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Interesting Esoteric Notes Zodiac Writing on the Wall

Updated on October 15, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

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Exploring Options

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Jupiter in Pisces in an Erotic Tiger Year

What happens when Jupiter in Pisces makes its abode in a Tiger Year? It’s a turbulent disconcerting (perplexing) time full of cosmically induced situations that bring-what appears to be-disjointed circumstances.

But, rest assured, nothing is out of order. Things (people, places, things) are exactly as they should be for reasons you can’t see.

Jupiter in Pisces adds poetic intrigue to the enigmatic theme! Relationships appear topsy-turvy webbed in between a tangled maze of contrary elements. Unexpected events take a surprising turn, as if they are thrown haphazardly into the relational mix to cause disruption and confusion. Not so.

The conflicting occurrences are perfectly in sync with what is happening in you as reflected in your personal level of spiritual evolvement. Believe it or not: You need and want the inexplicable sensual events to transpire exactly as they are happening.

It’s almost as if you are on the outside of them, watching [in amazement] someone else interact in your place; though you are aware it’s your life that’s being tossed around, upside down and back again. All of the commotion is transpiring so fast.

At some other time, you would have responded differently but now the things that used to be so easily identified and counted on have slipped into another sphere of spatial activity. Conversations are so clouded and mixed up, it seems. Mixed messages, unrestricted attraction abounds. The clear path, which at one time was so recognizable and containable is obscured.

In other words, a miraculously frisky segment of your life, moving like a lighted tapered candle swirling on the end of an elastic string, dangles here and there about you while you try to capture the capricious interlude with left-over emotional methods.

It’s not going to work this ‘go around.’ Jupiter declares you will be using much more of your innate creative ability to cope with the existing situation. You’re in for one wild ride of mental/physical exploration and extraction. It’s time to bring out your innovative ideas to address the new avenues entering into your relationships.

What do you mean; you don’t want things to change? Ah! Stop it!!!! No need to complain about how things used to be or how you would like them to be. So draining and purposeless are those outdated tactics; it involves way too much unnecessary drama. You can’t project yourself ahead of you! You must watch the vision (like a movie) involved and stay the course to the end.

In other words, you’re going to burn the hell out of yourself IF you continue to play those sickening DULL and BORING mind games of ‘catch me if you can,’ ‘show me that you really care’ and ‘what’s the best thing in the end for me.’

Whether you realize it or not, you have boarded another train headed for ClarityCity, population: ONE------You! Destination: NOW! Although Jupiter will be the conductor on aboard and due to his expansive cosmically migrated agenda, you will not be able to call the shots ahead of time.

Here’s the deal: when the Jupiterian conductor comes by to pick up your ticket be sure to hand him the ‘list of sexual expectations’ you hold in your mind in exchange for the definitive notable pamphlet that has been prepared just for you with these instructions unmistakably written for the coming year.

According to the Chinese, the year will be governed by the restless tiger, adding to the already diffused energy, an incredulous sexual pulsation will ram rampant. This fire prompted ‘eager’ pulsation will seek creative expression in various expanded opportunities.

Fix not your mind in one direction or on any one technique, most especially in familiar performance. This is a year of a hungry quest and lingering discovery. The specific year’s course will be determined by the various barometer reading (angle) in your particular personality.

You have an indelible angle in your personality from which you operate. At this particular juncture in your present life, nothing is clear; all is obscured because of this defined deceptive angle. You have chosen to be deceived purposefully in order to release the dead weight you have been carrying for a very long time.

Release anxiety and receive the breakthrough. Without the emotional obscurity associated in your various relationships, no amount of intrusive guidance could lead you out of the den of confusion you’ve built. You invented and perfected the angle (throughout your lifetime) as a means to hide from yourself (and others). You have been especially clever in camouflaging that hiding place (face).

You can’t even remotely remember when you put it (the foreboding veneer) in position. The train you have boarded ‘lays out the details’ of THAT particular type of character angle along with the means to discover its propensity in your personality. [by/through verdant expectations] There are the indelible patterns ingrained in your particular angles (especially in romantic involvements) which, no doubt, repeat without remiss.

To overlook these signs could be perilous to your state of mind and for the distinct color of your heart’s landscape.

In the coming year, pay attention to a swirling effervescent sensual energy which pervades your body profusely. By tapping into the clearly identifiable primal sound, permanent peace, along with satisfying pleasure, will be found and enjoyed.

Remember: You are in a meticulous descending pattern of specialized observation [that will reveal its intent for careful inspection and absorption] should you decide to heed its message. The heartfelt message which embodies your instilled soul’s truth and personal vibrant happiness on earth is linked to your indecisive response. Wow! What a mouthful to say!

Negative mechanisms are at work, having been approved and signaled by you to act as a supposed barrier of protection. However, no longer are you in need of the prolonged procured elements: suspicion and distrust.

These self-restricting barriers have prevented you from moving ahead until you were ready to embrace the totality of your enlightened sensual walk. In other words, they were vitally necessary to your personal evolvement.

But, after having the boarded the train bound for clarity in this Jupiter driven Tiger influenced year, things take on momentous leaps in ordinary consciousness.

Instead of continuing with overburdened anxiety ridden fears and discouraged focused worries, you are descending into a sphere of uncertainty in order to make the necessary breakthrough by added propulsion of ascent using the dreaded weight of contradiction.

To sum up the disseminated vein of action (sexual tension) forthcoming this year: Be exceedingly aware of your erotic ‘gut sensations’ without a predigested misgiving. Be open for the new ways, different manner of experience at the various levels of sensual expression.

Your body’s undeniable pleasure will play a major role in deciding of what seems like untimely actions. Trust the moving of the erractic spirit in your feet; wherever they take you is needful and right for the moment. Move like the tiger; courageously, sensually and passionately.

Another Perspective
Another Perspective


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