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16 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Calendar Week To Week

Updated on August 21, 2011

You’re 16 weeks pregnant, and hopefully you’re experiencing what’s known as the bloom of pregnancy. You may be feeling energetic, content and healthy. Your baby will be now be reaching a stage where you’ll soon be able to feel him testing his newly working muscles out – not to mention his hand waving!

Of course anytime during a pregnancy is filled with lots of emotions and this week is no different. You're getting a little bigger now and most women start to feel confident about their continuing pregnancy by this stage.

You may well start using up all that great energy, working, enjoying life, maybe even incorporating gentle work-outs into your daily or weekly routine. And there's always the thought of 'when will I feel my baby's first movements to concentrate on!

If you haven’t already felt the first flutters of your babys’ movements, you may start to feel something around the 16 weeks pregnant stage. Women that are going through their 2nd or 3rd pregnancy tend to feel them a little easier than first time moms but that may just be down to knowing what to expect.

A way to adjust and feel more informed is by way of a top quality book, such as the one to the right, which is a best selling pregnancy book and one that many women buy in the first few months. It's packed full of information - all of which is set out week to week, with accompanying pictures and little tips and hints. It's a sound investment and one that can be used in subsequent pregnancies or even passed on to family and friends.

Of the many important and interesting pieces of information you'll find contained within it, it will talk about baby's first movements - and if you have felt the first movements - congratulations. It certainly makes you feel more connected with your baby and gives an added – and lovely – bonus to being pregnant. There’s nothing as beautiful as feeling your baby move, knowing that you’re both happy and healthy and soon to meet in person!

However, perhaps further along, when your baby is almost ready for birth and rather bigger – you may look back and wish for a little less movement! As your baby increases in size and the womb becomes cramped, you can certainly feel every little toe wiggle and elbow stretch.

16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant Weight Gain

At 16 weeks pregnant, weight gain will become more noticeable. However, at or around the 16th week, due to the increased blood flow – and of course the more frequent urination – there is a plus side. The increase lends a glow to your overall appearance and you may find that family and friends comment on how well you look. Some women find that their hair is unusually lustrous and it may even be growing noticeably faster than normal. Equally, your nails may have become stronger.

Oestrogen causes the growth stage in your hair to last longer, making the rest periods shorter. This is a temporary event but many women do notice a marked difference. As mentioned before, no two women experience the exact same symptoms and/or experiences during pregnancy - so don't be too bothered or mystified if your hair doesn't suddenly improve in length.

And no doubt you will now have a more noticeable bump. Your womb is slowly rising and your baby is increasing in size. Perhaps now you may be at a stage whereby you will have to consider maternity clothing or at least clothing that’s more comfortable and can accommodate your increasing size and changing body shape.

16 Weeks Fetal Development

16 Weeks Gestation

At 16 weeks gestation, your baby may now be experiencing sound for the first time. Some babies’ ears can detect noise at 16 weeks gestation, though it will be rather muffled due to his being cocooned in your womb. He will continue to test and flex his muscles, including the ones that control facial smiles and frowning.

At the 16 weeks pregnant stage, your baby can clench his fist and suck his thumb. He may be around 4.5 - 6 inches in length and upwards of 5/6 ounces in weight. His eyelashes will be growing and his fingers and toes are more defined.

16 Weeks Pregnant - In General


At 16 weeks pregnant, you may be feeling well overall or you could be experiencing some normal pregnancy niggles. At around this stage with my fourth child, I was generally in great health but did have to battle with heartburn quite a bit. I got round this by eating little and often, stopped eating spicy foods and worked out what not to eat. Or, in my case, drink. I discovered coffee was a big cause of heartburn (for me) so, as much as I enjoyed coffee (and still do) I swapped to cold drinks and water.

If you have been experiencing any heartburn or indigestion symptoms, don’t self-diagnose. Speak to your midwife or doctor about how to avoid it or combat it. Remember, if in doubt about anything, don’t bother looking for answers, ask for them.

© Andria Thompson - Social Care Professional


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