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2015 Off to Some Kind of Start

Updated on January 16, 2015

It's a New Year.

What a Start

I managed to miss the ball drop in NYC on New Year's Eve. Nope, wasn't at a party, was home alone. Not even drinking. Just distracted. Had sent my New Year's wishes early as I didn't know if I'd be awake to send them at midnight.

New Year's day was quiet. I talked to family on the phone and prepared for the snowstorm coming on Friday night. Baked a ham and had a quiet dinner.

I'm a boring kind of gal. Left to my own devices though I do manage to find adventure...

Early Saturday morning, I'm guessing between 5:30am and 6 am, I got up to use the bathroom. Normal occurrence for someone who's not getting any younger. Navigating my way back to bed proved to be the adventure. I was feeling a bit dizzy and thought if I could get to the bed I'd put my feet up and be okay. It was a great thought, albeit flawed. I started to black out about the time I got to the bedroom door and smacked my head into the door jamb knocking myself out. Not sure how long I was out. Found the pictures at the end of the hallway lying on top of me. Managed to move them but could not sit up without getting dizzy. Lay on the floor until I got cold.

Some might say this would have been a good time to have one of those buttons to push when you fall and can't get up. However you have to be able to get to the door to let a rescue squad in. Took the better part of an hour to finally get up and not topple over or feel dizzy. First checked to see if my eyes were dilated. They were not. No concussion. Of course the calcium deposit already on my forehead was a good inch higher than before I went to bed. No nausea either. So, I went back to bed. By this time it was 8am.

I sent a text to my daughter telling her I was alive. Got one back saying, "Okay?" Gave her the brief version. Only problem I had was being cold. Could not get warm, therefore could not sleep. Gave up on sleep, put on my robe, and grabbed a blanket. Made myself comfortable on the sofa after taking the morning vitals. Spent most of the snow storm vegging on the sofa. Went to bed early and found I could hardly walk the next morning.

Yep, 2015 is off to a grand start.

Just a Little Snow

Outside my front window
Outside my front window

Six Inches With Wind

I did not bother to try to get out for two days. My car would have made it out the driveway, but is too low to make it back in. There was nothing I needed right away.

I get a message from the guy who plows my driveway. His truck is without a transmission. He's working on it. I told him no rush I had no place to go. By the following Friday, cabin fever had set in. But he let me know he'd be there to plow me out by 11am the next morning. Good as I was now running a bit low on things I really needed.

Saturday rolled around and by 1pm I was still snowed in. Got a message he'd had to deal with frozen pipes then he'd be out. When he arrived with his wife they used twin snow blowers to get me a car width to get out. It worked for me, but I felt bad because the wind was still bad. He had just been called the truck was ready.

I was happy to escape. Went to WalMart and bought some much needed items, as well as yarn to finish a couple of afghans I'd been working on. I was now set for the next round of mother nature. Luckily all she brought was more wind.

On the Positive Side

I finished the edits on my next ebook, Escape. The book is an offshoot of my last book Sanctuary. Again it deals with abuse. I have sent it to Blue Harvest Creative for interior and exterior design. Looking for an early February release.

I am formatting and editing a book for my next author I'm taking on. Imagine finding a 94 year old who is almost blind and is writing novels. I feel blessed.

I'm still working on afghans, but I'm taking orders for crocodile slippers. I have made my first pair and know they are going to cost $20/pair. I have orders for four more. I'll start on those next week. Tomorrow will find me volunteering at gymnastics invitational. I'm looking forward to it.

I have my writing and my crochet to keep me busy while Mother Nature blankets us with white stuff and sends cold, bitter winds to blow people from one place to another. What will you be doing?


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    • Duchessoflilac1 profile image

      Rebecka Vigus 3 years ago from Johns Island, SC

      Dip Mtra, I thank you. Moaning and complaining doesn't make things better. I have learned to laugh at myself and move on.

    • Dip Mtra profile image

      Dip Mtra 3 years ago from World Citizen

      Your hub portrays hope. Your acceptance of ailments, calamities of nature, living alone is encouraging to say the least. Great hub. Voted up.