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Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

Updated on August 29, 2016

If you aren't on target to make this your best year yet then its time to switch gears
and course correct so you can change that reality into the one you really want!

Pursue a Your Goal

Despite the past or even where we are today we can finish this year as our best year ever. Of course the concept of “Best Year” has many different perspectives.

To some it’s all about money, to another it’s about getting ahead, while others would contend that health, relationships or even the better use of their time is what it’s all about.

Whatever having the best year yet means to you, this discussion is all about setting the course to receive it this year.

Make a Decision

Since we can’t do everything at once let’s decide on doing one thing that is important and energizes us. It may be dedicating more time to your spouse or family. Finally taking that drive to the big box home improvement center to get that house renovation project started.

Pulling that old set of hobby materials from the closet and giving yourself permission to start being creative again.

If we are going to have better outcomes than ever before we need to make a quality decision toward that end.

It’s crucial to understand that without a focused and determined effort behind a quality decision it’s likely that we will never arrive at our desired destination.

The good thing about making a decision is that everyone can do it. Depending on what your pursuit is this may not only be one major decision but most likely a series of smaller ones that support the main decision.

For example, if your decision is to lose 30 pounds this year, then that would also include other decisions as well, like eating more nutritious foods, cutting back on “junk” food and exercising on a consistent basis.

Take Action

Whether its weight loss, learning a new skill to advance in your career or building a better relationship with your spouse, after you’ve made that focused and determined decision it’s time to take action.

Unlike the often quoted saying, “practice makes perfect” our focus should not be on perfection but rather on taking the first step toward the goal we have set for ourselves.

In reality perfection is not a key attribute to making this our best year yet. Getting started and being consistent with our actions is far more important.

Many people are perpetually surrendered to their own status quo because they are overly concerned about doing everything just right.

Our focus should be on moving in the right direction and maintaining the proper perspective.

Keep the Right Perspective

As you target in on the right perspective you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. One key element of this is concentrating on what you can control and not getting sidetracked on things which you cannot.

Again take some time to understand that victory is rarely about how great we start an endeavor but rather how we persist and finish in the end.

At times it may seem like we don't know exactly how to proceed. Nevertheless the intrinsic reasons we began our journey will be our guidepost.

In other words if our why is big enough we’ll innovative and persistent until we figure out how to get it done.

In order to have our best year yet we must win the tug-a-war in our minds that cause us to shut down or submit before triumph is at hand.

So once we are settled on the right perspective and fueled by the proper motivation then we must put together a workable plan to get there.

One interesting way of developing our action plan is by utilizing a method known as reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineer

By definition the term typically refers to the process of analyzing a device, object or system to understand its origins and recreate a successful adaptation.

It often involves taking something (e.g., a mechanical device, electronic or component apart and analyzing the progression of how it was developed.

The principle when used correctly is very powerful.

For our purposes we’ll convert the concept into a much simpler version which says begin with the end in mind. Find a great model of the thing you want to achieve. Break it down into its component parts and discover exactly how you can do it too!

If for example you have been imagining starting a home based business to supplement your income or someday take the place of your 9 to 5 job then find a mentor.

Your Own Treasure Map

Learn the various stages of development that lead will lead you to success.

How did they build their contacts in the industry? What personal skill sets did they need to develop? What was the means in which they funded their enterprise?

Think of reverse engineering as using an old school paper road map. Think about how it was done before internet search engines and GPS systems.

We would never try locating an address on the west coast from one on the east coast without clear driving directions.

Similarly whether it’s with actual paper or a word document get your plan of attack down in writing.

Now its time to find your landmarks, roads, and highways so to speak, that break down your goal and reveal how to begin and how to finish. Once you’ve got the component parts located you’ll soon be able to leverage the advantage of your reverse engineering effort.

So, there you have it, a few ideas about building momentum and finishing this year as your best year yet!

Take a moment to reflect on these and of course adjust them to suit your needs but most importantly get started now!



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