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20 Tips to Avoiding Getting Infected with STD’s as we enter the Yuletide

Updated on November 10, 2010

Let this be known...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases whether you like it or not are more prevalent during holiday seasons, especially during end of year seasons like Christmas. This is why as a sexually active adult`, you need to be wary and learn these tips that I’m about to share with you, so that you can avoid getting infected and enjoy the Christmas season with your spouse.

But in event that you are infected, you need to seek medical help and attention; avoid going to any local drug or pharmacy store for some amateurish prescription that will just soothe the problem leaving it there to linger and invariably destroy your reproductive system

Common Signs that you have an STD

-          Difficulty in passing urine

-          Constant itching

-          Movement of strange objects round you body

-          Incessant waist and abdominal pains

-          Watery and smelly discharge from your genitals

-          General weakness of the body occasioned by dehydration

Note: The above symptom does not necessarily mean that you are infected with any form of STD or STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection): to find out of you are in any way infected, seek medical and professional help from a certified medical practitioner.

Now join me below as I list 20 prevention or precautionary measures to adapt in this journey to avoiding getting infected, especially this yuletide season.

look at them, don't they look beautiful? why can't look at them

  •   Abstain: this remains the best and most effective method in preventing STD. Total abstinence if adhered to the latter, especially among unmarried couples remains the best antidote to HIV/AIDS and other STD’s. With abstinence, the chances of getting infected is greatly reduced. Recently I was approached by a friend of mine (9 years my junior), he wanted me to educate him more of issues concerning sex, he just happened to meet this young wonderful lady who is rocking his world, so he wanted me to give him some tips on handling her when the matters of sex arises in their relationship. He felt I was older and a lot more experienced (which is the truth anyway). I hooked him up with some older guy tips, but at the end of it all; I preached the gospel of Abstinence, which he did not accede to, I now explained to him that if he can not abstain, then he should take to the next step on this list which is;

      Use Protection: in as much as using protection is not 100% assured, but it reduces the risk of infection by at least 97%, though this depends on the kind of protection you are using. Condoms are the most common type of protection, another kind of protections especially for the female is by the use of  the diaphragm, the musician Wyclef in his lyrics “♫any thing can happen” he asked every question from “are you ready for the revolution this year”, and the response was in the affirmative that is “yes any thing can happen” but when he asked “will you make love with no condom this year” the response was” no, no, no, that will never happen”. This goes to tell you the importance of protective sex, as even the stars and musical celebrities endorse it even in their lyrics. So help your self this yuletide, use a condom or risk getting those common signs that arise when you have an STD.

      Avoid multiple Partners: the HIV prevalent rate is so high in people exposed to multiple partners, people like prostitutes; and even porn stars (sorry, Jenna, I don’t mean to insult your people). Many adults’ especially young adults see it as a trend in having so many partners to indulge. I was surprised the other day when a young lady of about 15 (a minor for that matter!) was busy recounting her escapades with so much relish and excitement. This is the sad story today, as many of our youths who would have been an addition to the active population get infected with deadly STD’s like HIV/AIDS, as a result of engaging in immoral acts with more than one partner. My advise here is stick to one person and save your self the headache of getting infected.

      Take a HIV Test: I still wonder why many people are scared to death when you ask them the simple question “have you taken a HIV test before?” it is like you are asking them to sign their death warrant while still alive. But I personally have had this test like two times every year (there are people who test every month). The importance of this test is that it helps both partners know their true status; and also avert an impending danger, where one partner mistakenly infects the other and common sings that you have an STD like HIV begins to manifest. So take good care of your self this season by taking a HIV test, it will save your life.

      Use: the importance of disinfectants in the home will always be stressed; disinfectants can save you a whole lot of trouble. It is important for washing clothes, cleaning the toilet, bathing and other sundry reasons. Most of the time STD’s are not only transmitted via copulation, but it can also be transmitted through contacts with an infected person; this is possible in situations where you share things like clothes, brush (yeah people share things as cheap as a tooth brush), towels, buckets and other personal effects. But using a disinfectant will reduce the chances of getting infected through contacts with infected persons or items.

      Wash your Hands after contact with strange people: shaking hands can be dangerous at times, especially if you don’t know the person you are extending this compliment to. The health implication could result to something fatal like getting infected with an STD. it is called an STD but it does not necessarily mean that the mode of transmission will always be via sex acts, no: this is why it is important to imbibe the culture of washing hands immediately you are exposed to unwanted friendly gestures like shaking hands with an unknown person, take a clue.

      Avoid using public loo in an environment that looks diseased: many ladies have become victim of STD’s just from using toilet facilities that appear to be in a state of disrepair. The female reproductive organs are exposed, and are susceptible to diseases like STD, unlike in men. This is why ladies most especially should avoid using facilities that are below acceptable standards.

      Avoid taking too much alcohol that you can hold:  many people, especially ladies have been a victim of STD’s via a one night stand. When you take so much alcohol that you can originally hold, there’s a tendency that your libido can become uncontrollable and you have also lost your sense of judgment, and at this point you can engage in acts that you’ll get to regret when you get sober.

      If you must, please avoid unnecessary oral contacts with people you have nothing in common with: it is quite unfortunate that so many people, after watching X-rated movies get to perform the acts they see in these films. Pathetic if you ask me; these group of people refuse to take cognizance of the fact that the actors of these so called movies are professionals. They take very good care of themselves; I was reading an interview of an adult TV star recently; she went ahead to narrate what goes on behind the scenes, she explained the extra miles adult film Stars go to get ready for a scene, some avoid eating some certain things, they purge themselves and so on. But those who watch and do the things they see on the set of such films, stand a great risk of getting infected with STD’s, so be warned.

