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Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts! - 2 Techniques to Help You Stop Negative Thinking

Updated on May 14, 2013

Negative Thinking is Bad for Your Health!





How to stop negative thinking









Stop Negative Thinking Before It Stops You!

Why is the art of negative thinking so annoyingly easy?

What is it that makes the majority of people live with a "glass half-empty" mentality as opposed to a "glass half-full" one?

Why can't we stop negative thinking in its tracks?

The answers are varied and many, but the most universal consensus is that for some reason we have brainwashed (or been brainwashed) ourselves into a negative thinking habit. In order for us to fully utilize the abilities and skills we were born with it's important that we learn how to stop thinking negative thoughts. Bottom line - negative thinking serves no purpose and holds us back in life. We know it's bad and we know thinking negative thoughts is only preventing us from becoming what we dream of being, but still, we continue relentlessly!

Why We Need to Stop Negative Thinking

For many, negative thinking is a habit, which over time, becomes an addiction... A lot of people suffer from this disease because negative thinking is addictive to each of the Big Three -- the mind, the body, and the emotions. If one doesn't get you, the others are waiting in the wings ."- Peter McWilliams quotes

It is true, negative thinking is a habit and yes we have all become addicted, aside from the lucky few who managed to break away from the pack. So, the answer is for us to stop negative thinking once and for all as negative thoughts only serve to hold us back - yet... we persist. Admittedly, even for me (not that I'm anything special, just the author :)) it is extremely challenging to stop thinking negative thoughts though, because despite the fact that we may have decided to make the effort and are making progress, we turn on the T.V, open the paper, talk to a neighbor and...back to square one. How do we stop thinking negative thoughts when the rest of the world seems to be obsessed with it? A challenge indeed!

That's the sad thing - negativity sells!

Swimming in A Sea of Negativity

Despite all the magnificent beauty and wonder this world has to offer, humanity has decided to turn negativity into an art. It rears its ugly head everywhere, there is no escaping it. The news is 90% negative, T.V series' focus on the negative aspects of humanity and IT SELLS, we watch it, we record it, save it for later after a hard day at work! Incredible how deeply entrenched the habit has become, wouldn't you agree? Therefore, theoretically, wouldn't it be possible to stop negative thinking by reducing our exposure to those things?

Stop Negative Thinking by Cutting Down on Exposure to Negativity

An obvious step to assist you in your quest to stop negative thinking then, is to reduce your exposure to the negative influences around you. There is a universal misconception that not checking the news to see what is happening around the world in regards to wars, natural disasters etc is selfish, as if we are wrong to avoid negativity. Don't get me wrong, I care about my fellow man, however I can't see how immersing myself in their suffering is going to ease their pain, can you? Granted, keeping up to date with what's happening around the world is useful and advisable these days, however, just keep in mind if you wish to stop thinking negative thoughts; cutting down your exposure to negativity is an effective way.

Rather than immerse ourselves in our fellow man's suffering, we can better ourselves until we are in a position to aid those in trouble, right? We then achieve to aims, we stop negative thinking AND we help others in less favorable positions because we CAN.

Stop Negative Thinking People from Infecting You with Negativity

Lastly, stop allowing others to pile their negativity on your shoulders. When someone comes up to you and starts complaining or gossiping, walk away, or change the subject immediately and if they challenge you, stand your ground and tell them the truth.

"I'm sorry but I don't want to be negative, can we talk about something else?"

You'll be doing them and more importantly you a big favor by doing so. You'll be depriving the subconscious mind of more material to activate the negativity habit and the roots of the habit will weaken. Obviously, the more you avoid bad news and negative people, the further along you'll progress on your path to stop negative thinking.

Read on because I'm now about to share 2 great techniques to help you stop negative thinking and regain a foothold in your life. Win back your inner world and the outer will soon follow.

"The current perception I get from the evening news is that the world is dominated by human failure, crime, catastrophe, corruption, and tragedy. We are all tuning in to see how the human mind is evolving, but the media keeps hammering home the opposite, that the human mind is mired in darkness and folly." - Deepak Chopra


Listen to this beautiful song as you continue

Technique One to Stop Negative Thinking

Instant Dismissal

You can use this technique to stop negative thinking the exact moment it begins. As negative thinking is a habit and our brains are filled with pre-programmed negative thoughts; one or more for each situation, if we can rein it in by stopping the negative thoughts as they occur, in time the thoughts will stop altogether.

Next time you find yourself in a queue, don't allow those thoughts to run free, "Why is this taking so long?" "I always get stuck in queues!" stop thinking negative thoughts as they materialize and mentally shout "stop" with as much mental force as you can muster. Once you have done that, move on to a more positive thought, a thought that will serve you in some way. Your mind is your own personal space, the outer world doesn't have power to enter it unless you allow it to do so.

