our day happy. If you would change your ring tone for the alarm to the one which is inspiring, your mind will receive inspiring thoughts from the start of the day.

Avoid use of crazy buzzing noise and set it to something nice or melodic that starts your day positively. You will like to wake up with this melodic tune and more likely, it will be the first thing that you would like to hear in the morning everyday.

Emphasis on breathing

Deep breathing will calm your mind and it will create positive thoughts for the whole day. During the entire day, feeling of stress, anxiety or anger will affect your breathing pattern adversely. To compensate this, a calm breathing session of few minutes will drive positive energy in your soul.

Carry out a meditation practice

Carrying out meditation practice regularly will teach you how to develop positive thinking in yourself. When you include meditation as non-negotiable in your daily routine, you will observe that your life is turning positive gradually. You not only will feel more peaceful and aligned but also you will feel more in harmony with your body as well as your surroundings.

Develop a habit of doing an energizing yoga sequence

This is another way to acquire some endorphins flowing in the morning as it has power to instill morning thoughts in a positive manner. For this, just hop out of bed, fold your mat and sit in a yoga position for few minutes to balance your thoughts.

Think yes instead of no

When you think for ‘yes’ continuously in morning, it will ultimately develop positive thinking that boosts energy inside your body. This is perceptible as ‘no’ signifies resistance while ‘yes’ will convey a feeling of accomplishing any difficult task easily.

Recollect your dreams

When you recollect your dreams, it will become an addition into the list of happy thoughts for the day. It makes you aware of the motive of your life. Throughout the day, we face a lot of negativeness and it ultimately kills your dreams without you being aware about it. So recollecting them in your free time during the late night or early morning can help you to wake up with positive thoughts. It is something which keeps you going everyday so its very important.

Remove something unwanted from your day

A lot of your habits can be distraction for positive thoughts. You might be wasting your time in doing things which are not required. Remove such unwanted activities from your daily schedule. Organize your daily life and increase productivity. It gives positive boost to your thoughts for the day.

Offer gratitude

Gratitude is one of the essential practices and considered by spiritualists as positive thought for the day. We often forget to be grateful for what we already have and look for things which we don't have. It is recommended that when you spend some minutes in the morning to list out 5 things for which you are grateful for, it transforms your mind set and your entire day turns brighter.

Look at something beautiful

This is considered as one of the great way to change your mood and become peaceful and uplifted automatically. When you look at some beautiful objects or even people, it will force you to think positive even if you are not intended for. This beautiful thing can be flower, painting, music, temple, etc. which gives encouragement to stay positive throughout the day.

Stay away from social media

There are many people who check their social media or email accounts as soon as they wake up in their bed. Dump this bad habit to start your day with positivity. The reason is updates from social media may consist of negative events which will activate negativity right from the start of your day.

Feel satisfaction once in a while

Satisfaction is a greatest feeling to be realized in the present competitive world. We rush to achieve everything in our life and it is possible that we may not achieve everything that we desired of. So just like offering gratitude, you also have to feel content at the end of the day. It brings your state of the mind to that calmness which helps you to wake up with positive thoughts on the next day.

Smile irrespective of how you might feel at first

Wake up with a smile on your face no matter how worst your previous day was. Yes, sometimes its just alright to smile for no reason. It just helps you to wake up with some positive attitude. Your thoughts will automatically flourish for the day. Also, you will pass happiness to your immediate family members.

Embrace daily challenges

It must never be overlooked that life is an ocean of opportunity — it’s a prospect to be the finest version of yours that you can be. Every single thing you accomplish has meaning and purpose to continue the journey of life, so recollect your challenges when you wake up.

Concluding Note:

Positive thoughts are like food without which you cannot survive for long. They keep us going when everything around is trying to break us down. So always nurture your positive thoughts and pass it on to your friends and family.


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