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18 No Equipment Workouts to Do Anywhere

Updated on November 12, 2019
Jannat Hossain profile image

Simple workouts To Do Anywhere. You don't need to be a gym member or buy expensive equipments to be fit.

Working out plays a major role in losing weight and getting our bodies in shape.

Actually not that major in losing weight! Experts say that your diet helps you 80% and workout does the rest 20% of share in the weight loss journey.

Workout helps you give the body a good shape and lots of confidence filled with energy!

That doesn't mean that you have to be a member of a gym or buy expensive equipments.

Many of us can't afford to do any of these.

But this can't stop you from getting back in shape and live your dream of a fit and healthy body.

Actually being fully reliable on equipments or gym can be a problem for the long run. Because, you can not carry your equipments all the time with you, right? What if you are visiting somewhere new or on a holiday or whatever. Can you put your dumbbells or gym equipment with you in your luggage?

Let's just say you don't have to worry about that. Of course most of us know about freehand exercises. But we don't really focus on easy and natural things these days. As a part of the modern world, we are becoming dependent on machineries even when it comes to get fit or staying active.

But when all it takes some basic, very easy to do, in indoor or outdoor exercises. I mean, I'm gonna name 18 exercises without equipments which you and I can do anywhere anytime. Actually I am doing these things regularly! With two little kids,a busy life and lack of "going to the gym" will, I have started doing these workouts:

1. Walking

2. Squat thrust

3. Squat jumps

4. Plank

5. Side plank

6. Up and down plank

7. Donkey Kick

8. Mountain Climber

9. Crunches

10. V ups

11. Push ups

12. Inchworm

13. High knee running

14. Butt kick

15. Jog in one place

16. Arm cycling

17. Hip lifting

18. Burpees

Let's talk about the benefits of these exercises:

1. Walking:

Which anyone can do, right? The basic and incredibly effective workout to do both indoor and outdoor.

- 30 minutes of walking can help you burn upto 150 calories. You can burn more calories by increasing the speed of your walking in a certain time.

- helps you maintain a healthy weight.

- improves mood health

- strengthen bone and muscle

- helps with heart health and blood pressure control

2. Squat thrust:

- a great exercise for shaping up your stomach, hips and legs

- increases strength and flexibility

- quads, glutes and hamstrings will show you amazing results

- improves cardiovascular endurance

3. Squat jumps:

- it's a exercise that works on your lower body, core and also upper body

- great for lower back and abdominals

- helps in muscle growth too

4. Plank:

- one of the greatest calorie burning exercise

- benefits the core strength of body

- works on multiple muscles all at once

5. Side plank:

- can tone your waist

- works on shoulder, glutes and quads

6. Up and down plank:

- great for a flat and toned stomach

- great for your neck, shoulder and strength

- strengthens your back and chest

7. Donkey kick:

- great for stability and toning

- targets glute muscles and the bulk of your body

8. Mountain Climber:

- supports heart health

- promotes functional fitness

- works on multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time

9. Crunches:

- helps you with your posture which reduces back pain or muscle injury

- helps you strengthening your abdominal muscles

10. V ups:

- the exercise demands a bit of flexibility and caution

- Tone down your abdominal muscles and strengthens your back muscles

- works on your quads and hamstrings at the same time

11. Push up:

- beneficial for building upper body strength

- works on triceps and shoulder muscles

- can improve the lower back and core

12. Inchworm:

- works on shoulder

- works on pectoralis muscles of the chest

- works on strengthening the back half of your body

13. High knee running:

- helps developing strength and endurance to the quads

- great for leg and glutes

- increases flexibility

14. Butt kick:

- this cardio move strengthen the hamstrings

- it's a cardiovascular move mainly, works as a warm ups, increasing your heart rate

15. Jog in one place:

- of course, everyone knows that jogging is a great way to stay active. You can jog outside or in your room in one place, both are great ways to stick with.

- helps to reduce Belly fat

- strengthen muscles

- improves cardiovascular fitness

16. Arm cycling:

- works on multiple muscles of neck, shoulder and chest

- increases flexibility and strength of your arms

17. Hip lifting:

- works on core, lower back and hip areas

- works on glutes

- increases muscle flexibility

18. Burpees:

- a great calorie burning exercise. But, if you are a overweight beginner like me, it can be very tough to do even five Burpees. But, one step at a time, right? We can sure keep trying and success will come definitely.

Last but not the least, as every doctor or health experts always say, please be sure of your health condition before starting any new diet or workout routine.

And, try to keep changing your workout routines from time to time, same thing goes with the diet. Because, our body gets used to the same techniques or routines easily, and when it does, it stops showing any progress at one point. If we bring variations in our fitness routine smartly and keep on going without giving up, we'll get our desired results for sure.

Let "Fitness" be our Goal and "Health" our main priority.

Any advices or suggestions from you will be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jannat Hossain


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