Protect your inner sanctuary, and build it up with good thoughts. Be Patient. It takes time to learn how to stop negative thinking, but once learned you will be a much happier person.

Stop thinking negative thoughts by experiencing the positive

Stop negative thinking with a smile!

Technique Two to Help You Stop Negative Thinking


This can be used immediately after the "dismissal" technique and creates a potent combo to help you stop negative thinking hopefully for good.

As the human brain can only concentrate on one thought at a time, an effective way to control your thoughts is to replace them with their direct opposite as soon as they appear. Going back to my earlier example, if you were stuck in a queue and this thought popped into your head, "God I hate queues!" you could replace it immediately with, "This is useful, now I can give my friend a call," or "It's alright, this will only take 2 or 3 minutes."

It's up to you what you use, as long as it is positive. The subconscious mind relies on you to give it the input it needs to form and regulate habits, therefore its quite alright for you to take away the negative input and replace it with positive, the subconscious will just form a positive thinking habit instead.

Stop negative thinking by reprogramming your subconscious.

At first, like anything new, it will feel fake and rather absurd to be treating your brain like a child, but essentially it is a child, it needs you (mind) to feed it, teach it and reward it. If you teach your subconscious correctly, you will find that you eventually stop thinking negative thoughts, probably without even noticing.

I have given you two good techniques to assist you, so now it is up to you to put them to good use and utilize them to stop negative thinking. Remember, be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day but when it was built all the hard work was most certainly worth it!

Remember - stop negative thinking+start positive thinking= happiness and a good life!

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results."-Willie Nelson

Pessimism Poll

Are you a Glass half full person or a Glass half full person?

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A Great Video to Help You Stop Negative Thinking

Do you use any other techniques to stop negative thinking? What do you use?

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    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thanks for this comment Audrey. That's 2 now. I'm wondering if there will be another few comments from you on other articles! hah You gotta love those comments huh.

      I love reading ... books, not newspapers. Newspapers, T.V. and magazines are all filled with information that subtly brainwashes us and turns us into zombies. Perfect for those at the very top who are pulling the strings and controlling the flock!

      Peace, Audrey. :)

    • audreymanning89 profile image

      audreymanning89 6 years ago from Arkansas

      I had a professor in college who said he didn't keep up with the news for basically the same reason you explained in this article. And I never realized until then that I agreed. I wasn't avoiding the news because it was "boring," but because it was filled with gloom and doom, and my real life, here and now, has plenty of doom and gloom itself, thank you very much. Great piece.

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hello, Edwinoel Tanglao.

      Thanks for your kind and insightful words.

      Healing is the key, you are right.

      When I was younger, I worried constantly and as a result, I was always sick. These days, sickness is a thing of the past as I no longer worry or fret about the future.

      It is amazing tnat people are not aware of the damage that stress does to their bodies, for if they were they would control it. They would avoid that 'Fuming Volcano' that you mentioned and learn to have faith in themselves and think and respond as opposed to reacting emotionally all the time.

      You have a great day! :)

    • Edwinoel Tanglao profile image

      Edwinoel Tanglao 6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      A very intersting hub, Richawriter. Truly, from the Big 3, mind, body and emotions may come stress, and stress has been acknowledge by many as a source of illness.

      It is when you get stressed up and am not able to release it that your blood pressure starts to rise just like a fuming volcano. Inflammations may start from within your system and blood clots may follow. If not checked, oh no, God forbid, heart failure may set in either with a heart attack or a stroke.

      Love and forgiveness in you and your surroundings, for me is the key, and yes, it starts in the family. And Jesus reminds us in his words how can we have peace without him, as in JOHN 10:34, And truly, how can we be healed without love and forgiveness. In Christ, our Lord and Savior, and our True Healer, I have found peace and joy in my heart and spirit as I have been healed.

      Thanks for your truthful hub, Richawriter. Blessings.

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thank you MissJulesJ!

      I'm always glad to be able to help others, it is one of the reasons I joined hubpages. To express my desire to reach out and communicate with others and perhaps assist them in getting to where they want to be in life.

      Have a nice day, MissJulesJ!

    • MissJulesJ profile image

      MissJulesJ 6 years ago

      Awesome hub. It's so easy for us as humans to fall into negative thinking. It's encouraging to hear such positive ways of thinking. : )

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hey Scoobydon, I'm really sorry to hear that, although I know that's not what you want to hear. I could never understand what you are and have been going through but, obviously staying positive and experiencing as much joy as possible is the best thing for you to do.

      I have a couple of videos that I really think you should watch and that will really give you hope and perhaps even help you perform a miracle and beat the cancer even though it is terminal. These videos will, without a doubt change your life and teach you about the mind and body and how thoughts and feelings heal.

      Here are two links to youtube, to the full videos. Enjoy Scoobydon and I hope they help you.

      Quantum Communication

      Joe Dispenza-Evolve your Brain

      God bless.