      Avoid one Night stand: I feel so ashamed when people get caught in the act by having one night stands, they get caught by their partners when one partner becomes infected by the other. When they begin to trade blames, the original culprit will be eventually caught. This is the danger of having a one stand with a total stranger of which you know little or nothing about. So reduce the risk of spreading STD’s, never engage in a one night stand!

You can look at the following resources for further help

More tips...

  Engage less in Social outings: social outings in many cases results in many problems that arise in many relationship; you could e asking how this will translate into getting infected with STD. I only listed it here because social outings like a wild night out with the boys, clubbing, party monsters (like they do with P.Diddy and his Crew), can put you into some serious trouble, and it is left for you to figure that out on your own.

  Be more committed to your chosen career: getting more committed to your chosen career help take your mind off lewd thinking that can lead you into engaging in incandescent acts. When you are with your partner or colleague, talk more on how to improve the fortunes of the company, if you are out on a dinner with a female or male colleague you have a crush on, avoid discussions that are too personal. Talk more on the professional level; avoid talks that deal with so much emotion and all of that (hope I’ve not digressed?). the point here is that you when you concentrate more on career building goals, you think less of the opposite sex, and in any case less of sex: when there’s no sex, then there’ll be no reason why those common signs and symptoms that a person has an STD will start showing.

  Be a little more Religious: going to church activities or going to activities as related with your affiliation can be very helpful especially in curbing instances of premarital sex, most religious denominations preach against it. They vehemently denounce premarital sex, they only endorse it only when you are married to a partner; so for this reason being a little more religious can help you understand their reason for this assertion.

  Avoid Polygamy: Many tribes and race in varied regions of the globe practice polygamy; though it is more prevalent in African customs and tradition: but these days, many people lead polygamous life styles without even having the knowledge that they do. Consider a scenario where a man fathers a child outside wedlock, an example of this kind of instance recently occurred in an office where a distant relative of mine works. There’s this young nubile lady who was a delight of the guys; she exuded sex appeal, and she innocently caught the attention of the boss (who himself is an unrepentant skirt chaser). Both parties started a clandestine affair, and the boss became more and more engrossed with this young lady that he put her in the family way. Now this guy really loves his wife, and funny enough he was so fond of his mistress. In this cross fire, he made a decision. The decision was that the young lady will be relieved of her job to give her the room to nurse her pregnancy and also his baby (yes he wanted this baby), he hid this from the wife who till this moment thinks he has the best husband in the world. Now back to our discussion, the disadvantage of this kind of arrangement is that, If the other young lady (his mistress) goes out to sleep with a person other that this guy (which is always the case), if she gets infected with any STD, she’ll likely pass it to her former boss now husband, who will in turn will pass it to the innocent wife at home. This is the kind of dangerous triangle that exists in polygamy. So if you can avoid it, and enjoy this yuletide by making your motto be” one man one wife”!

  Talk to a Psychologist: if you feel you are getting more and more obsessed with sex, it is time you seek professional help. Though this is healthy, especially in men; but in women it could be regarded as nymphomania (an increased and uncontrollable libido and desire for sex). When you suffer from this condition, then you are most likely susceptible to STD transmission. So the clue here is TALK TO A PSYCHOLOGIST!

  Get more committed to your partner: this is the most important thing to do especially this season of happiness and joy. Get more committed to her, take her out more often, buy him a nice smelling cologne, snuggle close to her when you are out on dates, tell him he is your super man, kiss her where she least expects, cook him his favorite dish, buy her a lingerie (she can’t resist this offer, it make her look special). Just do any thing that will make your partner feel more of you, because the fonder you are to each other, the less likely you stray, and you know what happen when you stray…

  Avoid over partying, keeping late nights: they dangers of indulging in the above acts cannot be far fetched. Looking at the parameters we base most misfortunes, it is most likely that in any event of anything horrible happening by way of STI, it will be blamed on the indulgence in acts like carousing, partying, clubbing and any thing that can make you go out of the way to sleep with some one other tyan your partner, and this is most common in during seasons like Christmas, like I mentioned earlier.

  See a Doctor: now, you could be suffering or getting common signs that are associated with STD’s, it is very important that you brave it and go see a doctor. It is on record that many people suffering from one STD to the other are those who know that they are infected, but because of privacy concerns decide to keep the problem to themselves. Remember these are sexually active adults, and the more contacts they make with others, th more they pass the germ or virus, and the spread become viral and uncontrollable. So help reduce the deaths and psychological trauma mostly experienced by visiting a certified medical doctor, tell him or her of your condition, a routine check and laboratory test will be conducted on you, and if you are in way infected, treatment procedures starts immediately.

  Get Married: I preached the gospel according to abstinence, many young people will never accept this gospel. so therefore, my final advise to any one of you out there who cannot hold himself (as it is the guys who are the culprits here, who force the ladies into acts that they do not want), do the simple and most respectable thing endorsed by god and man: GET MARRIED!!!


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great tips here and most helpful to any persons in these situations thanks for sharing such a well informed topic. Voted up!

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Our secret - never forget how much you love the person. :)

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks man for your follow up comments, its really nice finding a faithful partner as many are not as lucky as you are. But statistically men are more likely to cheat on their spouse than women. So thank God you are faithful too (lol), thanks for stopping by again it is highly appreciated.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Good point chinemeremz. I'm lucky enogh to find a faithful wife. :)

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks JP as Being faithful remains the best known way to avoid this. But this commitment has to be both sides, as if one partner decides to go behind the others back, this could spell doom.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      I'm thankful I don't have to worry about this. I'm faithful to my wife and that's something I'm proud to say.


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