    • profile image

      scoobydon 6 years ago

      I have a terminal cancer, there is no cure for me, but I am trying to battle negative thoughts...I am trying to see the glass as half full. The time I have left I want an inner peace, not an inner war...thank you for the tips.

    • gracewithin profile image

      gracewithin 6 years ago

      Thank you. It's true all the small daily rituals that take up so much time suddenly it's about the finish line vs being in the moment. A grateful heart. I try to catch myself in this and re remember to see my world differently.

      Thank you again.


    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Sorry I took so long getting back to you Gracewithin.

      Yes, unfortunately our subconscious mind is rife with bad habits and thought patterns we learned as children and reversing them is a long, slow process. It took years to learn them, and will possibly take just as long to unlearn them.

      I think a part of the problem is the fact that we have so many obligations these days, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to focus on changing our thinking patterns. Perhaps if we learned to manage our time better and came up with more creative ways of working on our minds, we could progress at a faster rate.

      I'm glad you have improved though, keep up the momentum and big improvements will come. It just takes time to reverse old programming is all.

      You can do it!!

      Take care, :)

    • gracewithin profile image

      gracewithin 6 years ago

      Great hub, great reminders. My auto pilot of "thinking about what I don't want "is on w/o my even knowing vs what I can create out of positivity. Consciously being present. At times it feels like trying to stop a locomotive the habit is so there but I have experienced grace in a positive shift, very subtle, good intention maybe? I've been working on this for years decades even and I find I'm still in preschool ?

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thank You Jayjay40.

      It's a great pleasure when others find that my writings inspire them therefore we are both more positive as a result. A great example of a positive chain-reaction. Often times, all it takes is a smile and a person who would have otherwise been miserable and spreading misery, suddenly begins spreading happiness and joy. Just one smile is all it takes!

      The small things truly are the best things in life!

      Peace and love! :) Rich

    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 6 years ago from Bristol England

      A great hub, i found it a great inspiration and I'm going to try to have more possitive thoughts

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thanks Binaya. We are all cynics at times and it is hard to shrug that mindset off, especially if you have experienced hardship because of someone else or your trust has been broken.

      Thoughts become things and if we allow them to run rampant, uncontrolled, our life will mirror them exactly and be neither here nor there.

      You will be fine Binaya. All will be good, if you master your thoughts and monitor what is going on in your mind you'll be able to do anything!

      Take care. :) Rich

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Wow, you are so encouraging. Just that I like to be a cynic sometimes. I'll try to remember your points.

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 6 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Hey Binaya. Yes, we really have to realise that just because there are negatives in the world, it doesn't mean we have to focus on them.

      Have you ever known a time that complaining about a problem, solved a problem? No, of course not. However, we all do it. It is brainwashed into us our entire lives because the media and almost everyone tends to focus on the negative in life as if it is going to make everything better.

      Doing something about problems is the only way to solve them, not worrying, thinking, and dwelling.

      If we can be happy everyday and in being so, influence others to be happy by smiling or being nice to them, then that will make a MUCH bigger difference to the world than being negative and complaining.

      Good luck and take care Binaya. Rich :)

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Most of my acquaintances say I've negative attitudes about the world and the people. I think I'll try this.

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 7 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thanks very much Shygirl. Although I write about these kind of things I am still very much a victim of negative thinking, procrastination etc. My journey is far from over as is yours, so we'll get there in the end as long as we remember the miracle of life.

      Take care. Rich :)

    • profile image

      shygirl2 7 years ago

      All great, useful tips. I am one who often thinks the negative too much. Thanks for sharing the positive side of things with us. :D Up and useful hub!

    • profile image

      PWalker281 7 years ago

      Hubpages is a great place to write, Rich. Looking forward to reading more of your articles!

    • Richawriter profile image

      Richard J ONeill 7 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

      Thank you once again PWalker281. It's a pleasure to see your comments on here!

      Yes, you are right, we can just as easily expect the bext to happen, only we don't because we haven't ingrained the habit of doing that.

      I guess it is just a matter of practice. I have a few techniques I have been practicing these last few weeks to share on here very soon.

      There are 3 reasons i'm posting here on hubpages, 1. I love writing and need to express myself through it. 2. I sincerely want to share my experience and info with others to help them grow as I am. 3. To build the foundations of a healthy side income in the long term.

      I'm still a relative newbie but loving being so as there is so much to learn!

      Looking forward to reading your hubs which I shall do so right now!

      Take care. :)

    • profile image

      PWalker281 7 years ago

      Great hub, Richawriter!

      Now that you mention it, negative thinking IS an addiction, definitely a deeply ingrained habit that most people aren't aware of. I often tell people who expect the worse to happen that you can just as easily expect the best to happen. Each has an equal chance of coming to pass, but it's the one you focus on that actually does.

      Rated up and useful!


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